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Oh my. pheeeewww. I just read the "whole thing" in one sitting. Thaaanks a lot, it answered a lot of questions, well, maybe about 85% haha. I "found" KARA a few months ago and have been watching, reading, searching, (dreaming?) everything about them. When I discovered there were 4 at the beginning I went and saw all the selcams and videos that I could find about them. It felt like a vogage of discovery seeing these girls and their interactions with eachother,and I find myself dedicating more time everyday to "be with them". There is a different kind of energy in that first year that is difficult to describe but keeps me glued to the screen. So I find myself going back and forth in time from KARA to KARA and loving them all more and more. I just cannot make any comparisons between 1,2? I feel that one is just a natural extension of the other.

When I learned about the hiatus I tried to imagine the feeling of the remaining girls I know SY said she watched on TV one of the awards ceremony while eating noodles and crying. That must have been terrible, I guess part of their strength comes from those long months of hybernation. She said that she watched (later on) one of the appreciation videos made by the fans and that she didn't realize how much those fans were waiting for the group to be back and she felt very touched about it. Sometimes I feel that my love for them can't grow anymore, but them I know that yes there is always room for growth.

OK I should stop writing now, but I also want to know more about those days. Please keep posting. I go now, my heart is beating too fast. Bye.

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every1 have their own way, it doesn't mean u have to react the same with others :)

and to be a real kamilia?? hmm.. what i've learned so far, and some other "people" told me..

it's not about when we start, or how much we know about them, but it's about our journey together with the girls :)


nice words.. i enjoy reading ur posts ^^

yes!! i don't think we need to make a comparison.. Sunghee is a part of KARA even until now, so we didn't need to distinguish them..

that is a sad story..i feel bad when ham told that stories..but i believe that experience is the one that make them to be strong and be able to reach what they have achieved right now..

it's a hard process, but it resulted a great outcome..i didn't said other groups didn't experience hardships, and i don't want to bragging and overestimating KARA while underestimating other groups..

but i have faith in the girls :) i love them for what they are right now..

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a warm welcome to sung place, adlibruj. glad to have you here.

though fall "4" times, stand up the "5". the road lies ahead may seem the end but remember the earth is round, so the end may be just the beginning that we are yearning for. to borrow your words in another thread, "life has a way of turning things around", "6" we may never know but does it matter if it isn't lost in the first place? sung long exists in our minds, in our hearts. :)

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yes of course :)

and u are always welcomed to be here, esp on this thread XD


download this video guys: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8130

both of the videos didn't too big.. but i loved it!!

it makes me think a lot of things..again.. :lol:

many thanks to Yoo and Pim once again for subbing and uploading :D

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*sigh* i need to come to u and smack u one day =__=

btw, the beach one from this video

and the one with baby from this video

the last one from keywui :)


btw, the one with the ball is funny.. i forgot to put a comment..

they were playing football on the beach... and then suddenly, then innocent Sunghee pick up the ball..the blue text on the right, it says: "handball!!".. that's why sunghee was suprised and throw the ball.. and on the left, maknae cole are laughing at her :lol:

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Reading this thread brings back lots of memories for me. Even though there are only 3 pages but reading through all of you guys’ comments (essays LOL) I feel really touching and glad that there are kamilias who care and want to know more about Sunghee and Kara4. It also means that Sunghee always stay as a part of our heart and alive in our memories.

There’s not much to spazz about Sunghee nowadays especially since she closed her cyworld -_-Pim & Yoo has already covered most of the need-to-know information about Sunghee and Kara4 (Thanks, Pim & Yoo, I actually got to know some new things from those posts too :P) It just that… the last couple days, I have been thinking about how I had become a Kamilia to how I feel about KARA now, and I just need someplace to note it down. This thread maybe an appropriate place :)

It’s not wrong to state that Sunghee was the one who made me falling in love with KARA and brought me back to Kpop. (I was originally a Baby VOX’s fan and I stopped listening to Kpop when the group disbanded in 2004 T_T) When the girls first debutted in 03/2007, I tried their music just because they was introduced as the 2nd FinKL (100% out of curiosity). But it took me about 6 months to realize that I had fallen for them :P When I listened to Sunghee’s “Then It’s Done” I was amazed “Gosh, this girl really has an amazing voice!” I still remember, it was one day in September, while listening to KARA’s “Fighting”, I finally realized that I was totally in love with them :D

