What is the fate of Kara with DSP?

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Everyone has a point here and there.

I am just hoping that this is just some tactic to stir up news.

But if Kara were to break away from DSP, hopefully they will still be together as Kara...though Gyu ain't joining the suit.

I don't how it is going to turn out but I'm just hoping for the best.

And I don't think DSP can survive alone on Rainbow. Not saying they are not good but afterall they are new. (and also Kara>Rainbow =P)

Then again, maybe it is not the company that is pushing the gals. Maybe it is us that want to see more of them that is pushing the limits.

Not easy being a celebrity...

Taking things on a lighter note, maybe we see a return of sunghee? lol =\

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Don't really care what happens with DSP. I am pretty sure the girls will be successful no matter which company they go too. Maybe it is a good thing that this happened. They do seem to be pushed to do a lot for the company. It kind of makes sense that the company is pushing them so hard but I don't with all the rumours going around about DSP I think that it would be better for all the girls to leave. With 3 of the girls deciding to leave DSP I have no idea what is going to go on with Kara. It is still possible for them to continue as a group with different management companies I think. It is just that they will get double promotions :P More exposure for the girls I guess. It's a good thing that the girls definitely want to stay together as Kara though. :D

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