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[2010.11.17] Korean 4th Mini Album [Jumping]

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KARA's 4th mini-album which was originally scheduled for comeback during late September will be released on 17th November instead. For discussion after confirmation, jump to this.

The teaser pictures were released on 3rd & 4th Nov. The music video teaser will be out on November 8th 1000hrs KST through music portals such as Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Naver, GomTV and Soribada. The music video will be released on 10th Nov. For details, jump to this.

Related news:

Support KARA:

Probably in a month's time, the highly anticipated comeback will be unleashed with the next mini-album. Details at this moment is still unclear but we shall expect to hear anytime soon. Let the countdown begins now before the imminence in teaser, concept reveal, mv, songs, comeback performance and etc.

Let me..
Karaholic is a big family gathering in welcoming all kamilia for the simpliest reason in loving & supporting KARA. KARA's definition of family is regardless of gender, race, age, class, religion, ethnicity or any aspect of life. Neither is the level of sincerity differentiated by post count or join date but the devoted time and effort in supporting KARA. Supports come in all forms, be it buying albums, introducing KARA music to friends, spreading KARA popularity, or be constructively active in KARA fanclubs like Karaholic and etc.

Said before and I'm not bored to say it again. Some are fortunate to be here since day 1, some arrived midway while some are still finding their ways. What I'm saying is the next newly joined member can be as KARA supportive as the most senior members here. It's the long journey with KARA that matters the most. Not necessary the beginning, it's the togetherness till the end that is rewarding & priceless. So are you here to be an accompanying kamilia till the end?

Let's be generous in your post, don't be shy, open and share with your thoughts on the upcoming mini-album. What do you hope for this album after the success of last mini-album in Lupin & the Japan debut in Mister. What's your hope for the girls?

What do I want from this album?
- Growing fanbase & hence popularity. I'm not so worried about results because I know they will come naturally.
- More equal distribution of lines among the girls.
- Whatever concept is least important to me, as long as the girls enjoy what they love doing.
- For Karaholic, to keep hitting & pushing the largest number of stayed online.

I grew in Karaholic with Lupin comeback, so I know the excitement a comeback can generate. To me it's far more thrilled than Japan debut. And because of the time I spent in the "Official Lupin Group Thread", I became to feel comfortable and hence get to know quite a few members there. While now witnessing the growth of Karaholic each day, I sincerely hope more members can be more active and this thread can be the place to start your journey. So here let's spazz together and get to know your fellow family members better.

Enough of me, now yours..

Taiwan Edition

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nice one, eric :) thanks for making it and preparing it ahead of time..

i won't talk too long for now, let's just cut it short :D

as for those who read both of my and red4summer's posts, don't need to be ashamed, it's what we are do for KARA from now until the end that counts.. :) it's about our journey together =)

as for my hope..hmm let's see, for now:

1. i don't really care about awards and such, but i want them to have a great concept, sumthin that they can enjoy doing it, while not really go with the flow, but instead stand up and be strong :lol:

2. more equal distribution, yeah,, i want it too.. hara, please practice ur vocal more :P

3. at first i was hoping full album, but for now, at least please a good ballad..

4. hope it will help KH to be more strong and also we will have more dedicated and active members here :)

i'll check this thread as often as i can.. ^^

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Whoah, KARA's comeback is a magic moment to me (:

Minutes become hours and days become months...

It's good visit KARAHolic everyday and see news, fans and all about KARA. I remember when KARA Bloom ended up in 2008, I was afraid if KARA Holic would do too. Thank God this never happen <3

What do I want from this album?

1) I hope KARA will receive more love, fans and popularity. Our girls deserve it~

2) I don't mind about competitions with 2NE1 or whatever, I just want watch KARA with your unique charm on stage and do the best they can!

3) More equal distribution of lines among the girls... yeah. Specially Hara. I was a bit sad with Hara Lupin's Lines... Yet, I noticed in performances like Mister at Music Japan as Hara raised up her voice. I hope more of her in this time. Needless to say that Ham, Jing, Cole and Gyul will do the best ;D

4) About a concept... hmm, a good concept[?]. Don't matter how it'll be, I know KARA always will get this well.

