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Really cant get enough of her. I adore her beauty and variety skills. Huhu. Hara doesnt have to work hard to be bautiful. She is beautiful. Oh my god female hormones unleashed!! Kyaaaaaaa. Hahaha love you hara!

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Instagram update - 150901







Twitter update - 150902







giri just released his new song. 
please listen to it haha
우리 ㄱㅣ리 신곡 나왔어요 
"우결" ♡ 
많이 들어주세용 ㅎㅎ
trans by yooniqda_



[KR.Hara] blonde hara.. it's wine color now
~ 금발하라..지금은 삐삐와인♡1f606.png
trans by yooniqda_
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