The member that caught your attention


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tbh i really don't remember how i became to be such a huge fan of kara.

i remember when honey was released and i started learning more about kara

that i thought kara was one of the most amazing groups out there.

but rather than one member completely catching my eye

and then leading me to love the rest of the members,

i think it was an over-all effort by all the members xD

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i would say... GYURI!

after watching her on Star Golden Bell, i'm interested in knowing more about her.

found out that she's a member of KARA.

watching more KARA shows... and she's the one that caught my attention.. until now.. :wub:

she's my no.1 ultimate bias in KPOP! :thumbup:

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When I first saw KARA on Mister Jap ver. MV, the first ones that I noticed are Hara and Gyuri. Technically because they have such pretty faces and nice long hair. I love girls with long hair, those difinitely caught my attention. :D

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The first member that I noticed was Nicole. The first video I ever saw of KARA was Mister, and we all know her hip/butt dance was crazy amazing. That definitely caught my eye. But then later, this other member with the long hair and huge eyes sashayed her way to the center of the stage and just commanded my attention, and blew me away. I was not able to take my eyes off of Goo Hara after that. XD

Nicole was the first one I noticed, but Hara was the one that "sucked me in" to KARA. :)

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Seungyeon :D

when i first saw Lupin MV...i was like..."Wow, she's kinda cute but a little fierce..." lol xD

and almost everytime when i watch their music's like her charm is attracting me...i always look at her for some reason... :))

kinda weird thing to say for a Jiyoung fan... <3

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