It’s hard for me not to like any song in the album. It wasn’t only love but also obsession :) I listened to KARA all the time and I hugged The First Blooming CD to sleep every night

As the girls being overshadowed by WG and SNSD for the second half of 2007, I was sad to see them attended Music awards but always left empty-handed while I surely knew that they did not lack talents and skills to compete with other groups. Seeing them overcame hardships made me love them even more tho[success doesn’t mean much if it comes too easily] I was happy and proud to be a Kamilia :)

But my happiness was kinda short lived. It was about 1 month before KARA’s first anniversary. I came across another Kamilia’s status update in which she mentioned about someone is leaving KARA. I didn’t believe it until I checked at least 4 different sites and all of them had Sunghee and her departure from KARA as headlines. It was too painful and shocking that I couldn’t say anything and tears kept flowing out :crying: I was wishing that it was just some kind of hidden camera targeting the whole world!

Everybody was shocked cuz Sunghee’s departure was just too sudden. But because DSP stated the reason for her withdrawal was her studying, I built up the hope that Sunghee would come back in a year or sooner. During KARA’s long hiatus after Sunghee’s departure, all I could do was checking the girls’ cyworlds frequently and hoping for a miracle. It was a gloomy period of time.

I loved SungRi. And those two did give me lots of hope. During that time…

Sunghee had Joe - “No one else come close” as her cyworld’s BGM link

Gyuri had John Legend – "Some Day" as her cyworld’s BGM

If you pay attention to the lyrics, you will know why

Credit of links: Yoo :)

However, when DSP announced that they would add 2 more members into the group and make KARA become a 5 member group, I lost my faith (which I now realize was the stupidest thing to do :( ) I still cared about GuylHamCole but I was having a hard time accepting the fact that there would be no chance for Sunghee to be back and that there would be 2 more members to replace Sunghee.

(especially when I personally think that Hara’s and Jiyoung’s vocal ability was no way to compare to Sunghee’s)

I stopped following them closely, I stopped loving them with all of my heart. Sunghee just took a big part in my heart and her departure just left me a big empty hole :(

Now thinking about it, I do not regret falling in love with KARA but I regret acting that way toward KARA5. I wasn’t there for them when they needed supports the most.

That’s why I sometimes wonder if I deserve to call myself a Kamilia.

Sunghee seems to be happy with the road she chose, I hope she is happy for real and her happiness will stay around for a long long time. KARA4, or KARA5? whatever the name we use to call them, It doesn’t really matter as long as we keep these 6 girls in our hearts :D

This is long, I know =_= and sorry for writing this long boring essay. *bowing*

Just love the dorky Sunghee (Sungbok oppa

:lol2: )


and this is why I love SungRi!!


Awww, I miss those old days -_-


but I'm looking forward to see what future will bring to the girls :tongue:

Edited by hasomy
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man...we should make a real-published-novel about sungbok.

reference? this thread! :P

thanks for sharing anyway hasomy! another original kamilia here *bow*

haha i love reading all the essays here, so keep on writing guys, it helps me a lot to understand sung kara4 days that hasnt been written here

so..hasomy, what were you doing while you were abandoning the new-fresh-reborned-kara?

switching heart to another idol?

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so..hasomy, what were you doing while you were abandoning the new-fresh-reborned-kara?

switching heart to another idol?

I tried to get away from Kpop. I was kinda afraid to like Kpop group and they would leave or disband again :( but cuz GuylHamCole were still there, I still watched and listened to them every time they had new songs out. but That was it, I didn't care much about any other things (still didn't like Hara and Jiyoung -_-) I was like that until last summer. I watched some of SNSD's variety shows out of boredom and kinda got into them. But it was when KARA's Revolution released I got back to Kpop with full force again :lol: and I slowly realize that Hara and Jiyoung are lovable as well :blush:

so yeah, my heart switched a bit to SNSD, and then switched back. keep switching back and forth.

to be honest, I realized that I paid more attentions to SNSD sometimes, but I'm trying to balance between both groups. being greedy! :P

I feel guilty about that tho :(

stevenstanley, thank you for the link of KARA4 thread, reading that brought back so many good memories :)

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hahaha then we are the same! not really same tho, ive been a sone since gee till run devil run.

