Have you ever met KARA in real life?


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haven't met, but hoping to do

going korea on my 2nd semester next year, and hopefully KARA will perform there or so.

also, sight seeing is good attraction at seoul :)

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hmmmm i saw them at 2010's hollywood bowl (:

i wasnt as close to them because of my seat

but they were so freaking amazing.

like even from where i was sitting, i can tell how freaking gorgeous they were

i cant comment on their live singing

because those kinds of concert always has sucky audio systems

but they had AMAZING stage presence.

like they really pumped up the crowd even though only nicole can speak english

but i havent actually like.

one on one/face to face talk to them or anything like that though

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never met them even for a split second ):

i really want to meet them so bad i'll come to any south east asia country if they visit it for a concert, but a tour is exhausting, and they haven't rest for a bit since step and winter magic.

2012, i HAVE to see them live.

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