Korean 2nd Mini Album [Pretty Girl]


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so it's out already, but we can't find it?

lol i wish gyuri would post a link in her cyworld or something. x|

woot~ eye candy seriously! (:

the bright colors, smiles, background... everything about those pictures draw people in and make them interested! (: plus it's close to the holidays so people are looking for stuff that brings them cheer. hehe :D

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the mv is very cute. haha. :sweatdrop: the song is not bad too. really catchy.

Girl Pretty Girl, Pretty Girl, Na Beautiful Girl Beautiful Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeahhhh~~ haha! this song is definitely heavy on chorus. i like the maknae scenes. doing chores. haha. quite funny, Nicole danced with the broom high up. lol

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haha! i know this is not the time to make comparison. lol has anyone watched BB's performance of Heaven? the chorus dance...Kara has that similar dance towards the ending of Pretty Girl too. That, "Jog on the Spot with your arms making circular motions" moves. LOL. i got no other ways to describe it. lol

Gyul..muahah. so smexy. :sweatdrop: and YeoNic's scene. haha! Seungyeon had a sheep on her shoulders. haha! i find that totally hilarious. lol

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^^ yea me too!

I just can't believe how GREAT the video turned out. the teaser did not do it justice! lol

lets see um the beginning was lots of HARA lol .

Gyuri looked so beautiful and i loved her eyes with that eye shadow shade, her eyes stood out soo much lol

and Nicole I LOVE her voice lol. everyone's high pitchy then she comes in with her raspy voice :sweatdrop:

the YEONNIC scene was adorable :lol:

and loved Seungyeon's laugh at the end when they were at the kitchen

btw such a nice house.. so bright and clean haha

oh loved HARA in her orange beanie and baseball tee.. she looked so cuteand Jiyoung had the least scenes but she was uberly cute too especially when she just sits at the couch while the others clean haha


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:D Mini album is out...

and OMG i havent been this excited since SS501s U R Man (lol i know it was only released last month) but eeeeep well done Kara.

1. Honey.

ahhhh so good, its very dancey.. and nicoles rap is cool

2. Pretty Girl.

simply amazing

3. 요를레이

haha i LOVE this song, very catchy and addictive.

4. My Darling

a slow song, very cute and catchy...it reminds me of (snow prince) like a slow song but still very poppy and dancey

5. I Am

amazing ballad-esque song, it really shows their vocal range


id give it a perfect 5 thumbs dude out of 5 :P

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[i`ll be back w/ the album review soon XD

i think imma throw the homework away and make the new skin 8D]

definitely! how could anyone not love this MV, no, i mean this song, the whole thing!!!!! >v<

i`m so hyped now XD its really a big surprise to me! let`s me think... firstly it is.... there are many different places! finally they decide to invest more on the mv, DSP! and sure sure, the colors are so bright, cute and appealing!!!

then it is the CHORUS! hey the teaser didn`t show this awesome part! yeah to me it`s so GREAT! i i never expected the song to turn into such a chorus! love their harmony! love love love it!!!!!! & listening to the whole song, i feel it sounds somewhat so western :D

1:02 Nicole gave me an WOW! the appearning scene is so goood!!! i love that of her expression to death DX & bwahahah of course the sheep on Seungyeon`s shoulder, just lovely lovely!

Nicole's high pitchy at 2:32 is <33333 & omg, her expression at 2:54, idk how to describe it, she was daydreaming wasn`t she? LOL XD

sorry, i know i`m so Nicole biased XD

but i cannot go into details of other girls, as it`s so difficult!!! how could I do if they are all shining, pretty, gorgeous & ... perfect?! XD

omg is it only me that have a feeling of Seungyeon being so "kitten" XD

Pretty girls = BEAUTIFUL PRINCESSES!!!! but good princesses who are hard-working at housework haha~ i wonder if there the song has any implication of a propaganda XD eps for teenagers, don`t totally concentrate on dressing up! hehe i`m j/k, its just the feeling no? XD

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HAHA!! I KNOW!! lol. "I'm a Little Devil" I find that so cute. haha!!

i havent listen to the whole mini-album yet, but from what louise is saying, im looking forward to it. :D

this concept/song fits them better than rock u. haha. this is more to what girls their age would do.

the lyrics to Pretty Girl is also a way of showing Girl Power no? lol.