5) More kamilias to KARAHolic <3 I don't exactly know who are from staff/moderation and who aren't, but you guys make a awesome job here <3

Wah, my english might sounds bad sometimes, sorry for this in advance. I'll keeping trying get this better ^-^''

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I am beyond excited for this new album but I wish that they waited a bit before throwing Kara into another round of hardcore promotion. These girls are so tired, and have done so much this year.

What do I want from this album?

- Recognition for their talents

- More popularity and love, at least secure their place as a top idol group.

- For Kara to really break out from their past. I want Kara to keep moving forward. Love the progression that Kara has taken musically, now it is time to really show everyone what Kara can do.

- I don't really care much for the distribution of lines. As long as it sounds good and the lines given are appropriate for their voices.

- Less falsettos. And a more complex dance to show off that they can dance.

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What I'm saying is the next newly joined member can be as KARA supportive as the most senior members here. It's the long journey with KARA that matters the most. Not necessary the beginning, it's the togetherness till the end that is rewarding & priceless. So are you here to be an accompanying kamilia till the end?

^Love this.

When I first joined KH, I was bugged too much about how I fell in love with Kara way past Lupin days. Deep down, I really wanted to be a true, loyal and dedicated Kamilia but I had no clue how. But I did get more confident as time went by and what you said is really true. It's the "togetherness till the end" indeed. I promised myself that I'm going to be an accompanying Kamilia until the end quite a while ago but your words inspired me even more!

This comeback is definitely my first that I would be counting down for. And I can't describe how excited I am for it. Countdowns for a comeback had always been fun. I'd only been able to witness one countdown from another group in my WHOLE LIFE. So I'm really excited especially because this is my first as a Kamilia. I can't wait for everything. For all the information released, for all the teasers, for all the videos and what not.

What I want?

- A good concept? lol. I don't have a specific concept that I want. I just hope for it to be unique and something that suits our girls well. Good song, good outfit. I'm not too worried about it though ^^

- I want at least 2 ballad songs. Kara definitely needs more ballads. Maybe a duet?

- Simple. I want to hear more Hara.

That's all I have for now. I can't wait for the spazzing and discussion to start here. Definitely gonna be hanging around this thread from now on. Thank you for this ^^

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Seems like other girl group go with the "sexy cool" concept, I would like to see them back in "cute" concept like in PG :blush:

And beside, Kara are like one of the youngest averaged girl groups in K-Pop, no?

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What do I want from this album?

1. I still want a fierce concept similar to their Lupin single but I want the album to contain songs that are not as cutesy XD I

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Wow thx for the info, I am really looking forward to their next mini/album! This will be my first countdown to their comeback, which I am highly anticipating. I hope the girls will continue as strong as they are and never falter, but I do worry for their health, and hopefully they are on top of that game as well.

What do I want from this album?

- To excite more fans and bring in new fans to enjoy the girl's music.

- More of Hara's singing, but if she is cool with not being too prominent in songs, no problem.

- Any concept is fine. I have long confirmed these girls can pull off any look at any given moment. Heck, they can do like a circus or alien concept and hit it right on.

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seriously cant wait til the girls come back!

getting ready to do some talkin once the album drops!

what do i want from this album?

1) hopefully have a song that focuses more on their vocals. not too much auto-tune like some other songs.

2) hope our Hara Goo gets more lines. really missed her voice in Lupin.

3) concept... anything is fine. as long as the girls like it, everything is good.

4) hope for Kara to get more love from fans

5) lats but not least, KH to continue to grow!

Kara and KH FIGHTING!!

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I pinned this topic! I'll un-pin the Lupin topic when this mini album is released so everything stays up-to-date.

This comeback is definitely my first that I would be counting down for. And I can't describe how excited I am for it. Countdowns for a comeback had always been fun. I'd only been able to witness one countdown from another group in my WHOLE LIFE. So I'm really excited especially because this is my first as a Kamilia. I can't wait for everything.

I love counting down to comebacks! I remember my first one was for the Honey mini album (the special edition one), but there was only an one-week gap between the end of PG promotion and Honey so there wasn't a lot of excitement. But the wait for Revolution and Lupin was truly exciting and I have a feeling that this mini album will be their biggest comeback to date!

For this album, I'm hoping for..

1) A creative concept. I LOVE how Lupin was based on a fictional character and maybe the next album could be based on a historical or fictional character again? It just gives so much more depth to the album imo. A concept that just popped into my mind is "dark fairy tale." Something that combines the typical fairy tales like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc, but with a evil/dark twist? I got this inspiration from the manga Ludwig Kakumei, haha. From Gyuri's pic on SSTP it seems like KARA is moving toward a more gothic concept?

