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Well I just watch the show because of Cole, so I don't know much about the show. But I'm not surprised that it ends. It's just that the show doesn't really have a concept, and no guests, so I think not much people watch it. I did read somewhere about low-rating of Heroes.

Actually despite I want to see Cole in shows, I won't mind much if she leave Heroes or Heroes ends or something like that, cause Cole didn't have much airtime, and I just feel she wasn't really comfortable in the show. I prefer Cole use that 2 days time of recording to rest or do activities along with Kara. I miss 5 of them together in a show.

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yeah i don't mind that the show is ending, since cole miss so many episodes of Heroes because of their schedule in japan. So it doesn't really matter, to me plus she miss episdoes that she would do great in. I think if heroes ends, i ok with that because I was watch just because of cole. I just hoping that cole can have other show that she would be a regular on. Something fun, that can show cole personality. Something like a sport or dance show, or just something she can interacting with people that she know

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Even though I enjoy watching Nicole on Heroes, even with the little screen time that she gets, I do think that it is best that she departs the show. With the current situation, I think it is best that she stays with the girls and maintain a united group stance. And this goes for all the girls as well. End the solo activities and concentrate on group activities, because it's just going to be awkward for any of them to be on a show by themselves and have them or the people involved in the show to pretend like that has happened. It's either the whole group makes an appearance or none at all.

Besides, if Heroes is ending, there's no real point to even return even if Nicole decides she feels the need to return, which I doubt she would. If anything, come back and have a formal goodbye, but other than that, there's no point to stay. She would rather be with the group than by herself, and I would rather see her with Kara doing Kara activities than doing solo activities.

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I just read about the MBC Korean Wave in Thailand, Kara refused to attend with the reason that they feel awkward to appear on TV while the whole controversary is going on.

Well I think it's a wise decision, and so does Cole's actitity on Heroes. It will be hard for them to appear individually. So I think we can see the facts that Cole will be missing in a lot of upcoming Heroes eps. I prefer they appear as 5.

Maybe we won't see them appear on Korean shows until the whole controversary thing is solved and everything becomes normal (at least till when the reporters doesn't surround Kara).

Gladly we have the news that Heroes will not be ending, and Nicole won't leave either


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So Heroes is ending soon. I hope Cole gets to film the last episode.

credit: AK

sigh. I too hope she can be there to film the last episode because with Nicole's personality she endears herself to people very quickly and her fellow cast mates seem to like her a lot. Her and IU got to be friends through the show and I've missed seeing Nicole the past few episodes she's not been on while Kara was in Japan and then the lawsuits which stopped Korean activity. :(

August '10 through Dec '10 was a great period. Hara on IY Friday's and Nicole on Heroes Sundays... Now both shows are gone :(

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yup2 its sad that heroes is ending. eventho i only watch it until ep.10, but still i already can feel their sadness and happiness xD

hope that Nicole will get into another ent.show like this >.< well not just Cole, i want to see all Kara member into more ent.show of course x)

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I want to see a new show, where cole is on it. i want a show where we can see her personally. And maybe a show where she know the people, and not so much older people. Since I think that was cole problems, she was polite and didn't get much airtime. I want a show, where some of the cast is not to old, and they like singers like her. i think that when she would shine. But i do want to see cole on the last episode of heroes, she put all her effort into it. It would be the least she can do. I heard that the heroes cast put on wedding dress, I like it o, i saw cole in a wedding dress always.

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I've been wanting to watch heroes since I only watched up to ep6.

Nobody's subbing it. T_T

But I saw some cuts from this last army episode and it was so awesome!

I'm really sad Nicole hasn't been in these past few episodes.

I'm sure the army fan boys would've made her mood get better.

it was a great show and you could just feel the friendship between everybody.

I'm still sad it's ending.

it was a great show. ^____^

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SuperHeroesSubs are subbing the show...although there's 36 eps out right now and the latest subbed ep is like #12 or something.. http://forum.shsubs.com/index/

...Just saw the preview for Heroes ep 37...T___T Man sucks that Nicole can't be there; so no KARAShinki interactions. Yunho and Changmin will be there for this wedding photoshoot thingie. I don't think they're there for the whole ep, but still... would've loved to see Nicole in a wedding dress also..TT

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