[OFFICIAL] JINGstagram Thread

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Jing's tweet:

냠냠 맛잇겟죠~_~!?!?


Nyam..nyamm.. Looks delicious right~_~!?!?


~ahhh... I'm hungry ... BBQ Meat.. :D

Another tweet:

Q. 해가 지고잇을까요 뜨고잇을까요~?!?



Question. Will the sun rise? Will it be warm~?!?

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Thnx for all translation...

haha~ Jing...just eat that delicious meal....huhu~

Question. Will the sun rise? Will it be warm~?!?

I think the wheather at seoul really2 cold now...huhu~

and yeah...she likes to post pics too..

I hope she will reply fans tweet next time..and also my tweet...

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a newest tweet:



The answer was ~ It turned out to be warm!! While we're heading out to our schedule early in the morning [dawn], the view was just so great!! We're at the shop right now~! Has everyone had lunch!?!? I finished eating ice-cream before I eat rice... instead of eating rice, I ate ice-cream....! TT_TT..

~~The answer... I think it was a respond from yesterday's tweet: "Question:" with the sun rising picture..

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우리언니들3주년축하해요항상늘건강하구행복하자구요우리다섯명손꼭붙잡구달리고달리고달리자구용넘넘사랑 해요!♥ 오늘우리썰리도생일이에요!축하해주세여~오늘은행복한날!꺄☺

newest tweet ^^ i think its about their anniversary, right? someone please translate this TT TT

sucks to not be able t understand korean! :(

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woah so fast..

thx for the translation..

her tweet so nice!!!!

she congrats her unnie??lol

and holding hand tightly??nice..love it ^^

and of course she won't forget the 94 line too...


thx for the translation too..

lol..she become more like her unnie..lol..

playful jing..

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oh yeah..

she is a good friend with sulli..

with f(x) krystal and 4minute sohyun too..

the 94 line rocks!!lol

just watch kara's encore on inkigayo..

you can watch adorable jing's interaction with sulli:)

u'll wonder who is younger there xD

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@ coffeebeanie

Thnx for the translation....

woot...Jing jjang..!!!

and Congrats Kara for the 3rd Anniversary...Kara jjang..!!

surely that day is a Happy day...Jing celebrating two thing....

Kara anniversary and Sulli Birthday...!!

Jing so sweet there..and her tweet really2 cute...

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translation anyone? :)

i'm just sure there's a good night in the last part XDD

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It's been a long time~ I just finished all the schedules and I'm going to our dorm~!! I want to get to the dorm at once... Why you ask! Not only because I want to sleep quickly but also because... At last, Hara unnie's and my room is finished! Kya!! Aren't you curious? Have a good night everyone ♪~

So it seems she is sharing a room with Hara~ :) Although she could also mean their individual rooms...

Ah! I want to see their new room already! >.<

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