2) A choreography that's strong AND smooth. I was a little disappointed with Lupin's choreography.. it seems like they were trying to combine individual dance moves that will appeal to the public to try to recreate the Butt Dance Syndrome, but the entire choreography came off as choppy and .. not very connected? That was the feeling I got anyways. I want a strong choreography this time; something like Secret World. AND I WANT A HaNi DANCE BREAK!

3) Please let Hara and Jing sing more. Especially Hara. And please don't force Gyuri to sing super high notes anymore. Her voice sounds lksjflsjdf fantastic in lower registers and I hope DSP would take advantage of that. Her adlib at the end of Mister is AWESOME and I'm hoping to hear some of that again in the new mini album.

4) I'm hoping the new mini album would have a mix of style, something like Revolution. A mix of cute/energetic songs, ballads, R&B (haven't heard too much that style from KARA yet), sexy/dark/strong (like Lupin and Let It Go), etc.

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Very good thread :)

This will be the 2nd comeback that I'll be waiting for (I regrettably wasn't are of kara before the honey comeback). Every passing day is special as the comeback draws near, and it is filled with both anticipation and a level of excitement. What do I want from this album? As the countdown begins, here are my thoughts and expectations:

First off, the name and concept of the mini-album, as this is the first thing everyone will be looking out for. I would like this concept to be even bigger and stronger than Lupin, possibly bringing back bits and shades of the first blooming with the idea of powerful vocals. I'd like the title of this mini-album to show what KARA is truly about, bringing a sexy and sophisticated image as well as a hint of their cute concept that they've been successful in the past. Seeing their successful debut in Japan with a sexy concept garnered a lot of attention from fans so I think it'll play a huge part in deciding what the next concept should be as long as the girls are comfortable with what they are doing. I feel that if this mini-album can include a track that contains each of these concepts, then it'll be a big success as there will be at least one track for everybody to enjoy.

Secondly, I'd like to see more equal distribution of singing between the girls, since I rarely get to hear Hara's voice in many of their songs. To bring each individual member's voice out means a lot to the girls and I'd feel it would help strengthen the quality of the songs if the backup voices got more than a few seconds of solo singing. I feel that DSP needs to utilize each member's voices to their full potential in order to make this album a hit. Also, switch it around a bit, have Gyuri have a bit of Nicole's rapping part, etc. Also, as xichigo stated, a powerful choreography is also what I'd like to see, something that the whole nation of Korea will be able to recognize and say "Hey, that's KARA's _______dance", with the choreography most notable being the butt dance. With catchy and strong choreography, along with the pure dancing skills of the members, I don't see how this mini-album won't become a huge hit.

Lastly, I'd like this album to convert casual kpop fans into kara fans who will be able to discuss and spazz with older and newer kamilia alike. As kara releases more singles and albums, I'd like to see our fanbase develop into a family of even greater and more individuals with no boundaries and limitations of race and gender. To be able to support kara throughout their journey until now has been a wonderful experience thus far, and as a new mini-album awaits us, I hope that more and more people will be able to appreciate what kara has been able to give to us these past 3 years. Let the countdown begin!

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this comeback is my first too :D

*so excited*

first, the concept, hmm how about a dark and sexy concept? :P

i want good songs that can show kara's vocal more, please dont let it be catchy songs but cant show kara's skill in singing. i hope this mini can be as good as 1st blooming, and more lines for harajing too.

i want the non-kamilia to describe kara as a group with awasome vocals :P

and then a good choreo.. a catchy movement that will make a phenomenon again..hahaha

seriously i hope this mini can attract people to become a kamilia

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OMG soooo excited cant wait!!! :D

i want to buy it as soon as it comes out :o

What I want in the album:

- Jiyoung to sing more lines for once! seriously i feel sorry that she doesnt have much lines :(

- Nicole's singing! more english rapping and MORE KOREAN SINGING :D!!!!

- an addicting mv :)

- catchy songs! as in rhythm, beats or singing parts :)

- more karaholic fans!!!


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- an addicting mv :)

Oh yes the MV is an important factor too. Please, DSP, no more cheap sets and please give us an awesome MV that has a storyline! :D

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lol yeah, looks like dsp will spend a lot of money for their new mv..


