Best concept for Gyuri



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    • break it
    • rock u
    • pretty girl
    • honey
    • wanna
    • mister
    • lupin
    • all

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At first, I want to pick 'All' but it's quite awkward for me to see Gyuri in a cute image like 'Rock U' :sweatdrop:

I think that 'Lupin' concept suits her the best^^ She looks so charismatic and amazing with such concept :gemadmire:

'Break It' is a close second though. Boyish Gyuri is also charming :w00t:

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I will always love GyuRi in any style, anyway......GyuRi is a goddess, so she always looked 100% good in many fashion style or concept, of course I admit GyuRi was more smart in Break It, Lupin and Mister, but she just looked good and different when she is in different concept.......Example, in Rock U, GyuRi turned into a primary school little girl in a hat is refreshing, in Honey, GyuRi looke like the mother leader in KARA who is so gentle and lovely, in Wanna, GyuRi turned again into a naughty and mature teenager, and now, I also love GyuRi in the style of Bunny in 'Nail Shop Paris', she's really looked cute with the short hair and big watery eyes in the drama....... GyuRi FIGHTING!!!

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