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Seungyeon's Official Twitter + Instagram Thread

1,113 posts in this topic

Especially her new twitter? Didn't she forget her previous account's pw and stuff?

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She's back on her original twitter account now.

She twitted about wanting to join sweetune as vocal director. And right before Yoyogi concert started.

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May 8th, 2011

.... 애... 애기야.... 산책가자니까능.......저..저기..... twitpic.com/9ipumj

.... ba... baby....said let's go for a walk but.......uhm..hey..... twitpic.com/9ipumj

@_sweethara 훗twitpic.com/9irzxl twitpic.com/9is03h twitpic.com/9is0ca

@_sweethara hut twitpic.com/9irzxl twitpic.com/9is03h twitpic.com/9is0ca

승자의 여유 후훗^^ 홈메이드 브라우니! 쯔앗!! twitpic.com/9is4dg

the winner's relaxation huhut^^ homemade brownie! jjeat!! twitpic.com/9is4dg

@_sweethara 묵묵부답

@_sweethara (silence, no answer)

May 11th, 2011

.....승연이 맞습니다.. 핸드폰 리퍼받구 완전 비밀번호를 찾을수없어서.. 새계정으루이사왔어요... 으앙 ㅜ

.....this is seungyeonie.. repaired the handphone and now really can't find the password.. moved to new account... euang ㅜ


Good dawn everybody.. i forgot my fateflysy's password, email totally.. but...i am seung yeon.. it's.. beautiful unforgettable night..

짠... 우울하다......... 지난번엔 어찌 찾았었지.... photonui.com/3gBQ

ta da... depressed......... the last time how did i found it.... photonui.com/3gBQ

May 12th, 2011

읭? 숨막힌다 이쁘다 사랑한다......읭???????? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 당신들 웃겨아주 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ twitpic.com/9k00n7

eing? suffocated pretty love you......eing???????? kekekekekeke you all are hilarious really kekekekekeke twitpic.com/9k00n7

May 14th, 2011

여덟시에 어설프게 자버렸드니 잠이안와...=_= 이런.. 밤새고 오늘밤에 일찍자볼까.. 잠이안오면 생각이 많아지는게 문제 ㅎ 소심해지면 안돼! 새벽에 먹는 라면 그립다.. 언제적인지..

half asleep at 8 now i can't fall asleep...=_= like this.. all night long and tonight will try to sleep early.. the problem when can't fall asleep is i started thinking a lot ha i can't become timid! i miss eating ramen at dawn.. when was it..


i will read book!>_<i will fall asleep??

May 15th, 2011

꺄옹 복귀복귀!!! 감사합니다!!!' 끄하하하ㅏ하하~~||!!

kkyaong comeback comeback!!! thank you!!!' kkehahahaahaha ~~||!!.

May 17th, 2011

また明日!(^-^)/ 頑張ろう!!

See you again tomorrow! (^-^)/ Go for it!!

May 18th, 2011



May 21st, 2012

@gyuri88 박규리야! 생일축하해~~!! 비행기안에서 생일맞는지 알았드만 그래도 시작은 한국인걸 축하해! 생일마다 스케줄복이라니 ㅎㅎ 맛있는거 먹구 와요~! 축하축하

@gyuri88 park gyuri-ya! happy birthday~~!! inside the plane don't know when is the birthday however since it's started in korea so congrats! you are blessed with schedule every year haha eat delicious food then come here~! congrats congrats

@_sweethara 넌 이걸 언제 올렸디야? ㅎㅎ 네가 편집했던기야? 오 신기.. 담엔 다른데 먹으러가장 ㅎ 맘에 차지 않았엄...

@_sweethara when did you uploaded this? haha you compiled that? o awesome.. next time let's eat at other place haha uncrowded place...