*completely blinded sone that day, man what a shame =_=*

and then completely switched to kara, lol. *due to personal reasons :P*

anyway, super fresh kamilia here..lol. cmon share more! i need your guidance hahahaha :whistling:

im glad you, yoo and hebe made that 329 thread..it really helps me, seriously.

reading articles isnt enough :whistling:

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it's really been years :lol:

welcome to sunghee's spazz thread..and join us :D


welcome hasomy..glad u join us here, i was gonna "drag" u down here anyway.. but u are faster :P

i was a little bit jealous how u girls can know about k-pop since the old days..

while here, the 1st time i know about k-pop is 2009..although i know i'm late, but i believe the craziness of kpop came around that time..even up until now, it's still not that "easy" to hear about kpop here..

and although there aren't many new things about her, we can still talk about the old things..bring up those "lost memories", or maybe learn some new things that we haven't knew about it before..and i'm sure each of us still have a hope that someday, sunghee will be back..on whatever way.. :)

agreed!!! 1st bloooooming is still the best for me, out of all kara's album..although i didn't hug the album :P but i do listen to their songs every night.. 1st bloooooming songs helped me going through my lowest moment in my life.. :)

[success doesn’t mean much if it comes too easily] <-- yeah..i don't hate those groups who have instant fame.. but when i saw KARA gaining fame, it makes me more thankful because of what they have gone through..even sumtimes it almost made me cry too :P

oh my..i just checked the lyrics..and it's sad (and my WMP suddenly playing I'll Be There :crying:)...

that shows how close their relationship is..another reason why i love the girls from the start..

and i'm sure u are a true kamilia..

the way u act before, it's very understandable, and it shows how much u loved them..i think i'll do the same way to u if it happens to me..even IF the new members are better in every aspect, i don't think i can accept them that easily..it's not only about talent, but it's about the bond they shared together..

i don't think it's prohibited to like other groups :P so do not feel guilty... it's better to caring about KARA out of ur genuine love to them, not only because u feel guilty :)

thanks for the gifs..esp the last one..it's one of the nicest moment of them..

and thanks for ur sharing here..it's not boring, and it's not that long (compared to my usual posts :sweatdrop:)..

i enjoy reading it, and i'm glad to know there are still faithful sunghee's fan.. *bows*


lol.. a shame?? about the blinded one or about others??

i agree!! there are some things that can't be covered by articles, and it can only be covered by shares from other dedicated fans :)

once again, thank u hasomy..

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hallo hasomy, this is your second post that i have read with interests. :)

the first was in another sung thread where i immediately noticed your joined date. through the words shared, to me you weren't posting like new fans because your words carried more than they appeared. i was more interested in those unsaid words behind those typed words. you left behind an impression that you were one of those who was sincerely there to follow kara from the earliest days. so i'm glad you came here to share again. :)

i may not fully understand how kara4 pulled you back into kpop after the 3 lost years, but i feel deeply touched when you mentioned in loving them to an extent of hugging their album to dreamland.

guess both of us have something in common in "one day in september". heheh. it's always interesting in hearing confession on which member attached & pulled one over to kara. everyone has his/her own trigger source(s). so with no surprise, it was sung for you. :)

watched them returning emptied handed must be.. it was hard for the girls when they were so unforunately overlooked. not sure if i'm correct but i feel to be a kamilia in the latter half of 2007 (or during difficult times) means much more than one in present era. not discounting the achievements these days but just feel kamilia supports are much needed in those dark & cool periods. all kamilia are to cheer behind kara when they are on a high but to embrace the girls when they did well but are unfairly ignored.

ah, i'm feel very ignorance especially when you mentioned those songs, i really have zero idea. that's why i said, reading your words, i realized i can find gold in you. loll. there're still so much i need to study inorder to know more about kara4 & sung.

i love sungri too because they send out lives & hopes within kara4. in them, i easily see high-spirited moods & loud laughters to understand the true meaning of friendship.

no way am i going to experience the shocking announcement of member departuring again. it was pretty hard for gyulhamcole & all kamilia, especially those were pulled over by sung. in your words, now i begin to understand the feelings of withdrawal and abandonment when jira were introduced. i dismissed with ease & doubt those departed fans earlier because i wasn't the one who actually knew the impact. suddenly i'm feeling narrow in not able to see & imagine beyond my inner self. sorry for those comments.

