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Gyuri's face without make-up is really pretty! ^^ She also looks more natural and erm...nice? I mean, she already is nice, but when she has make-up on she looks more strong and fierce and stuff. Haha. She really has the right to call herself a goddess ^^

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Gyuri is like a goddess as always. I think she is much more beautiful with less make up. :eyelove: I always liked the natural looks more. But Gyuri sure can be beautiful with any look. Well, if a person is beautiful, everything suits them. ^^

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she is really beautiful when i saw her on haha and mong became their mom,im sorry i really forgot about the name of the show..i saw gyuri with no make up when haha and mong enter to her room and make her wake up.WOW her pose when she wake up and turn her hair its really like goddes she looks really shine ,even without effect camera..my frien who watch togather with me directly to be her fans when i saw that video to him...but i dont have next episoe when haha and mong enter gyuri rooms..oh i wish i can download the video here as soon as posible

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