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Hara's twitter:


Hello ~ so this is what twitter is _____ is gooooood!! It's raining and the weather is bad (?)!! Be strong!

(this is what I roughly translated~ if anyone has a better/clearer translation please post! :thumbup:)


★ 2 0 1 0 ★

MARCH 2010

March 03, 2010

Hello. so this is what twitter is. i love it so muchhhhh!! it's raining and the weather is gloomy too!! fighting! hahaha..!!!

Translated by Yoo@Karaholic.com

March 04, 2010

The 2nd day i used twitter!+_+ Good morning!! Everybody~~ let start today with strength too!! ^^ But.. why i'm so sleepy like this TT T Fighting today! Aja Aja ^_+

Translated by Yoo@Karaholic.com

March 06, 2010

Hello +_+ My people ~~ What are you guys doing on this Saturday night?! I'm going go to sleep alreadyyyyy! but i want to greet you guys before i go to sleep ! Goodnight^^ Tomorrow is Sunday~~^^ We will perform on Inkigayo.. please support us! hehe!! Halla ~ halla~ halla halla halla ~~~

Translated by Yoo@Karaholic.com

March 08, 2010

Good morning~ Did you guys wake up?~ Lets fighting today too!

Translated by Yoo@Karaholic.com

March 09, 2010

Oh geez~~! why is the weather like this? It's snowing in Seoul.. the weather suddenly getting colder and colder. Have to be careful tomorrow. Good Night. Have a good dream! Bye bye.


http://tweetphoto.com/13846183 Hello, it's Hara. Wow, today I came for invincible youth filming. It's full of snow. It's March already, it should be warmer. When I saw the snow, I'm totally surprised. To think about filming (shooting) is really worrying. But, it's been awhile since I saw snow, somehow I feel good. Even though today everybody is gonna be suffering because of snow, but still..... Hwaiting!!!

Translated by aank1@ Karaholic.com

March 10, 2010

Everybody ~ Did you guys work hard today?^^

{reply to someone} ^^ haha ! I shooted Invincible Youth today! Oppa also fell in twitter's addictiveness huh.. I used it 1 week already

Translated by Yoo@Karaholic.com

March 12, 2010

Wow! Everyone, we got number 1! To all those who congratulated us, thank you very much^^ Its a lovely night^^ I hope you finish your day on a good note, and start your day tomorrow with lots of energy. Thank you! +_+

Translated by coffeebeanie @ Karaholic.com

March 19, 2010

Today's weather feels a little dreamy. Especially from the dawn till morning. ^^ hehe stay strong!!

Translated by SSJBen@Karaholic.com

It's almost noon now~ but it just looks like early morning ^^.. haha Fighting!!

Translated by Yoo @ Karaholic.com

March 21, 2010

We\'ve arrived at Busan.!!!! hehehe... Going to eat sliced raw fish, spicy soup and rice!!! kyaa... kyaa.. !____! I'm starving.. I'll enjoy my delicious meal !!


!_____!* Is everybody awake? It's Monday... hehe.. Start a new week strongly !! I'll cheer you all!

Translated by aank1@ Karaholic.com

March 22, 2010

Goodnight for today.. I'm going to sleep.. Bbyongg..


~Byong is just another way of saying Byeee.. like a greeting before leaving to do something else.


Translated by aank1@ Karaholic.com


'What is Hara Goo doing today?

Translated by daniel@ Karaholic.com


Hara Gu is lying down in the car now. Being delivered like a present.

Translated by SSJBen@Karaholic.com

March 23, 2010

Cutie. Keke. You're our big baby. *kiss*

Translated by teaparty@ Karaholic.com

March 24, 2010

Wonder why today is such a relaxing day..^^

Translated by aank1@ Karaholic.com


It's raining........ now..... TT TT

Translated by SSJBen@Karaholic.com

March 25, 2010

kukulkulkukuwookuul... Zzz..must be sleeping already.. o ... Good Night! biggrin.gif

Translated by aank1@Karaholic.com

March 27, 2010

Why can't I sleep....

