Are you a pure Kamilia?



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  1. 1. What type of Kamilia are you?

    • Im a die hard Kara fan xDD
    • I love Kara..But i prefer other group..

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Pure Kamilia for sure. Even i love SNSD too, KARA still number 1 and i really want KARA to get more popularity as snsd in Korea. I wish these two girlband will get more love from both kamilia and sone. Especially KARA. Hoho. :)

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I couldn't answer.

I'm so in love with KARA, but I also have SoShi to deal with.

SoShi was my first group, and I've gotten so deep into them, so I dunno.

But, KARA. I've barely scratched the surface of KARA and I think I might be going crazy with love. Or something. @_@

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I really love KARA because of their image and songs.. They are cute ^^ but my ultimate girl group is 2NE1.., KARA is the 2nd :) but someday i will be a pure Kamilia and i will support KARA same as 2NE1 forever which means they're both Equal for me ..

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Yup, like many others I'm a dedicated Sone ^-^ Soshi's "Gee" was the very 1st

K-Pop female video I've ever seen and I've been addicted ever since.

Kara is just plain awesome, I always like Hara from the beginning and it was only a matter

of time before I began to get into them as a group. Like said b4, I've barely scratched the surface with

Kara so there is plenty more room for deepening my love for them

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Kara is my number 1 always and forever! I do listen to other groups, I mean I love SNSD also but at the end of the day I always come back to my five girls^^ If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have heard such great music. I am a Sone also but I became a Sone after I was already a Kamilia, so that puts me in the SoKA category I guess lol.

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i'm forever KAMILIA tiill i die!!! i like other girl group too... but no one can beat Kara.. they're the first thing i check when i'm online... even the smallest news.. sometimes i feel like i love KARA more than male group although i'm a girl... hahahaa :eyelove: especially my bias Gyuri!!

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Define pure Kamilia?

1 Check Karaholic Forums at least 3 times a day.

2 Play Kara's songs at least 2 hours a day (using earphones).

3 Watch Kara's video at least 30 minutes a day.

4 Ignore your family members who are trying to communicate to you, at least twice a day.

5 Whenever you talk to them, it's Kara this and Kara that.

6 When your family criticized you as being obsessed with Kara......

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I use to like After School, mainly because of Kahi - but then after watching alot of KARA shows such as taxi/bakery/idol shows along with other variaty shows, KARA became my #1 group for sure.

now, I just like seungyeon :sweatdrop:

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