KARA's Power!! they can be their own Power Rangers!! ^_^

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just listened to the whole album..i must say all songs are awesome..my personal fav is pretty girl(quack quack),3. 요를레이(yodellei-yoohoo,no doubt its seungyeon yodellei-ing..lol so cute), and i am..

overall the album is great, to bad they dont sell it in malaysia..sigh...

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I really like the mv. somehow, it reminds me of morning musume. ^_^

anyway, i really like hara in the white beanie ^^' i just realise that hara looks good in caps/ hats/ beanies! lol, i've noticed jiyoung's devil hat too :lol: very adorable! At around the ending of the mv, no offence but seungyeon looks like she didn't sleep for days :D ~ Nicole looks cute in the earmuffs :D gyuri looks mature and pretty~

pretty girls!

I've also listen to their album's songs~

Honey: 8.5/10

나는..(Ing): 7/10

요를레이: 9/10

Pretty girl: 9/10

My darling: 7/10

my favourite songs are 요를레이 & pretty girl ^^

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The mini album is great ! ~

i love all the songs

but Pretty Girl & Honey are my fave ones ^^~

I Really hope this album will be a big success

they deserve to win some things with this mini album

i wanna buy it sooo much

and the PV is totally <3!

i cant stop watching it

is so fun ... and the girls looks gorgeous !!

all of them

Love the Style of all of them ^^

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Pim, lovin Nicole much? lol.. yea i love that first solo scene so serene and her and SY are just awesome!

My Review:

1. "Honey"- very dancy lol. sounds like a movie soundtrack song :( really good! nicole rap<3!!

2. "Pretty Girl"- loved Nicole's mini adlib towards the end and i keep repeating it over and over. Gyuri was <3!! and SY's laugh too!

3. "Yodel- Lehee" - lalala yode-lehee :lol: omo SY again lol.

i think she did the chorus but i love that song! Jiyoung got a pretty good part in this song as well.

the most R&B ish sound i've heard .. very fun song.

4. "My Darling"- Jiyoung's laugh haha. Is that really Hara? seriously she really really improved then :D.. great vocals as well!

5. "I AM"- omg so great.. shows their vocal range! never doubt these girls again lol :D

SY, i think it was her really surprised me with her non cutesy voice.. she's soo good! :D

I think heard Hara too.. it was really good. Nicole and Gyuri too with her high notes.

AMAZING VOCALS. i might be over emphasizing but even i didn't know KARA had that in them..

It's not just one of them, it's definitely gyulhamcole @ their best! and props to jiyoung <3!! that girl can sing lol of course HARA too!!

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Hm, here's my review on the mini-album :

01. Honey - It's a very catchy tune, great for me to dance too :( oh yeah, i love Nicole's rap. But i had a hard time hearing her. I give it a 7/10

02. Pretty Girl - The song caught me off guard. It's an amazing song, it's fresh and you can totally feel the warmness and liveliness. "If you wanna, pretty". I love Ji Young's voice in the chorus :lol: So, i'll give a 9/10.

03. Bedspread - OMG, when i first heard the song i was like, wow, what an awesome beat. But the 요를레이, kindof scared me, lol. But overrall, i was actually drawn to it. A 7/10

04. My Darling - A very cute song! I really like their voices in this song. I'll give it a 8/10.

05. I Am (Me; 나는) - This is like my favorite song out of the whole mini-album. Their vocals totally amazed me! I'm like in love with the song. You can totally hear the improvement in their vocals. I've grown to like Nicole's vocals, she can really hit the high notes. She just needs to control her voice more. This song is definitely a 10/10.

OVERALL, i really like the mini-album. I don't really like the "Rock U" mini-album as much this one. I hope it becomes a hit on the Music Charts and take over. The song "I Am", kind of brings me to tears, lol. IDK, it just seems like a very sad song and a "I'm going to succeed this time", kind of song. Hara and Ji Young improved, now we just have to wait to hear them live. Woot woot, F I G H T I N G K A R A !

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