Describe KARA in one word


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I don't know if this is a bit weird but I will say Family, because to me KARA and Kamilia are one big family, and when you're family you should always love, support and listen to one another. So to me the perfect word to describe KARA is Family ^^

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If it were up to me, the word would be 'Presence'.

Why a noun? I'll tell you why!

Their presence, be it entering a room, going on stage, walking down the streets, you can definitely feel the energy that is uniquely KARA!

Just think of it, each member with their different yet complementing personalities, give off such a vibe, that you can really sense that over-awing presence and energy from them! :D

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One word is hard... I guess it would have to be: "Unmatched"

They are so unique and their voices pretty much match what I like in singers. They are unique like that and also they are unmatched beacuse they are the best :D

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