Are you a pure Kamilia?



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  1. 1. What type of Kamilia are you?

    • Im a die hard Kara fan xDD
    • I love Kara..But i prefer other group..

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I used to like SNSD, but seeing Genie was a real disappointment (it was bought off from some random country). And then there's run devil run which also belonged to another company. No orginality, cheap dance moves = bye bye snsd and kpop. Then i stumbled onto mister and i thought there was a good side to kpop. Also don't like sones in general, they tend to be really pathetic (most of them of course, not all).

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I've been a 100% Kamilia since their debut in 2007 after being introduced to Kpop through Hyori and Chae Yeon. However, I have to admit that I was sooooooooo disappointed when they came back with Rock You but I still supported them because I believed the girls will grow with different concepts. I like other groups but I only follow KARA and hope to continue even with all the trouble that has been happening this past week.

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i'm new Kamila,,

but i think among the other group that i like, Kara is number one..

beside Kara, i love sistar, 4minute, T-Ara, but i don't join their fansclub,,

but i'm ELF,,


so i can concluse,,

that among the other GIRLgroup i'm pure Kamila

but if we mix GIRL and BOYgroup,, i think no,,

hehe.. :blush:

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i love KARA, but i do love other groups too, such as SHINee, SNSD, B2ST, 2NE1.

really, i am a pure Kamillia, but I'm also a pure SONE, a pure Shawol, a pure B2UTY and a pure Blackjack :')

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Pure Kamilia here! I like other groups a lot too but Kara is the only group that I love all the members equally. Cause for the other groups I like, I only like a few members or one member, but I love ALL the girls of Kara, even Sungja! So yeah.. Kara is the love of my life.


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Kara is my only favorite Korean girl group. I love their songs, whichever style they're in, and every single member, but at the same time I love SHINee & 2PM as well, and I just can't compare boybands to girlbands so I can't really say who I love more, anyway among girlgroups, Kara is definitely #1 for me :wub:

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I really love Kara but I also like some other K-pop girl groups. For me I like them all because they are all so different. Like Nyokou mentioned I think Kara is a group that you can love every member of the group. The other girl groups are also good but there is always one member, well for me, that isn't very like-able (e.g. SNSD).

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