sung sudden departure left a deep wound in you, not sure if it has already completely healed but sincerely hope jira can pull you back too like sung did to you. :) sung may leave many kamilia hurt & lost but she must be hurt many times worst too. similar to gyulhamcole, they need us by farmost.

fortunately for red me, i learnt again today from reading your post, as of pim & yoo to you, it was another lesson from you to me too. even though sung cyworld is closed for some reasons but we shall not be closing on fans who are earnestly wanting to get closer to her. kara5 & kamilia are definitely moving forward with sung always on our thoughts. sung shall not be forgotten by faithful kamilia but to remember as one of the four who gave us kara. :)

glad to have you back, old fan.

to me, writing 1 essay is lot better than countless posts elsewhere. :)

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@ stanley

you seems to be a really devotional Kamilia now :P That's awesome!

I want to share what I know about the original KARA too, but I realized that I don't remember lots of things. so hopefully as the discussion goes, my memories will come back LOL

Yoo amazed me with that 329 funfacts idea too. She is like my Sunbae in the field of Kpop girl groups :lol: Those fun facts will just make you love the girls even more kkkkkk

@Curbow (or can I call you Yuda? :P)

hahaha, please drag me around! I need that cuz I'm still pretty new to the forum :lol:

and it's never too late to like something. and just like what you wrote to me earlier "it's not about when do u start, but when will u end ur fandom " I'm happy that you choose KARA to fall in love with. Smart choice! :D

What is your favorite song in the 1st Blooming? It's hard for me to choose a fav song in that album cuz every song has it own charm :P but I remember listening to Break It and Secret World non-stop whenever I went to the gym LOL

and yes, the bond they share together - this is why I always love group instead of solo singer :) Thank you for being understanding. and don't worry, I love KARA because of who they are, not because of feeling guilty :) I just hope that I will have enough time to devote to them more.

and I am glad that you didn't feel bored reading my post. and guess what, I saw Yoo a couple hours earlier and we talked about how you guys often write long comments :D I love how many Kamilias often write long "essays" instead of spamming. I'm gonna need to try harder LOL

(next stop: HaNi's thread :lol:)


Many of you guys have realized that GuylHamCole have changed after Sung's departure, especially Guyl and Ham. I wonder about that too. I felt that the atmosphere became a bit awkward whenever the topic of Sunghee and KARA4 were brought up.

I personally think that Guyl was hurt deeply because of Sung's departure. they were so close :( In KARA Bakery (gosh, I forgot what episode >o< It's when Guyl looked up for the store location on the internet) Guyl was actually looking at some fansite/forum and Sung's picture was on the monitor. This made me happy and sad at the same time (happy because SungRi still exist after all those year, sad because Guyl seemed like she was missing Sung)

and when they talked about Sung and KARA4 in Taxi, Guyl was staying quite and let Ham did all the talking. Guyl looked sad tho, and Nicole was even leaning forward to check on Guyl's emotions. For Ham, I am not so sure. She didn't sound happy while talking about Sung's sudden departure. I thought it sounds kinda bitter :(

Did you guys see and feel like that too? or am I being too sensitive about this topic? :unsure:

I don't really know how close Ham and Sung were back then, but I definitely hope that Ham does not hate Sung because of what happened -_-

and I really hope that they are still keeping contact with each other until now.

Share if you know something cuz I'm dying to know what you think :P


@ Red

I didn't see your comment while I was typing mine :P How could you type an "essay" that fast? =)

I am totally surprised when you wrote that you have noticed my other post. I mean... I didn't even think that any one would care about that post since I didn't participate often at that time... thank you!

and I was completely touched by what you wrote: "all kamilia are to cheer behind kara when they are on a high but to embrace the girls when they did well but are unfairly ignored." T_T That's really what a Kamilia should do.

yeah, "one day in september" LOL I just realized that September is a really meaningful month for me. I fell in love with KARA4 back then in September. and now, I started to write more often on Karaholic in September too

I am not sure if the wound caused by Sung's sudden departure has already been completely healed. But what I know for sure is that I now want to love KARA5 as much as I loved KARA4, to give them the supports that I should have given long time ago. and I hope that many old Kamilias will soon come back to give them lots of supports as well.

