[2010.03.12] KARA wins Music Bank K-Chart for Lupin


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Having been at the top for five consecutive weeks, the SNSD girls relinquished their top spot to fellow girl group, KARA who won their first-ever K-Chart on Music Bank for Lupin.

After seeing CNBlue and 2AM competing for the top spot in the past months, it was the battle of the girl groups on the March 12th episode of Music Bank as SNSD battled it out with KARA and T-ara for the #1 position. SNSD had been nearly unstoppable with their Oh! hit single and they weren

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too emotional to say anything now.

first thought is feel amazingly happy to see kara being recognized again.

beating snsd & t-ara on the way to win the first mubank.

second thought is the girls deserved this. they worked hard to reach the summit.

so happy to see them smiling & congratuling each other. what a scene.

lastly, they are lovely tonight. the outfits, the moods, everything are perfect. definitely angels from heaven to brighten kamilias world.

now i just want to re-live the moments by watching the clips again.

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they really deserve it... Kara is the best!!

i love their outfits in the perf... i was just thinking the other day when will they wear shorties again.... and yey .. they are so adorable in their outfits!!!


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it was so touching.. i have tears in my eyes... they won... this is amazing... they truly deserve this after all the hardships they went through in order to have that position.. KARA really is the best... KARA jjang!!!

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After their first win on MCountdown last year with Honey, this win is the second one I'm the most proud

because among all the awards, this one was the only one left on thei list since 3 long years of hardwork !

So seeing them finally get it constitutes an important and emotional moment for me lol.

I'm so happy and proud today : hard work and patience is always paid one day !

And I'm also happy DSP gives them new outifs ! Very nice one indeed.

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woah...soo happy ^^

congrats to Kara!

they really deserve it!!!! ^^

I also thought that SNSD will win but still

I hope that Kara will win and daaang they won!!!

I'm soo proud of them...

3 years since their debut they didn't win at Mubank and now

they win!

that's why their so emotional...

Kara jjang!

btw..I love their outfits here! lol

thanks for sharing :D

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Watched MuBank through KBS World and i really am proud of the girls...A battle between 3 of the top Girl Group (which SNSD already won MuBank couple of times and also T-Ara also won with their hit BPBP), which makes the Winning Part was so amazing, after 3 long years of performing in MuBank, they really deserved this win :D...hope they can win more in the future -_-...

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I'm overjoyed to see Kara winning so many awards recently.

It was certainly a close call between Oh! and Lupin. I am so happy that Lupin won! :D

Aww.. it is so touching that Kara had won their first K-chart since 3 years of debut.

They should go for a celebration for such a huge achievement! :P

Well, the girl's new concept is unique and their charismatic performance made me feel the strong spirit and power of Kara.

I hope Sunghee would come back and make Kara a 6-member group! I think Kara + Sunghee could surpass SNSD! :D

Well, I hope the girls will keep up the good work and continue thier winning streak!

Haha.. Fighting!!~

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Don't care its 122 ,122k , 122million win is a win...~

congratz for the first win n music bank!!!

keep up the good work!!!

Hammie is the best!!

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