아니아니 ㅎ 제가 미국에서 온지 얼마안됐을때 냉면 비빔장 달라고 할때랑 학원에 수강신청상담할때 저렇게 말했데요 ㅎㅎ몇년지나고 친구가 알려줬다는 ㅎㅎ 굴리던때가있었지 ㅎ 지금은 되지도않아요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ다까먹음

@_sweethara 이건 너 twitpic.com/9nb45h

@_sweethara this is you twitpic.com/9nb45h

May 22nd, 2011

어려서는 시차같은거 모르고 누우면 자고자고 또 잤는데.. 이젠 잠이안온다 ㅎㅎ 밥먹어야징 배고팡

when i was a kid i didn't know about time difference and if i lying down will sleep sleep and again sleep.. but right now i can't sleep haha i will go eat i'm hungry

May 23rd, 2011

The show must go on.제대로 봐야지 봐야지 하면서 이제서 본 물랑루즈 보는 내내 손에 꼽을만큼 몰입했다. 지독하게 매력적인영화 twitpic.com/9oekl7

The show must go on. need to watch it properly while completely absorbed in watching the moulin rouge. severely fascinating film twitpic.com/9oekl7

May 24th, 2011

사랑스런 애기들 ㅎㅎ 살쪄도 말라도 많이많이 사랑해twitpic.com/9okefu

lovely babies haha gain or lose weight i really really love you twitpic.com/9okefu

여유가 넘치는 오늘 하루....... twitpic.com/9omnbe

today is a day overflowing with composure....... twitpic.com/9omnbe

@_sweethara 나오늘 밥먹는거말고 한일이 없쏘......

@_sweethara i didn't have anything to do today except eating......

May 26th, 2011

오늘부터는 기분이 이상요상.. 잠도 설치구... 人生一生の思い出の終わりについて。。

May 27th, 2011


My heart's already pounding。。

May 28th, 2011

twitpic.com/9pus4j twitpic.com/9pus5t 終わった。。。まるで夢のように。本当に幸せです。いろいろ大変だったことはもう乗り越えて走り出す時間。ありがとうございます!忘れられない

It ended... It's like a dream. http://t.co/uErQ2zhg I feel really happy. It's a time when we've already overcome the tough obstacles and ran forward. Thank you! I will always remember this http://t.co/oiKHNBjA

우왕>_< うききききききききき twitpic.com/9puygo twitpic.com/9puyia

Uwan >_< Ukikikikikikikiki twitpic.com/9puygo twitpic.com/9puyia

June 3rd, 2011

여러분 에이젝스의 멋진 데뷔무대는 챙겨 보셨나요? ㅎㅎ 화이팅! 멀고 험한 세상에 오신 것을 환영합니다~!!!

did everyone watched A-JAX's awesome debut stage? haha fighting! welcoming them to a long and hard world ~!!!

오늘의 작품!!! 맛있어서 깜짝 ㅜㅜ twitpic.com/9seo8n

today's creation!!! surprised since it's delicious ㅜㅜ twitpic.com/9seo8n

June 5th, 2011

우와우와 기억나요! 싸인만 하면 굉장히 좋은일 하는거 라고 계속 말씀하시기에 도대체 뭔가 했는데 이런 일이었네요~! 축하합니다! 감사합니다!http://twitpic.com/9t1ery

uwa uwa i remember! people said "even if you only giving sign there will be something really good happen" and i used to thought what is that saying, so it was something like this ~! congratulations! thank you! http://twitpic.com/9t1ery

since there were really a lot, i didn't posted the pictures and didn't do the color coding >_< (if there are any mods willing to do it, feel free to edit my post)

there are still some untranslted tweets and for japanese tweets, credit to cherrims

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June 10th, 2011

우리 밀밀이들~~~~ 좀 있다 봐요~!! 커뮝 쑤운~~!! twitpic.com/9utwg7

our milmili (kamilia)~~~~ see you soon~!! coming soon~~!! twitpic.com/9utwg7


요거잉? twitpic.com/9uyidq

is this it? twitpic.com/9uyidq


June 13th, 2011

twitpic.com/9w05nn twitpic.com/9w05qc 최근 누비! 중성화하고 오늘 집에와서 너무 안쓰럽... 으잉 ㅜ 이제 평생 아프지말자 쪽!

twitpic.com/9w05nn twitpic.com/9w05qc the latest nubi! got neutered and came home today, i really feel sorry... euing ㅜ don't get sick from now on!



