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so... one day I was "discovering" Kara and I saw "Break It" MV and the one who caught my attention was Sunghee because of her looks and her amanzing voice, and then in the middle of the MV Nicole caught my attention for a while too xD

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for me it was Nicole. I was watching SGB and I saw her on there, doing the little word game thing. I thought she was really, really cute. I'd never much paid attention to the girls of Kara before then, even though I did like their music... but after seeing Nicole on SGB I wanted to get to know the others too.

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Hara! After seeing the video for Pretty Girl, she really stood out for me. She was soo cute in it. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her, hehe. After that, I tried to find out more about her and she still remains my favorite to this day. :P (Okay, it was only a few months ago, but still. XD)

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Ahh I'm like the rest of you, we've been captivated by Gyuri's spell ;D

Back during Break It I didn't really recognize their faces or their names, then I started looking around for their videos and wow, they were just so funny... especially Gyuri, Her speaking voice is very nice too and shes just so pretty that her whole conceited thing makes me love her more :confused1:

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Goo Hara ^^

She is what got me into Kara and the other members. At first i was like who cares about the other girls xD

I was like that with WG and SNSD too lmao (Yoobin and YoonA)

Actually Seungyeon did catch my eye too. She looked very unique and stood out at some points.

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I only got into kpop not too long ago, and I saw a video of them performing Pretty Girl in December... the person who caught my eye was Hara, she looked absolutely like a doll there 8D So I have to thank her for getting me into KARA ^^

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non other than Park GyuRi..xD

i saw their if you wanna mv in youtube accidentally, there was no name of who's who..

i thought at first GyuRi's name is Nicole since she doesn't appear like a korean to me..xD

she has a unique beauty that i can't determine..xD

but as i researched, she's GyuRi..

oh well..xD

from then she became my fave 'till now..

i dunno, she has everything..

good looks, good attitude, skills..

i admire her so much..

for me she's a role model..xD

she's one of the prettiest in the world..xD


GyuRi fighting <3


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Mine was Seung Yeon!

I totally fell for her beautiful eye smile ^^ I love her eyes <3

Then it was Nicole for her cuteness then Sunghee 'cause of her amazing singing voice. Then i remember seeing her in one episode of SS501 Mpick! haha

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