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Since Kara's comeback is nearing and everything will be released soon; might as well create a single topic where we can just go and spazz about it. All = including their MV, performances...anything, as long as it got to do with Kara's promotions for Pretty Girl. biggrin.gif


I honestly think or hope that Kara's comeback for Pretty Girl would be much much better. Maybe they'll even have their stage decorated instead of plain like for Rock U. -.- Yes, i'm a little slow..Kara's preview/teaser makes me anticipated for so much more. and knowing that they had the same people who produced Hyori's 3rd album...makes me to look forward to it even more. smile.gif

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omg annie.. did not see this thread but AHHH!! that was my initial thought seeing pics then the teaser came and i was more amused then watched tons of times and saw how gorgeous they all looked and how well done it looked too!!

i was shocked to see the differences that we all saw, from the pictures to the teaser, to hearing the news that DSP himself is back and ready to throw KARA into stardom... wow :D.. (dramatic, i know :()...

but i think those of us we know what it was like for KARA last year can really just feel how much the girls are loved at this point and i'm so proud to have stuck with them all this time!! :D

i hope people take notice of this thread and use it!!

btw.. i really hope the girls aren't nervous for their comeback cause we know they sometimes let the nerves get to them XD.. there's lots of pressure for them to do extremely well.. but i feel like they are confident this time around and comfortable with the Pretty Girl image^^

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Oh really? People who produced Hyori's third album.

ahh I can't wait any longer knowing that .___. KARA will have their chance.

yep. someone on soompi said that E-Tribe produced one of the songs in Kara's 2nd Mini Album.

a fan posted it on her/his blog naver too, if i remember correctly, its the track which its title is in Korean. lol. we can confirm better when dsp officially releases the album. :D

[대중] 나는(ING) - 1001148357

(작곡: 이주형-W07395 작곡: 김보아-z99999 작사: 이주형-W07395 작사: 김보아-z99999 - 카라)


[대중] 요를레이 - 1001148355

(작곡: E-TRIBE-W06181 작사: E-TRIBE-W06181 - 카라)


[대중] 하니 - 1001148353

(작곡: 한재호-W04209 작곡: 김승수-W04210 작사: 송수윤-W04462 - 카라)


[대중] MY DARLING - 1001148356

(작곡: 이주형-W07395 작사: 김보아-z99999 - 카라)


[대중] PRETTY GIRL - 1001148354

(작곡: 한재호-W04209 작곡: 김승수-W04210 작사: 송수윤-W04462 - 카라)


[출처] 카라 :: 카라 두번째 미니앨범 발매일/수록곡/작곡가 정보|작성자 도란

haha! i know!! i cant help it but to really really anticipate their comeback. lol. but i dont want the girls to feel pressurized. lol.


Star, 4 more days!!! haha! to their comeback! manseh!!! lol

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I really like their new look. It fits them far more than their previous. The only thing I'm not key on is the song. Though things might change with the full version, I was somewhat disappointed with Pretty Girl. It just doesn't have that hook I was hoping for.

I'm still going to buy it though. :D

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I really like their new look. It fits them far more than their previous. The only thing I'm not key on is the song. Though things might change with the full version, I was somewhat disappointed with Pretty Girl. It just doesn't have that hook I was hoping for.

I'm still going to buy it though. :eyelove:

I agree. Pretty Girl doesn't have that 'oomph' for me yet. But hey, how can I judge with just 40 seconds of the song out? XD

And for some reason SeungYeon really reminds me of Spice Girls with this image. xD

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I just wish Pretty Girl will be enough catchy to make them finally be on the top !

for the 40s teaser I have heard It has already made an impact on me

but we well be able to really judge after seeing the full mv

....just one/two more day to wait !

As for their comeback stage, I hope they will have a good and coloreful setting...like their new concept.

I also want them make a good first prestation vocally contrary to Rock U comeback.

and It could be great if they will be able to sing two songs !

