[2010.04.20] KARA vs T-ARA, Round 2: World Cup Song


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No matter who wins, what's important is that they're actually doing their best to cheer for their country!

That alone is sufficient isn't it?

most definitely!!!!!

BOTH GROUPS JJANG! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

"we are with you"???

the song title's gr8!!! (as in it rly suits de world cup theme)

oh btw will kara be promoting de song???????????

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if that were a competition, KARA would have won hands down right away since SBS and Samsung decided to pair a snippet of their 'We're With You' song with footage of crazy fans and luminaries like Park Ji Sung and Lee Chung Yong for a TV ad that doubles as a teaser for the new single

but since I adore both T-ara and KARA, this is definitely no contest; it's gonna be magic

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omygoodness so many world cup songs! Soccer players must be very very happy and excited :thumbup:

however, Kara's will be the best the theme "We're with you" is better than "We're the one" imo, but T-ara, BEG, and After School are all really good too :thumbup:

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I hate how KARA is being rivaled with T-ara.I can accept SNSD cause ever since WG went away, KARA was compared with SNSD.Call me bitter yeah but I hate how rookies get fame easy these days.Plus, I do believe that MNET is a little tricky.Always clashing comebacks as KARA, gosh! I believe in KARA and I know that KARA has the bigger share of fans but still, it's like an insult to be compared to a rookie.Especially that KARA HAVE worked HARD for years. The similarity of their names when spelled confuses fans as well. It's like every time KARA reaches the top, another group is always trailing behind them. It's sad.
I totally agree with everything that you just said. ESPECIALLY with MNET being so sneaky. It's WonSoKa that gets compared - not veterans like kara with a string of hit songs and some newbies who have a similar name and dileberately similar styles sometimes.Nothing against T-ARA though; just hate how some people seem to think that they actually compare with Kara. They still have a long way to go for that. A long way. Since in BEG and AS are also going to be promoting world cup songs and HAM have one already - why aren't they included in this comparison? It's demeaning to Kara.Anyways, again, not hating on T-ara - just not digging the continuos comparisions - it's irksome. Its like comparing 4minute to snsd... Or 'pitting' b2st against big bang...zea against suju.. Thats not right. People need to stop taking kara as anything other than top-un-comparable-to-rookies stars. They are not easy/manmanhani Edited by ArtemisRider
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Omona! I totally agree with KaraNice~

KARA's only worthy "rival" is SNSD!

T-ARA are so not on that TOP girl group level that KARA is in!

Seriously! All this KARA vs. T-ARA stuff really pisses me off!

But enough with my ranting~ cuz KARA IS THE BEST!!!


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can't wait to hear the songs.both Kara and T-ARA songs.

It's generally to compared in competition especially the song released in the same time.

personally I like Kara more than T-ARA but I don't hate T-ARA.

I love to see and hear lots of MV and music.

competition will make them create great songs.

It's not matter to be first place or not.

I will love Kara whatever they will be any place. and I suppose a lot of Kamilia would be like me.

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Immense popularity in 2009 aside, I would say, in 2010, both Kara and T-ara have outperformed SNSD. If I were to judge the team (songwriters, etc.) behind them and NOT the girls themselves, I would say currently T-ara leads this little group. Just listen (and not look) at the songs from these groups in 2010 (although... let's admit it, Kpop is not exactly the highest form of music.). SNSD would bring up the rear of this group. Their songs sound really dated and forced. Especially Run Devil Run. I wouldn't be looking past T-ara. They seem to have the most momentum of all the girl groups at the moment (though they do have the most to gain as they are furthest back in terms of popularity). It's kind of obvious that there's LOTS of money and people behind T-ara. Even "내가 너무 아파" is charting well without much promotion.

This is coming from a big fan of Gyuri.

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They have started singing it?? So the full song is actually out but not release?? woahhh lucky those who have heard it already!!

Anyway I don't really care about that competition.. KARA is always the best! for me!

Thanks for the translation =)

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