Most Outgoing Kara Member?


Most Outgoing Kara Member  

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  1. 1. choose one only ~

    • Gyuri
    • Seungyeon
    • Hara
    • Nicole
    • Jiyoung

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i think seungyeon. she has guts. lots of it.

nicole is outgoing, but she's more of the cool type.

hara is only outgoing wen she's used to sumthing. like invincible youth.

gyuri, b4 she used to be rlly shy!

jiyoung, she's really quiet haha. well not anymore

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From what I've seen, I'd think Nicole or Hammy would be most outgoing cuz of their personalities on and off screen. I remember a show where Hara was voted the most outgoing out of SNSD and KARA members (forgot which show it was).

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From what I've seen, I think Nicole is probably the most outgoing and friendly. She's always bright and cheerful and talkative on shows, and it's almost like there's no one in the idol business that Nicole isn't friends with. I think Nicole's one of those people that can be really dynamic with her personality - like she can be that really talkative outgoing person that breaks the ice, or she can be that really chill person that makes everyone comfortable just by being in the same room with her. That's just the kind of vibe I get from her.

I haven't seen Seungyeon much on shows, but when I saw her on SGB and CTP, she seemed really friendly and outgoing too.

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I found this really hard to vote. But I voted for Hara. Mostly couse I've seen how she is offcamera to the IY fans.

Wich I found really nice.

But now to think of it, Seungyeon was probably the right pick, ah well.

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Nicole is obviously the most outgoing. The reasons people above me already said it all HAHA. She gives off a very laid-back feeling.

Seungyeon is pretty quiet off-screen. I'm pretty sure she has got the least idol friends compared to others. Not bcos she's cold and arrogant or anything near that but she's reserved and more mature than her age. She's neither so humourous nor dorky (sorry Ham :P) enough, which may give an unapprochable feeling to others. But I believe if someone reaches out to her first and share soft chit chat, she wont ignore them but willing to open her heart and can become trustworthy friend indeed. (oh well I'm talking as if I know her in person XP)

Hara isnt that open either. (Thats why she managed to get close to Ham looool). "She's only outgoing when she's used to something", well so true :D You need to take the critical first time to unlock both of these girls.

I think Gyuri is very friendly tooooo. Her scripted concept "Goddess" may make her seem unapproachable unreachable but she's so funny and caring.

Jing, who always appears a little princess to me, is the least friendly one HAHAHA

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I would have to say nicole. Nicole is just has this bubbly personality, on screen or off. Like on SGB u can see how crazy she is, but off screen u can still see the crazy side of nicole. Plus she so friendly, there is probably no one she isn't close to. Nicole has like american mannerism, so it make her more outgoing and friendly. Because in Korea I heard that give a hug to someone is like it very intimate, only happen with most ppl who are in love. But nicole she just going out there and just give a hug to her fans. It doesn't matter if she doesn't know them, she just would give out a hug. Plus nicole would do anything for her fans, like on dream team, the mc made her do the wave. So she did it for her fans.

Seungyeon come a close 2nd, because on variety shows she outgoing and make everything fun. But when she off sccreen, I think she one of the quite members.

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we wouldn't know unless we know them personally. what i'm saying is appearing on screen is different from reality. but i'll go for gyuri because she's not the shiest among the five. :D

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id say seungyeon is the most outgoing when it comes to being an MC and interacting with older people. but for making friends and such on variety shows, it's close between goo hara and nicole. they're super outgoing.

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