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WOAH~ she does have natural beauty....

why need make up anyway??

kekekeke....it just..she's already GODDESS!

whether she's wearing make up or not..

she still look GODDESS!!

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THANKS for the GREAT pics...

Gyuri is truly a natural beauty :gemadmire:

NO ONE can go against this beauty [even in variety shows ^^ I KNOW ]

I think she's pretty with make up and without make up on

even from just waking up

even in stolen pics...

even in ugly clothes...

I think that even when Gyuri is walking simply...

it can create a master piece

for short her beauty is in a level that almost everybody can notice :gemhoho:

GOOD thing that she's the KARA'S LEADER




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OMO....she is truly Goddess...

Her no-make up face for me more beautiful...:D

I think when she has make up, her face colour more darker...

(Maybe the foundation), but, seeing this picture, I can see her true face colour,,,and sooo flawless,, :)

Not surprisingly, she got the most beautiful skin, among idols........:D

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She's one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. Some kpop stars are unrecognizable without any make up. She's not only recognizable but beautiful while at it! Truly worthy of the goddess title! Poor girl needs more sleep tho.. without makeup, you can see the baggy eyes :( Makes me sad a little.

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