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

APRIL 2010

April 15, 2010

Today is our Lupin's last performance TT . It's somewhat too bad.. TT.. Even so, we've received a lot of love from everybody throughout this time's activity which makes us work even harder!! Thank You very much~!~^^ You all will be waiting for us again, right?~♥ Have a great night!

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

"....여러분이많이사랑해주셔서열심히달릴수있었던거같아요...." literally translate:
Seems like we can run even faster/harder because we've received a lot of love from everyone
which means the same thing as the translation above ^__^

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

April 20, 2010

Cole Cole Cole~ Do a great job on today's dream team kekekekke! I'll do well too!!

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

April 21, 2010

Hello everyone~!! Today I'm shooting for special program ^^ at WorldCup Stadium. We're going to collect everyone's cheering photo to be put in our flag, so please show your support and join us!!! Please use your handphone to take a selca picture and send it to #1080.

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

April 23, 2010


Had dinner yet?!=~

Translation by SSJBen@ Karaholic.com


I'm lying on the bed... should have close my eyes but instead, my eyes keep starring at the ceiling.. what could be the reason for feeling lonely... ^^Sleep well, goodnight


Well, human can sometime feel loneliness because we are emotional. #I've thought about machine is human. i'll never forget my duty, thanks for backing me up. Really going to sleep~ TudeolTudeol~ Just going to grumble a little bit on my tweets tonight.~~~

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

April 24, 2010

Tonight my eyes aren't open fiercely, I think I can sleep well, without giving time to dream ^^... haha I'm tired.. goodnight!.

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

MAY 2010

May 4, 2010

Wow.. we've arrived!!!!! gotta eat kimchi!!!!!!!

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

May 6, 2010

Today's weather is so... Nice!!! Today we're going to Japan! Ahh!! And.. There's one news about us, Our "KARAYA" Internet Shopping Mall will open on 11 May.. Please look forward to it!!!!! Have a nice day!!!


It's here www.karaya.co.kr !! Open 11 May!! Here's the preview picture.. Please please anticipate a lottt!!!!!

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

May 22, 2010


Dream Concert was so enjoyable, right? I'm lying down (on my bed) and I'm going to sleep now~~^^ Thank you my people for being together with us today~Good Night! Sweet Dream ♥Muachx♥

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

May 27, 2010


Anyone knows Japanese Animation "Kyoudai Monogatari"!! (it's) "Brother & Sister' Story" (in Korean) !! http://tweetphoto.com/24277315


Ah ! It's Gokyoudai Monogatari! Brother & Sister' Story!!

Translation by Yoo@ Karaholic.com

JUNE 2010

June 6, 2010


Goodnight ^.~♥

Translation by joss@ Karaholic.com

June 10, 2010


Kk yaa !! I've passed both written and practical driver's license.. I'm so happy.. Kkyaa..haha♥

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

June 17, 2010


Kkya!In abt 1hr~Soccer Match will be starting! dugeun2~Has everyone turned into Red Devil?!^^~KOREA-JJak!3x(JJak=GoodLuck/Go Go!)

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

June 22, 2010


Sensei... Ohayo gozai masu! (Good Morning!)

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

June 23, 2010


Today i came to Invincible Youth and worked hard! Uhm~ i'm so sleepy now. Good nigh! i must go to sleep soon!! Good night! Good night (in Japanese) ~^o^

Translation by Yoo@ Karaholic.com


Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

June 28, 2010


Kkyaag!!!!! I drove on the road sucessfuly today +_+!! since I got my driver's license !!!!!!!
hohoho..... -0-!

Translation by benbenkr@ Karaholic.com

JULY 2010

July 4, 2010


I'm back!!!!!! Kkyaaa....

