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[Hamtastic] Acrostic Poems For Seungyeon

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Hello! I want you to make an acrostic poem for Seungyeon, using her own name of course. (if you dont know what an acrostic poem is, refer


Use the format










I didn't see anyone make a topic like this. If anyone already did, please delete mine. :D

So here's mine:

S - uper smile that will kill us all

E - very one of us will fall

U - ber cuteness for all of us

N - o one could do aegyo like she does

G - reat at making the atmosphere lively

Y - ou will always think that she is lovely

E - ver so sexy and charming

O - h, starting from the first blooming

N - ow, please comeback again and start performing

Please comment my poem. HAHA. :D

And post yours too.

Edited by nicoleshidae

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ooh.i love the last "O" and "N" :D you are good really!

thumbs up to you my brother! :D you are "good job" XD

do i really have to make one? am i not exempted because i'm your sister? hahaha.

fine, i'll think later and edit.

double thumbs up XD

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weeh! :)

thanks sister! XD

post yours too! :) i'll be waiting. hahaha. XD

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it's really good! like.. really, REALLY good. xD

if seungyeon unnie saw this, she'd beg to be your girlfriend.

haha joke. xD

translation: she would be deeply touched. :)

its describing both of seungyeon's hawt and cute side is really really cute. xD

rock u rock (basey) :D

:P:D:) :)

i'll try making one.. after making one for onew oppa, <3 <3 <-- :D:):P

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Here is mine:

S - Smile of yours will take me away with you

E - Elegant of you will just take me flying

U - Unexpected love from you was receive by us

N - No one can change the fact that you are Ham ^^

G - Gorgeous from the way you are looking

Y - You was just to awesome to be describe in words

E - Especially the eye smile you having, that is the most lovely thing you have

O - Oh my god, are you angel in disguise?

N - Now i gonna check your profile in the webs ^^

Edited by K.hara

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S-miles that are so amazing

E-verytime we see you dancing

U-nable to stop staring

N-obody is cuter that you

G-reatly admire the things you do

Y-oungest looking member of your crew

E-ver so dorky on tv

O-n top of your school work to get a degree

N-ice to see someone follow her dreams

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S - Smiles so brightly, the world is in perfect, tranquil peace.

E - Everything she does is so lovely & adorable.

U - Understanding person she is. She cares for her members so much, like they're her sisters.

N - Naughty Seungyeon! She even has beer in her room, but she's still a cute, naughty Seungyeon.

G - Good-looking Seungyeon.. Once you look at her, you can't help to get a second look.

Y - You have such an amazing voice that melts away many hearts.

E - Expecting many things from Seungyeon because of her many talents she has, including the Gollum impersonation.

O - Open-minded she is, she listens to every word you have to say.

N - Nice. She works so hard for what she wants even if people bring her down.

Seungyeon Fighting ! <3

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Superficial is not in your vocabulary

Everything you do, you dedicate yourself to

Unnie to many, an example to be followed

Never tiring, always smiling

Garners followers by the minute

Yet all you want is to make them happy

Enumerating your qualities would be impossible

Others have tried, all have failed

No word is enough, it takes two: Han SeungYeon

Edited by prr

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wa....u all good at expressing seungyeon via her name lol.....i dont have idea at all :confused1:

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I'll try out using just one word for each! Okay nevermind it's hard to put one word for all ):

She's perfect

Essential (in KARA and Kamilia, that is)


Nothing better than her

Great in all ways

You have absolutely no reason to anti her

Even if you do, that's just too bad for you

One of a kind

Never leaving Kamilia's minds

Sigh should have improved my vocabulary then I can put one word for each TT

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