[Other] What if Sunghee Joins KARA again?

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I would be the happiest if she's going to join KARA again.  :gemnoway: 
But it seems like it's too impossible now,
She's married and she'll soon have her own family. :touched:
Idk if I posted this already in KH, Since I made this gif years ago~  During their 5th Anniversary ^^

But yea, like I said,
I would be really happy to have Sungja back.
KARA6 is L-O-V-E  :thankful:

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ofc we all want that to happen.

I want to bring back the old KARA vibe.


but of course we know in reality that It's not going to happen because she's happily married now. 


but If ever she comes back I would support her 200%

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It was my first time today to see the videos for "If You Wanna" and "Break It"... 
Sunghee really was the main vocals of the old Kara, without her their hip-hop style never really worked, like in this video:





So it's pretty understandable that they went a different direction with Hara and Jiyoung.

It's highly unlikely that Sunghee will come back, but if she did, she would be perfect for the mature-sounding songs.

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Although I know it will be more impossible for SungHee to come back with KARA, because she already married and got her own family, but I still hoping her to come back or just simply make or sing some songs, it's such a long time since SungHee left us......

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I liked Kara when they were five. Didn't know they start with four members. SungHee!!!But just now listened to some old school Kara 4 with Sunghee. Wow she is quite charming and a great singer. I need to go way back and find out more of her. But anyways back to the topic. Highly doubt she will be back but wouldn't that be something if one of the ex members came back and make KARA more stronger? Just a thought! 

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I would honesty think it will not be a bad idea it will kinda feel different too me but other than that i will go crazy on fan girl mode and cry because its tears of joy after not seeing her for a long time.

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