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

July 17, 2010


Good Morning everyone~ Haha Mong Show will start 10:45AM~~~!!I'm sure everyone is waiting for it,right?? Have a delicious breakfast while watching Haha Mong Show~!! ^.^

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com


August 3, 2010


It's amazing!!!!!!!!! Yattta!!!!!! http://tweetphoto.com/36568096

Translation by Yoo@ Karaholic.com

August 7, 2010


I will go to Japan tomorrow! I must keep my heart with full of strength and go to there! Please wait for me~~ I will be back *chu* ^-^ Good night!
{reply to someone} Yes PD !! Hehe Eat ramen! The weather is so hot so please be careful ^^

Translations by Yoo@ Karaholic.com

August 14, 2010


Arigatou gozaimas(thank you very much)! I'm happy happy.gifhttp://tweetphoto.com/38851592

Translation by benbenkr@ Karaholic.com

August 27, 2010


Woohoo! The weather is so sweet~ttttt~

Translation by Yoo@ Karaholic.com

August 28, 2010


It keeps raining and stoping ~ My mood is also up and down !! [__]

Translation by Yoo@ Karaholic.com

August 30, 2010


http://twitpic.com/2ju4vq The raindrop is so bubbly-bubbly! It's raining again~

Translated by izakly


September 04, 2010


[Photo's link] - V......2 ^^* sud...d...en...ly
Woowow.. 100.000 followers................. Thank you... though i am just a normal person TT-TT........

Translations by Yoo@ Karaholic.com

September 05, 2010


http://twitpic.com/2ljuxg GoodNight.. Before sleeping.. I wanna offer you all a big smile..keke.. ㅠ-ㅜ!Bye

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

September 20, 2010


My Beloved Everyone! Have a Happy Chuseok ^-^ ~~~!!!

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

September 27, 2010


Following Jiyoung, I took this picture at the office's yard..keke.. The weather is nice and I even have some free time.. But really no place to go except the office.. ㅠ-ㅠ!hmph keke

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com


October 06, 2010


It's cute and adorable Nicole's birthday~ Let give her a lot of happy birthday ^.^! Happy birthday~ Nicoole~!

Translations by Yoo@Karaholic.com

October 09, 2010


Euaaaakk... tired ham...... I want to eat ham*...!
*(not literally wanna eat SY)

Translation by benbenkr@ Karaholic.com


October 14, 2010


Good Morningー !!!∧_∧

Translation by blazetorrent25 @ Karaholic.com

October 15, 2010


Did you all watch it? I was so nervous..ㅠㅠBut I was glad that I was able to get it done! Thank You!
Everyone ! Goodnight! Have a nice dream ^-^

Translation by aank1@karaholic.com & benbenkr@karaholic.com

October 16, 2010


I arrived! I read a newspaper on airplane but... there's this one.. it seems it really must be saved .. ^^

Translation by Yoo@Karaholic.com

"봉인된 부엉이를 구하라" means "rescure* a sealed owl".
The newspaper is about not Hara but a novel.
Hara just finds her name in the title and uploads it for fun.
You know. "Goohara" is same pronunciation with "do rescure*!" in Korean.

I wish you can understand what I'm saying,
because I'm native Korean and not good at English. ^^
*to rescue or to save.
title could be read also as "SAVE A SEALED OWL/RESCUE A SEALED OWL"

Summary&Semi-translation about the articles title's meaning by Shiny@Karaholic.com

October 17, 2010


Awaiting Translations


November 01, 2010


It's November 1st!

Translation by benbenkr@ Karaholic.com

November 02, 2010


It's Japan!

Translation by Yoo@ Karaholic.com

November 05, 2010


Hello~Today also be strong ^^Good Morning! Good Luck today!!!^^

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

November 06, 2010


I'm at Shibuya now!

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

November 07, 2010



Translation by @ Karaholic.com

November 09, 2010


I came to eat sushi hehe! but why do i look like unnie more than myself? don't like!!!! TT TT TT TT TT TT

Translation by benbenkr@ Karaholic.com

November 10, 2010


i..am..waiting..now..today the two of us.. also wait. waiting... hurry!! i wanna eat soon!! http://plixi.com/p/56078596

Translation by yoo@ Karaholic.com

November 15, 2010


We're Kara animalsㅋ___ㅋ going back to Korea~~! It was hard but it was fun though!! We shall all work harder when we get back.. To the members~~ I love you>.< If the girls (members) sees this they should give me a wink.. kekekekeke
Thank you so much to everyone in Japan. Ah right! Please wait for URAKARA!*^^ It's starting to rain.. becareful ya?