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huahua..all of this speculation is interesting.. get it one by one XD


about vocal distribution.. hmm i think jing already get much more lines on lupin album..so it's cool.. the problem is hara right now.. i admit that she isn't a good singer, but i loved her voice the most.. i'm sure she even acknowledged that, even on IY's perf, i never saw her sang, right???

she is more confident on dancing.. but i miss listening to hara's voice like on I Am.. so i just want her to practice her vocal more, at least made it more stable :)

as for other girls, i just hope they got songs that better suits them..just like some of u say..it's better to give them lower pitched songs.. still remember kara4's cover for some songs and it's incredibly awesome!!

and wishing for gyul and cole rapping together, won't it be great?? haha

concept, i like in-in ideas!! LUPIN is totally unique!! hope they got more creative idea!! haha.. i don't really like cute concept either, i just want them to get a concept that they can comfortable with..that's all matter..esp with hairstyle!! XD

gyul's pic on SSTP makes me excited and also a little bit scared..lol

as for choreography, i don't know if it just me, but i don't really care or want strong choreography... i want them to be more famous because of their music, not their dance.. dance played important role in k-pop industry, i know.. and it's a part of the music, but i just want people acknowledging KARA's music.. just like Big Bang, they are a true musician, most of their dance aren't that popular.. but their songs are a HIT!! Haru Haru is the example.. i know it's hard for KARA right now, as they aren't that "powerful" yet.. but i just wished they will go toward that way :)

one last thing!! MV!! i forgot about that XD

it's been my wish for a while, and it's not about addicting or awesome looking sets.. but i want music drama :lol:

i always love music drama, esp the unique one, like 2PM's tik tok, with intense storyline.. not just about men and woman and one of them are died in the end :P

but esp i really want them to be like shin hyesung's mv for first person and even i erase, throw away, forget..

2 songs for 1 mv?? isn't it awsome?? lol.. but with mini, it's very unlikely, but it won't hurt to have a dream, right? :P

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Even though I'm haven't been a fan of Kara since the beginning but I have seen the truly beauty of these girls. They really do grow on you as you watch them day after day. I have been waiting for their next comeback to see how the girls are doing now and whether it be in Japan or in Korea, my <3 for them won't ever change. As a fan, I will be there to support them until they day Kara is too old to move their butts. <3

What I want in the next album...

One big thing that I want is, for the girls to be comfortable and happy with whatever concept/song. As long as they are satisfied with their work, I'll 100% support them.

I'm not a picky person. ^^

Kara Fighting!

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What do I want from this album?

1- very strong and sad song like (let it go ) and bigbang's lie and g.o.d's songs

2- i want to see the girls acting in the mv

3- i want nicole to be back with pretty sweet look

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I too will be witnessing my first comeback in KH. I would really like to be surprised in a nice way. Their next mv should be something memorable, a drama maybe? a love triangle? lol. There should be strong vocals and dancing and a storyline that grips the imagination. That fantasy concept sounds good too. I know,I'm all over the place, but heck I'm writing a letter to Santa Claus HAHA. But one thing I'm sure about is that whatever they do i'll be enthralled watching them perform it.

It would be great having a rap duet like in wanna, that'l be something. Now I'm tingling all over just thinking about this. They probably have the concept ready and the coreography have done, but who knows,i'm sure there are a lot of you that know dsp very well and how they do things. Can't wait. :P

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Since the day I descovered KARA, my love for them only grew stronger with time

I'm alaways excited about KARA comebacks from Rock U to Lupin...and this new one won't be an exception !

Waiting for every single new information and counting the days or the hours gives you an exciting feeling lol.

I'm happy DSP decided for a mini-album because I think It's still too soon to have a full album yet

Since their second album Revolution was released last year

Moreover, they won't have the time to promote it well because of their second japanese single

For these reason, a mini-album appears as a smart choice !

What do I hope from this new mini-album ?

- More equal distribution of lines : Lupin distribution would be quite equal if Hara had more lines lol.

I know Hara isn't the best singer of the world but I think DSP should have more faith in her

It was a shame that she only had to sing "It's mine, It is mine" in Lupin

- A storyline for the MV : what I hate the most about KARA is their MV who always looks too simple

Their best MV was probably Pretty Girls but It wasn't a great one either

Lupin had everything to make a great MV with a real story etc. but at the end it was a deception

So I really hope DSP would put more money in this new MV and give us something great !