I wish I could write more, but it's really late already and my brain kinda stopped functioning already >o< Sorry for all grammar mistakes and messy organizations :sweatdrop:

Edited by hasomy
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yay this thread is becoming more active now!

man my eyes are like :w00t::scared: while reading all of your comments

somehow it drags me to 2007, ^_^

too bad i cant join your essays, i cant dont like writing essays, haha sorry :huh:


haha yea about being blinded =_= now i realised how 'ugly' am i they are. blinded and covering their idol's mistakes with lies..man.. :sweatdrop: *lol im not in that level of blinded, 'covering their idol's mistakes with lies' yet, just blinded :P*


man you're another old kamilia then! *bows 10x*

hmm then what triggers you to become a kamilia?

for me it's 'we're with you' at first *for their OMG cute concept*, and then turned to ham after reading her struggles. *along with her tears*


devotional? lol not yet i guess..

my fav songs from first blooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooming *man thats a lot of o* are :

- 못 지킨 말 [broken Promise]

- Break It

- If U Wanna

- Secret World

- Dont be Shy

- The Two of Us

- I'll be There

- Tear Eraser

lol its all of the songs :P

but im not really into Break It and Secret World, kinda sounds...well, its not that i dont like it, just not fits me :D

man i dont realise that kara bakery and taxi =_= im not really into sung back then when i watched it.

september is meaningful for me too! lol its because i was borned in sept :whistling:

haha havent found any reasons to connect september with kara yet, maybe soon, :P

how about 'waiting their first comeback' in september? lol :whistling:

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i totally agree with ALL your views from bakery & taxi. like when hammie revealed the hard time in strong heart, gyul expression or reaction was very similar. as i have mentioned earlier in other posts, these are only THE worries that most concern me now. i can't say or share what i have in mind because nobody knows the truth. anyway since it fetches more negatives than positives, i won't go into my wild guessing. but hey just want to say, your 5 paragraphes are PRECISELY my thoughts too. however from the bottom of my heart, i wish we are absolutely wrong & therefore worrying for nothing. :)

about the "many old kamilias", how many of them because i really wish to know the lost/damage incurred. lol, i don't want to go into another member fan & group fan debate but i really wish to know where are they now? if they have "retired", i understand but if to have shifted group(s), i may not understand at all.


seen my profile page? long story but anyway i'm into kara because of wanna/seungyeon/mister in september (too). lol, i'm not qualified to be called old kamilia because i was never there for them. old or new, it doesn't matter much. what matters most is the willingness to share their tears & sorrow unconditionally.

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yep, u can call me yuda, or whatever u comfort with :P

lol..i'm not really that "active" right now..haha.. but when i got my spirit back, i'll drag u around :lol:

ur my 2nd victim, the 1st is a little bit failed, since both of us are not that really "available" at the moment..but i'll remind her of her "promise" later..and i know "she" is still monitoring this thread.. :P

maybe it's a fate, i don't know..haha.. but when i decide to try to look more about them and then finding myself totally loving them, i think that is the best decision i've ever made this year.. :lol:

just like what i've said several times in other threads..i didn't too biased unto a specific member..but i completely biased to 1st bloooooming..haha..everything is just the best for me..and just like stanley said, i LOVE all of the songs there..

If U Wanna MV (plus the making of) are one of the best MV of KARA so far besides 2Me and We're With You for me..

Secret World is the best upbeat song from KARA ever!!! i disliking Mister.. liking lupin, but nowhere near Secret World..haha..the song itself is nice..and it have the best outfit ever for me :P

this one..and it's color variation..but i don't really like the other one :D


every night while sleeping, i always listening to Broken Promise, Don't Be Shy, Two Of Us, I'll Be There, and Tear Eraser..

but I'll Be There and Tear Eraser means a lot to me..this two songs means a lot to me for various reasons :)

haha we didn't comparing how long we can write, but the thoughts in it..so let's just enjoy ourselves here..even if we just want to have small talks instead essays writing..lol..

btw,yeah,HaNi..i need to come back to my "home" soon...it's been a while i'm away.. =__=

KARA Bakery Ep1 @091125 at 11:12


even gyul didn't really responds to jing's comment about her reading that page..

yes..i do feel gyul lost so much of sunghee's departure..

she always avoid talking about it, and let ham do the talks, just like u said..on another hand, i'm quite sure seungyeonie really mad at first, she must feel bad about KARA4's condition that day, and sunghee's departure make things even worse..but it was that day, now, i'm sure she missed her and hurt deeply too, but not hating her or else..i believed noone blamed sunghee's departure..a lot of kamilia are hurt by sunghee's departure, even some left KARA totally after that.. but the one that hurt the most are GyulHamCole..