Note:*The actual translation is that they'll be back to Japan, so she's asking the Japanese fans to wait for them a lil'. But I think it is more "Hara" to leave it as it is..Sorry for the confusion.

Translation by benbenkr@ Karaholic.com

November 20, 2010


Falling in love with finding Etranger hidden picture*
Yummy yummy~ I'll eat it deliciously ♥ http://plixi.com/p/58004989

Note:*It's an iphone application.

Translation by yoo@ Karaholic.com


December 01, 2010



Translation by @ Karaholic.com

December 06, 2010



Translation by @ Karaholic.com

December 08, 2010



Translation by @ Karaholic.com

December 09, 2010


Sleepy.. I wanna sleep! ..

Translation by benbenkr@ twitter.com

December 10, 2010


Gyuri unni cried~~~~~~!!! hehehehe Thank you so much^^ jjuk*!

Note:*jjuk* is sound expression for "kiss"

Translation by benbenkr@ twitter.com

December 12, 2010


I'm happy for being #1 as well as able to thank everybody therefore I feel happ

Translation by aank1@ Karaholic.com

December 24, 2010


It's Christmas Eve and it's also IY final episodeㅠㅠ, make sure to watch!! From (me and) Kara, we would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas http://plixi.com/p/65050940*

Note:*christmas card by Hara.

Translation by benbenkr@ Karaholic.com

December 25, 2010


Looks like its gonna be sleepless night..through Invincible Youth.. G7's unnies, yuchiri families, staffs still aware of my name Hara Goo.. I'm so grateful because I get lots of love from you all.
And also Lee Jang-nim's house which caught on fire, your heart must be in a lot of pain but it'll be good if you can continue to be strong.
We G7 and all the staff received so much from you, so from this point on and always, I will always remember your kindness and I'll continue to be a hardworking Hara Goo.

Translation by (top)aank1@ Karaholic.com; (bottom)benbenkr@ Karaholic.com

December 26, 2010


just took a display pic.*
Hehe~ oppa thank you^^ You've been doing fine right~ Becareful not to catch a cold^^!*

Note:*she's talking about bbm.
**Hara wanted to reply to Youngsaeng but did a mistake in RTing instead of replying. Then when she typed her message, she forgot to @mention Yongsaeng//
Honey is still so shaken by the award she got yesterday night.

Translation by benbenkr@ Karaholic.com

December 31, 2010


Happy New Year ^^My people~chu~♥*

Note:*Hara copied Gyuri! XD

Translation by benbenkr@ twitter.com


★ 2 0 1 1 ★





★ 2 0 1 2★



★ 2 0 1 3★








★ Instagram Updates ★

June 2013


July 2013


August 2013


September 2013


October 2013


November 2013





[i'm still updating this topic and trying to organize the tweets. (: thank you to everyone who's helped with Hara's tweets<3 -Joss]

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Hara reply in english!!

looks like templates reply to me,hahahaha.. but it's good that she try xD


what is that last tweet? translation plsss =D

트위터2일째!+_+ Good morning!! 여러분~~오늘하루시작도 힘차게!! ^^ 근데..전왜이렇게 졸립죠ㅠㅜ 오늘도힘냅시다 ! 아자아자 ^_+!!

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oh my goshhh....hara sent me a direct message (:

this is what i wrote to her:


@_sweethara 언니! 드디어 트윗을! 저는 한국사람인데 미국에 2살부터 살아서 한글 많이틀려요..ㅋㅋ..언니..너무 너무 팬이에요..꼭 답해주세요!
@_sweethara Unni! You finally tweeted! I'm Korean but I've been living in the US since I was 2 so I mess up my Korean a lot..keke..Unni..I'm a really really huge fan..Please reply!

this is what hara sent to me (:


한국말너무잘하시는데요?? ^^
But you seem to be really good at Korean?? ^^

gahhhhhh...i seriously spazzed for a few hours after this....and gyuri replied to me too!!!

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