- For the concept, I will accept anyone but really wish they could comeback with a cute/mature concept

I know they have grown up but since every girl groups seem to go for sexy concepts

KARA should have a cute concept in order to be different but in the same time something mature

I really liked the fact Lupin concept was based on a fictional character...It was so original !

So it would be great if KARA come with something as original lol.

- A great ballad (not the main tittle of course) in order to show their vocals

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As a die-hard fan of KARA, I'm fine with whatever they want to do. I believe they'll always do their best to entertain the world. I only fret for their health and personal well-being. I pray they'll always be healthy and happy.

I hope they'll be allowed more participation in the production of the new album. So far, I believe their only contribution is Nicole's rap lyrics. I wish to see 1 of their own-written songs someday.

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Another comeback to look forward to. I've been their fan since day one, the day they debut with Break It. Though I only joined Karaholic maybe only last year or two years ago, but I've been following them since day one. Every comeback that they've had up till now has been great anticipation for me and I know any future comeback will only create more anticipation and excitement for me. Here is what I want and expect from this comeback:

- Concept: A new inventive and thought out concept. Something different that has yet to be done, which is quite hard these days, but I'll give DSP that challenge. They did surprise us with the Lupin concept. I just hope that DSP is smart enough to continue that mature and strong image.

- Song selections: Ballads, ballads, ballads! I want the girls to showcase their vocal abilities. All of them, equally sharing the leads. I want them to do more of an R&B feel for this mini-album. And unfortunately this is only a mini-album, it if wasn't I would love for each girl to have a solo song on the album.

- Recognition: Recognition for the song! An off the wall lead track! Something that will create a sensation all over the nation. I no longer care about a signature choreography I want them to be recognize for the actual substance of the song now.

- The video: Most likely DSP will release a dance track as a lead single, so they'll probably do some in studio sets with the focus on the girls dancing and such, it's pretty predictable, which I don't mind, I just hope they invest some money in to the set and not make it look second-rate because we all know Kara is way above that. But I do hope that they release a ballad and make a video for one, and with this one I want them to have an actual storyline that fits the song, with the girls playing the main characters within the video, maybe even some special male idol guest star?

- The choreography: I don't mind if they do try to create a signature choreography, I just hope they do it well. Something challenging and different that will make people interested to imitate. All the syndrome dances are outdated to me, it's time for challenging choreography that will people wonder, "how did they do that?!"

- The expectation: I want them to comeback stronger than ever before. I want right off the bat winning each and every comeback stage that they perform on, which is impossible, but here's hoping. Either way, I want them to comeback winning triple crowns across the map, and taking control of MusicBank more than just three times this time around. I know Kamilias will help make this happen. They did it for the girls during Lupin, and I know they will do it again for this album. No matter the competition, I know Kamilias will always stay united in pushing the girls to the top. As they continue to gain fans from over the globe, I know that those fans will also help in pushing the girls to the very top in which they deserve to be.

All this talk is making me excited. Only a few more days until September begins, by then I hope DSP will release us some teasers. DSP, don't disappoint us, your main act driving your company is Kara now so don't you dare spare any expenses on these girls. Your basic survival rests on their comeback! Make it big!... hahaha... Idle threats coming from a hardcore fan. We'll wait patiently and see.

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And I also forgot.... :rolleyes:

I know awards are not that important but I want them to win some

The one I really wish them to win is the Triple crown on Inkigayo

Because they have never made it until yet

Actually, I hope they could make their best comeback to date

And that after this comeback, they could reach another level of popularity

Like how SNSD did with Gee, WG with Tell Me or Big Bang with Lies

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LOL That's a good one stevenstanley. What's that? a don't mess with me concept? HA HA; or I'm stronger than you? Well it seems to be just around the corner. Hey, what about this: we're on our way, there's nothing stopping us now. And then a mv with a somewhat dark concept that goes beyond lupin, I'm a though cookie. Ha ha. anyways I'm just having fun never been in anticipation of a comeback before.

Or going in the opposite direction; sweet, bright, cutesy? Im here, but look and no touch. They will comeback with something inimaginable, something out of this world thing, who knows? Now i'm warmed up. Waiting waiting. :P

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