seungyeonie isn't the type of person who express her thoughts freely, she kept all things inside herself..while i'm sure gyul at least still have cole to talk with.. just like on that strong hearts episodes, seungyeon didn't really talked about sunghee's departure, and she just said it partly with 3rd person view, not really what she felt inside..and she said about sunghee with respect, trying not to make her looks bad..

seungyeonie isn't the type of person who talks a lot, but often on shows she "needed" to talk..that's why it seems seungyeon looks like the person who talks a lot..

on the taxi, seungyeon know how gyul feels, that's why she need to do the talk instead of forcing gyul to talks and although she doesn't like to talk about those topic too..without any words exchanged, both cole and seungyeon understand gyul..and gyul also knew that seungyeon can do it...

that shows how deeply they understand each other..

i don't know how far my words is true... but that is the feeling that i got everytime i saw it and when i think about it..maybe i'm wrong though :)

cheeer for september, for making good things for kamilia, both old and new :P

yeah,,i wish a lot of old kamilias coming back too..but don't worry, i'm sure u can have ur love back, soon ^^


lol..but from the first time i knew u up until now, i think u have changed a lot..and it's much better now :)

and u already a devoted one too.. it's not that easy to maintain a thread,blog,and twitter at once stanley, even making translations..

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Wow............I've read this thread for awhile now without really knowing what much there is to say. But so many of you still have so much love for Sunghee :D

Not being a "day-one" Kamilia, I'm honestly not going to have as much love as you guys for Sunghee. But I must say that now owning all of KARA's albums (counting special and normal editions as the same album), the one I like the most has to be The First Bloooooming.

It was apparent that Sunghee just had so much amazing talent from the songs on that album.... all so musically strong and amazing vocals on each track as well. Sunghee was there and really gave the music a lift. Among my favourite songs now......Secret World....Two of Us and Don't be Shy.

Somehow, even I who is a new KARA fan (and honestly i love both Hara and Jing to bits), I can't help but feel a sense of loss from Sunghee's absence. But I hope you guys don't get too depressed about it...it is/was a beautiful memory, the KARA of old...and the current KARA deserves alot of our love too... GyulHamCole has been working so hard the past few years and Hara ahd Jing have been nothing but fully committed as well....

Let's keep our love for KARA and look forward to the next comeback hopefully bringing a KARA that is stronger musically and closer to the old KARA, though Sunghee always will be a KARA member and loved in our hearts :D

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sometimes i'm puzzled, are the long thoughts scaring away members from posting here? i'm do hope more will come & join in the fun sharing. so shall we start short? :)

utmost i really want to know your thoughts on why gyul as the most cheerful member (beside sung) & the responsible leader in agreeing to retreat backstage & letting ham to fight alone? gyul could be affected deeply by sung departure & hence emotionally affected? hence the dsp decision? or tv hosts choice? i'm reserving my thoughts because i don't believe the gyul whom i know would agree to that arrangement. said earlier this is always my worry..

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i believed it's a decision that was taken and agreed together by the members and also DSP..

just like we discussed before..most likely, at that time, seungyeon have the features that most appealing to the people on that time compared to cole and gyul..hence most probably it leads most of the tv hosts are offering seungyeon to do the shows instead of gyul..

so, since they are on crisis, it's the only feasible option that time..

and i don't think gyul retreating and letting ham fighting alone,instead i'm sure she is supporting seungyeon from the back..esp since she knew well ham's personalities..

just my speculation though..

Mr. Lupin

agreed with ur words..sunghee's voice indeed make a great difference..i won't say the current KARA are lower in quality, but they have different charms :)

all of them worked hard together..and i do hope sunghee's fan will be able to accept GoolJing, and for the new fans, i hope they will love sunghee too :)

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i think i've told u about that before on k**k*s?? XD

yes, they have done it twice, as long as i can remember..both with If U Wanna..

the first time on their rock u days..they sang it on a noraebang (music room/karaoke)..

u can watch it on one of their keywui episodes..

the 2nd, on their metafriends' mini concert...

Wow, the song sounds so different. Thanks for posting it, cause I would of never found it.

I think they sound to cutesy for the message of the song, and none of them could replace the strength that Sughee's voice had (if that makes any sense?). Still hoping for a comeback :crying:

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