Korean 2nd Mini Album [Pretty Girl]


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I love their outfits too! Especially on the Music Core Comeback~ Love their fluffy white vest and those GLOVES! :)

But I find their skirt to be a bit short... o_o It kinda flashed them near the end of the Music Core performance, but thank goodness they have safety shorts on~

The song Pretty Girl is really catchy itself!! I like~

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^Yupp, I though the skirts were a bit short too. But I loved the outfits, overall so far, this was my fav, it was a great live and the crowd was also very vocal. Lol, for the skirts I actually only saw what Jiyoung was wearing underneath at the end, but they ere shorts so I was like "phew," people better not mke a big deal about it.

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I love the crowd during Music Core performance

and also their outfits !

but I agree to say that their skirt are a little to short

I hope It won't make some people try to say something bad about them just because of that

anyway...the music core was great !

they did really well during it and have improved a lot in only 3 perf

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Their comeback has gathered a lot of attention, I think people have high expectations ever since Rock U, they probably wanted something more. While Pretty Girl is almost in the same genre as Rock U, it's a much better song as everyone agrees. This will be able to bring back quite a lot of old fans and new ones, too. It's a song that's easy to listen to, to sing to, it's catchy and cute. I guess they chose the right one this time ^^

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i agree. Pretty Girl is definitely attracting the old fans back. i mean, we are aware that not many of them had liked the Rock U Concept and stayed "low" but still supported them quietly. lol

off topic,

i love the inkigayo performance. everything about it is awesome. :) Kamilians were <3

they got startled when the fireworks popped out. haha! i find that SO hilarious.

and plus, they pass around the mic this time during the interview. everyone except Maknae Young got to talk. haha. JiNi's moment too. :)

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I also think so ! Pretty Girl will be able to bring back some old fans but in the same time keeping the Rock U fans, and probably to attrack news. This song is so addictived and really easy to sing ; plus It gives this hope and festive feeling to the listeners.

I love the inkigayo performance the most because of the crowd who was so funny :

holding their arms with the girls is a great way to show their love to them !

it could be cool if it become a mark of Kamilia Lol.

Oh ! ...I just want to add that I have just bought their mini-album this morning at Yesasia

I hope to received it before the end of the year !

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I just love the song.

The song made me love Kara ^^

I wasn't a fan of Kara before but neither an anti but the song made me love Kara.

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Pretty girl was so nice.. I really couldnt stop listening to it .. It was on repeat ... The.Whole.Mini.Album. o_o

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