[Hamtastic] Would You Be Hamster's Pet?

Hamster Boy

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Say some magical old woman told you that you could live your life as ham's pet, but you'd turn into a puppy or a kitten or something.

If you could remember everything you know as of now as a person, would you take this offer?  

How many original members does KARA still have from their first debut?
Who is The Godfather of Karaholic? How many members are under this title? (Hint: You can find this under the Moderating Team)

*he proudly waves the rainbow flag*

Add these two numbers together.

This number will be the first digit and last digit of the first word and the fourth digit of the second word.


You have all the numbers! You should have 14 digits total… 8 for the first word.. 6 for the second word. You're one step away from winning the scavenger hunt! 


The password is all lowercase.. no spaces in between.

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Yes of course! I don't mind being with her all the time. I'm sure she'll give me much love ^-^

I don't think animals are that disappointed that they ain't humans lol. They manage. So I'll manage and be happy that I'm Ham's pet. If I were a dog, I'd love to be the one who protects her! Lol.

Me and my crazy imagination... ><

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ah so confused,

one side i really want to be ham's side every minutes!

i will be the cute puppy and then ham absolutely love me


and the other, a puppy cant support ham with words

i cant say happy birthday, congrats, or whatever to her


I feel like that too...

although its nice too be her pet since I will always by her side but putting that aside its much better to be a human fan..

I can wish her good luck, stay healthy, happy birthday and all that...

so it's more like 95:5

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