Have you ever met KARA in real life?


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HAH, no, I WISH! i just read on akp, that they are planning to shoot KBS's music bank in international LOCATIONS. i was like omfg yes, please come to canada. so if kara is promoting at that time and they DO shoot in Canada(Toronto specifically), then i can meet them :3

i've always wanted to meet gyuri and hara ^^

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I never seen them outside the screen before I wish I can though. >_< if i go to korea does it cost money to go to shows?

Not sure on the tickets to get in, but you HAVE to go through some proxy in Korea who will get you the tickets. And that DOES cost money. If you do have time while there, then definitely try and see one of the shows, but just be advised that you'll be there the entire day.

Either that, or you can check out KARA's schedule and try to plan to be at an event that they were in. That's why I did and it was a lot cheaper. =D

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