Most Outgoing Kara Member?


Most Outgoing Kara Member  

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  1. 1. choose one only ~

    • Gyuri
    • Seungyeon
    • Hara
    • Nicole
    • Jiyoung

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I think it's between Nicole and Jiyoung. Nicole probably because she just seems so cool to just hang out with. You can probably have good heart to heart with her or laugh about anything.

I also pick Jiyoung because of her super bubbly persona, and for some reason she'd be a great person to go on a roller coaster with!

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I'd have to guess Nicole too.  After all she was the main speaker for the group the last time they performed in Irvine CA.  Of course it could also have been that since she is the most familiar with english and because her family was in the crowd that she took the mic too.  But I don't remember anyone else talking besides her.

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I'm torn between Hara and Nicole for the most outgoing but I think Hara is more outgoing. Nicole is the type of outgoing but still maintain her cool while  :gemhoho:  Bias's(Hammie) image is outgoing and lively but she is really quiet so I wouldn't say that she is the most outgoing   :syc3:

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