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June 22nd, 2011

가뭄이에요 더운데 비가 참 안온다 싶었지만 이렇게 까지 되다니.. 너무나도 멋진 광활함이지만 애타는 분들이 많이 계시다는걸 잊지 않습니다. 올해는 홍수가 아닌 단비가 찾아오길.. http://twitpic.com/9z6hjt

it's a drought hot yet rain didn't come, wanted for it but to this extend.. this is too much but i didn't forget there are a lot of anxious people. this year it's not flood but waiting for the welcome rain.. http://twitpic.com/9z6hjt


this tweet kinda hard to translate to proper english (i can't think about it)

basically she said that it's really hot lately with no rain. she is hoping for rain but not flood. since last year there was a terrible flood in seoul

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Seungyeon is very very cute :eyelove:

She is my bias *_* because she's perfect


Twitter photo today*_*

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following her now :thumbup: need to improve korean language to read her tweet :crying:

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thx for the past translation. i don't know korean and can't rely on google translate. so thanks

and i do hope Ham would twit in english. really wish on it

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i make a twitter.....but dont really suit my style lol....but still i will open our baby twitter to see her update....

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oh my god .. im not active in tweeter , zz its just too bad . hope to learn from my friends to use it ~~

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Hey Anyone has a reply by Seungyeon or other members of Kara? Please tell me, 'cause I'm new on Twitter, I dont know if I can be replied if I send her a message???

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the latest tweets from hammie.





fateflysy: since i didn't took selca a lot during pandora haha i don't have many but i'll reveal one. http://twitpic.com/ay8cna

fateflysy: now when i go out at dawn puri nubi won't meet me haha clever fellow. however when i come back they always asked to be hugged. no matter how tired i am just fell for it? http://twitpic.com/ay8amihttp://twitpic.com/ay8ape

fateflysy: it's last week of pandora. we spent it so busy like crazy. squeeze out voices without sore throat and doing rehearsal and all together were half asleep while getting make up for broadcast done , even if fainted too when i think about it, it was a fun time that i looked forward to. sometimes there were record-breaking schedule too ha


Edited by red4summer

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I have already followed her on twitter, she posts really cute stuff and selcas!

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she tend to post selcas with the same angle and expression but I can't get and never enough of her! :lol:

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She's training her selca skills now? I think that is really good news for us! :D

Hammie, we need your eyesmiles too! :)

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huhu.....wonder for what event she wear this eskimo shirt......barely can see her face

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Translation for the above tweet:

Seungyeon: 새벽에 가르마 바꾸기~ 다크 봐 ㅎㅎ늦게 자는 버릇 되서 큰일.! 별게 다 큰일!

Seungyeon: changing hair parting at dawn~ looks dark haha it's a problem because I became used to sleep late.! every unusual things is a problem!

Translated by @yooniqda_

Yesterday's tweet. (5 Nov 2012)


Seungyeon: yeah budae jjigae~~~ it's really delicious! heum happy ~

Translated by @yooniqda_





My God, it looks so nice~

I want Hammie to cook for me lol. ;_;

Edited by Pooding

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she really like to cook for herself.....wonder why others still dont taste her cooking food

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8 November 2012


Seungyeon: 다들 별 탈 없이 수능 잘 봤나요?^^ 수능 끝나고 시원한 마음으로 공부 끊은게 벌써 몇 년 전인지 ㅎㅎ 모두모두 수고하셨습니다!

Seungyeon: did everyone did the SAT test well without any trouble?^^ it's been a couple of years since i took the test and ended my study with a relieved heart haha everyone have worked hard!

Translated by @yooniqda_

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13 November 2012




It look like her baggage is being cut open for security check.

Here is the image of her baggage.

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^ Translations for the tweets above~

13 November 2012

Seungyeon: 쩐다. 연락도 없이 지퍼 절단하고 가방 속에 메시지 하나 달랑.법도 안전도 중요하지만.. what?? 언제 수리 보내지.이번 미국은 별 경험을 다하네.. twitpic.com/bcqljj twitpic.com/bcqlj2

Seungyeon: omg. without any prior notice my zipper was cut down and there is a message inside my bad..both law and safety indeed important but.. what?? when should i repair it.this US travel too there are some special experience.. twitpic.com/bcqljj twitpic.com/bcqlj2

Seungyeon: 이런 경우도 있으니 미주권 여행하시는 분들은 가방 잠그지 마세요.. 허허허..

Seungyeon: since there are circumstances like this, people who travelling to north america please don't lock your suitcases.. hohoho..

Seungyeon: 원래 그랬군요 허허허. 그렇게 다니면서 저는 왜 몰랐을까요 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ내가 바보다 ㅎㅎㅎ 웃어야지 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ허허허

Seungyeon: so it was like that hohoho. why did i don't know about that while travelling hahahaha i'm a fool hahaha let's laugh hahahahaha hohoho

Translated by @yooniqda_

Edited by Pooding

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