[2010.06.24] Mid-year album sales, only two girl groups make it to the Top 10: Soshi and KARA.


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In the first half of the year, it may seem like girl groups are performing much stronger than the boy groups. In various TV programs, girl groups seem to be more active. However, the album sales indicate otherwise, because according to the Hanteo charts, out of the 9 albums of idol stars that made the top 10 best selling artists so far for the year 2010, only two groups are able to represent the girl idol group - and these are Girls Generation and KARA. On the other hand, 5 boy idol groups take the rest of the spots, showing that boy idol groups perform better on album sales. The chart is consisted of sales made until June 22 of 2010.

9 member group Girls Generation took the second spot with their second full length album Oh! released last January, with 117,633 albums sold, and the repackaged version took third place, selling 48,827 copies.

KARA released their third mini-album Lupin late February of this year, and with 23,276 copies sold, their took the ninth spot in the chart. Their title track Lupin showed a sharp contrast from their usual bright and lively style, showing a more charismatic image on stage.

The fact that there are only 2 girl idol groups in the list in gaining much interest because these same two groups will be entering the Japanese market very soon, and fans are anticipating the rivalry between them once again. Both groups are scheduled to release singles in Japan sometime in August, and because they are going to be promoting around the same time, the competition between them are gaining much interest as early as now.

Other artists on the list are Super Junior, who is on the top spot with Miinah, selling 119,167 copies, and the repackaged version selling 45,733 at fourth place. At fifth place is 2AM with I can't let go even if I die (34,474 copies sold), seventh place goes to 2PM's Don't stop, can't stop (29,381 copies sold), eighth place is Beast's mini-album Shock of the new era (24, 236 copies sold) and rounding up the top 10 is SS501 with Destination (19,790 copies sold).

The only non-idol group artist in the top 10 is world star Rain, who is at 6th place with his special album Back to the basic (33,764 copies sold).

The complete list is:

1. Miinah (Super Junior)

2. Oh! (Girls Generation)

3. Run Devil Run (Girls Generation)

4. Miinah - Repackaged (Super Junior)

5. I can't let go even if I die (2AM)

6. Back to Basic (Rain)

7. Don't stop, cant stop (2PM)

8. Shock of the new era (Beast)

9. Lupin (KARA)

10. Destination (SS501)


thanks to anne@KARAholic

translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. Credit fully when redistributing. Do not remove or edit credit line.

T.N: Albums are released at different times, and these are just the numbers as of June 22. Of course if one artist released their album earlier, they will likely have more sales than one who released it just last month. Please no bashing. Thank you.

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Jesus, Suju and SS501 just released their albums 1.5 months and 3 weeks ago, respectively. That's a lot of quick sales.

But, dang, way to rep the girl groups. I expected SNSD since their album was released early and filled with 2009's hits, but for an EP Lupin has sold really strongly. YAYAYAY!!! I can't wait until the third full length album comes out, whenever that happens. Gah, there's the Japanese debut, though, so it will probably take a long time. I'll wait! I'll just replay Revolution again...for the 294th time.

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Ahhh.. Thanks for the translation tin ;D

Glad to see our girls in top 10. yeah, Lupin daebak this year.. hope it will continues...

and ohmy, SuJu really kill the korean chart, and Soshi like hell too. Oh and RDR at #2 and #3 LOL Insane!! :D :D

hope KARA third full length album will release this year! because i can't wait for that :3

Only KARA and 소녀시대 in top 10 for korean girl group, how awesome is that!!!

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Thanx 4 sharing this info!!!!!~~~....

Btw, i think KARA is gaining more and more popularity..i'm not suprised if they can maintain this popularity..n they are getting more active this year..with the debut at japan coming..i can say that they are more or the same as Girl's Generation...let's juz hope and pray for our girls..and support them till the end(i hope that end is far far far far far far far away in the future ;p)....that's the least that we can do and the thing that we should do...buy more of their albums..stop downloading freebies..kekekekekeh...

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Even though Lupin is near bottom of the list, they're still in the top 10 which is the most important thing although I'm still surprised BEAST had more album sales than Kara. Can't wait for the next big hit from Kara; hopefully it'll be another big hit and generate more album sales than Lupin did. Also congrats to Suju for selling more albums than SNSD lol they're rocking the charts hard.

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Wow ! SS501 are in the top 10 while they just released their mini-album just 3 weeks ago lol.

I'm totally impressed and proud of them in the same time !

I'm glad KARA made it in the top 10 even if their sales are far from SNSD

It however proves that even with all the emerging girl groups, KARA and SNSD are still leading !

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wow, at least kara made it. kara may not have the fan base that everyone has but they could still make it. i mean i think i might be biased ut kara is probably the 2nd known or what popular girl group idol in korea.

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i think we all know that boy group usually sells more. haha. but yep, it's nice to see Lupin there. :) their sales for their 3rd Mini Album is quite an improvement too no? and a nice way to round off the chart with SS501. :D


Kara's DVD releases in Japan have been doing quite well too. That's something to take in comfort too.

thanks for the translations pim!

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Awesome to see Lupin up there.

Even if its at the near bottom end of the list, but really they've come a long way to be here.

But Rain is the only solo artist who's in the top 10.... that's nuts too.

I expected Hyori to be there but its weird she isn't.

As well as Wonder Girls...

Boy groups = explosive sales.

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its nice to see KARA entering the top 10 sales chart. even though its at the bottom of the list, we can be proud about it because as compared to other groups, KARA has one of the smallest number of fans but kamilia is one of the loyalest fans out there=D

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I'm so happy for KARA~ Although it is a bit low on the list, getting on the top 10 isn't a joke <3 I'm sure that in the future they'll be able to go higher up the list!

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KARA is in the end of the list because KARA was a long time in pause (6 months?) before ROCK U, and they're getting really popularity little by little (Lupin > Mister > Wanna > Honey > Pretty Girl > ROCK U in the charts)~ With a little bit longer, KARA will be in the top of lists like this ;D

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as expected from the 2 best girl groups..

it's nice to see that the hardwork of kara paid off!!

i hope the next album will be on the top 5 !!! or even at the top spot!!!

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