What Songs Would You Like To be Covered By KARA?

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I would like to see KARA do ss501 love ya and let me be the one(Since it a ballad), or ss501 song never. KARA do shinee ring ding dong of course, replay, and a reply song to shinee juliette. F(x) nu abo change in concept. Maybe KARA can do MBLAQ oh yeah that would be so cool. If it was ballad song 2 AM I can't let you go even if I die , or something like that. DBSK love in the ice, ss501 never. But if it sexy image I would think chitty chitty bang bang with all the girls, run devil run, I go crazy because of you.

If it english song(I wish they were do it) it would be more like the style of break it. Like hip hop style. Tik Tok, California girls would be good, This I promise you since nicole like it so much, boom boom pow, my humps since nicole sang for her audition I want to see her sing it.

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i dont really know, although when they did Again and Again, as well as Heartbeat (collaboration with Hyuna, Kahi, and Uee), I thought both performances were very entertaining and they sang the song pretty well, if not, a bit too short.

if they could just sing (or should i say "KARA-fy") those songs in full, i would be satisfied.

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