Perfect Guy For Our Maknae?


Perfect guy for our maknae?  

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  1. 1. Which guy?

    • Daesung
    • Minho
    • Choi Jae Hwan

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Oh, she's so compatible with so

many boys. I like to imagine that

the taller, stronger guys would

protect her?

Minho is tall and they look very

good together. But I originally fell

in love with her and Daesung

together, because they

are both the cutest ever.

Taemin, also, as maknae to SHINee

(and because SHINee/KARA is maybe

the sweetest pairing ever). They would

make such gloriously adorable babies.

And though they've never interacted

(to my knowledge), I've read about her

and Dongwoon from B2ST, and that

kind of makes me happy inside.

My final vote goes to Minho, because

Daesung is a little cold to her, haha.

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my vote goes to daesung simply because jiyoung have said so many times that she rather date a funny guy than a good-looking one and i think she'll have a lot of fun with daesung because he's so funny and so cute. plus he's like her ideal type(she said this so many times before too) so yeah, daesung+jiyoung for me.=)

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Daesung !!! Both of them looks so adorable.. I remembered the FO incident.. both of their face is blushed to the red when they met.. Daesung expression is so funny..hehe..They're to shy too each other..Hopefully they can extend a good friendship in the future..hehehe :)

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