Cute, Sexy, Natural, Fierce, or that cute morning look?

Which look do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Cute, Sexy, Hot, or Natural (no makeup)?

    • Cute
    • Sexy
    • Natural
    • Fierce
    • Morning Look

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Nicole's a combination of everything but predominantly cute and natural when she's not performing. So what I like will be... Natural or cute? Can't decide because she's both cute and natural at the same time which I like the best... :confused1: Argh "Cute" it shall be.

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I have to go with the cute morning look. Ever since that 1st episode of Invincible Youth season 1 when they go to wake up Hara. Nicole helped her pack her cooler and prepare for her first day just like a mom. Fell hard for Nicole right then and there with her messy hair, glasses, and pajamas <3

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