Each time I watch the preview, I can't thinking about Ayumi Hamazaki when I saw SeungYeon

It's probably because of her hair color which reminds me the first time I saw Hayumi and in the same time my addiction to her lol. Yeah I was a big fan of Ayumi before lol.

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from KARA DSPenter Pop-Ups.

i agree. That their image sort of reminds me J-pop. Partly because of their hair colors. lol (and i dont even listen to Jpop at all. lol) i don't know...but that 40s preview really got my attention the first time i saw it. i kept thinking, "is that really KARA?" lol. but yep, i hope the MV would be as good as how the preview make it out to be.

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^ nope not the cover.. at least i hope not lol

solin, i know what you mean vocally.. we want the girls to have a 'perfect' comeback performance.. but realistically.. knowing them and how they get nervous and it gets to them and stuff.. maybe not so much expectation lol.. i remember SY saying how on their Rock U debut Nicole was literally shaking holding her mic.. so yea.. :)

but i'm expecting a great stage lol.. i mean with all the hype and expectation at least give them so nice props :D

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Yes I agree with everyone, they deserve a nicely decorated stage!

I don't blame them for being nervous during their Rock U comeback. I mean they WERE gone for 10 months and came back with new members and a new concept. They did improve as the performances went on though. I won't mind if their live isn't perfectly on point during their comeback perf., because I know they'll get better and better :D. But I do want them to do sing well live from the start just so people won't bash them as they did before (during Rock U promotions) :).

Ahhh I hope DSP releases the album SOON! It's 9AM, Tuesday in Korea right now...do they usually release things at night? I hope they release it when I'm awake hahaha. I'll be waiting!

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i can't wait.

i'm excited about the music video :D

when i first saw their pretty girl teaser, i was like "woah! i like it. it fits them perfectly."

i hope they will do veeeeeery good during the promotions of pretty girl.

i'm really hoping for them to be number 1 this time :(

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well, pretty girl is fine for me... i was kinda shocked and i was like, "is that Kara?" heheh.. all of them are definitely prettier.... can't wait for the full mv and seems like many netizens are anticipating for there song... i mean a 40s teaser is already with 40,000+ views... isn't that amazing?

but still i'm kinda worried with there song, there song is okay with the tune and melody but its just the chorus part is kinda grammatically wrong... no offense in here...

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speaking of the stage decoration = = M!Countdown is

not really good at such a thing at all. i wonder whether

i should expect ):

I hope ppl would stay chilled to watch their first performance

(which is gonna be on M!Countdown), no bashing like the last

time w/ Rock You. (lol they were really like having prepared

just to attack the girls) I also think this time they will do better <3

as they were not having such a long hiatus, they 've always been

on a track no? :] I just hope that the sound systems will work well =__=

lol i just watched again the teaser. the ending scene is so familiar.

no wonder it might have done by the same producers hehe~

omg gyuri wrote on her cyworld (10p.m korea time i think?)

that the mv was out already!!!!!! but gosh im still unable to find it anywhere '_'

hope after waking in the morning, we've found it XD

i think the impression doesn`t originally come from the song at all,

but the whole making up & smart dressing XD the feeling of liking the

song imo is affected cos people were "seeing", not "listening".

i`m referring to myself frankly XD the images thing all spread out

in my mind and made me feel like i love everything!!!! well yeah its

of course a nice song <333 its one of the most beautiftul carol songs

that you can fall in luv right after only the 1st time listening! but ppl

wouldnt not got this hyped if everything had come along with poor

images XD omg this time the stylists own!!!!

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^^ lol miss smarty pants.. so true though..

the image/concept is what people love about Pretty Girl..

it's the bright colors.. it's eye candy!!

the feeling comes from the visuals lol and it obviously works!

and the song isn't bad either, with the girl power message :D

DSP Sylists did very well :P

wtheck gyuri.. playing with us? lol..

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