[OFFICIAL] JINGstagram Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

Our maknae just finished her college entrance exam :D judging by her tweet it looks like she did well <3


Finished the exam well and I'm back! To the ever supportive journalists and fans, THANK YOU so very much!! This picture came out rather funny heheheheh!

I'm on my way to Australia now!!! shyung shyung*

*aegyo effect for plane taking off


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^^^ Jing said she did her best despite the test being really hard =).

New tweets from maknae hehe she's enjoying sydney a lot!


Wow!!!! Sydney! Yea!!!! pic.twitter.com/TSEKN3Za


With Suzi Lo Lo Lo Lo Lo~~♪ http://pic.twitter.com/YJEoweRS


Everyone~~ Finally, Invincible Youth Season 2!!!!! First broadcast!! "Tomorrow, 11 o'clock" Suzi and I are in Australia and we are unable to watch the original broadcast, so everyone, please, you have to do so for us!!! OK?!?!


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The weather isn't so good since this morning. Rain keeps falling... Today we go back home! Ah~ I wish I can teleport! Although it's cold today I'll do my best✌ They say it's (the temperature) is minus in Korea kyaa I hope you don't catch a cold
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