The member that caught your attention


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The member that caught my attention was Gyuri due to the fact

she had a really outstanding vocals when i heard her the first time

it was very pretty but the more performance i watch i could not take

my eyes off of her it might seem weird but i became an admire heheh

okay that kind of made me sound like a lesbian sorry


Anyways still today i admire her vocals not to mention a good mother [leader]

towards the group and i got to say her current look is so pretty loving her


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I first knew abt Kara b4 their debut a few days:) when i saw their pics:) i was impressed by Guyl immediately... but then i didnt notice to Kara until i saw If U wanna MV:X they'r all so .. so CUTE:X:X especially Seungyoen:X she is the one who sucked me into Kara:X

after that, i find bak their album, mvs and all perfs:X one by one:X i love our pretty girls successively:X

Ham- Nicole:X Guyl:X Sunghee:X

abt sunghee:X i didnt know how much i love her till she left:( i miss her a lots:((

Hara and JiYoung is ok too:X they look like dolls:X

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It was SungHee!!!

I was surfing soompi n then i saw a new girl group.

I opened the thread n saw the pics.

I notice how beautiful the members were...

But there was one girl who caught my attention the most which was SungHEE.

Then i watched their Break It MV n her voice amazed me! It's official that she's my fav til now.

Honestly, i thought all of them are mixed except SeungYeon... They don't look like Korean. ^^

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Back in Break It days..I knew of SungHee first because everyone was saying she's the second "Hyori" since Kara was Finkl. I haven't been much into Kara since then but now, after Pretty Girl, SeungYeon catches my attention and she's my favorite member now! <3 her smile <3

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for me Han Seungyeon... I'm a wonder girls fan and read a post with her and wonder girls and thought she was very cute looking so then I decided to look up their (Kara's) songs and was hooooked. :thumbup1:

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the "pretty girl' performances made me like and love Kara to the highest level. LOL

i first seen Kara in Pops in Seoul seeing their If you wanna MV

Gyuri caught my attention first but right now, I didn't have a fave but I love them all

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Hara! The first mv I watched was "Break It" but right after I watched "Rock U" and I remember seeing Hara and just smiling and being happy! I remember saying "Oh~ she's so cute! Definitely my favourite! <3" and then next was Seungyeon -- it's a tie, to be honest. I love them both~ (well, I love all of them but...yeah!)

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my answer is definitely Gyuri, i saw her when i was watchin' ''pretty girl'' mv.

i think she is very unique among the other members n her appearance just doesn't like Korean.

u can't resist her beautiful eyes n i found that cameras love her so much when i was watchin' their performance. then i tried to know more abt the other members.

later, after watchin' the performance of ''Break it''. I think SungHee sings well n she reli looks like Hyori Lee :eyelove:

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Ahaha.. I'll admit I only got into Kara recently.

It was ever since I saw the Kara Pretty Girl promotions.

The song was really catchy, which one of the reasons I got into Kara.

And the other reason was Hara. (:

Hara was really pretty to me when I first saw here,

I was like :)


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