[Radio] 101124 - KARA on Shindong, Gyuri' Shimshimtapa


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=D the girls are awesome <3 love them! =D

KARA Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by the way was BORA cancelled cuz of the thing going between SK and NK?? D=

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thanks for sharing this ^^ coffeebeanie

translated this on twitter ^^

pretty touching messages

Jiyoungs msg - How am I supposed to start.. Hmm.. Everyone is so busy, so all the members are tired and having a hard time. But because of times like these.. The 5 of us become more closer and do better.. Whatever happens, I hope we will give strength to each other.. And lets do well! (Ah, this is so embarrassing!)

Hara's msg - Now we are promoting in both Korea and Japan, and I know that the members are having a hard time.. We just dont talk about it with each other, but everyone is tired and exhausted. And still, I see everyone giving their best in Korea, and so I think to myself that I also have to do my best, and also to take care of our members.. So I hope that we continue caring for each other more and more, so we would be able to show a better KARA.

Nicoles msg - I think our KARA has come a long way.. I think this year has been the busiest and most fruitful. I know we still have a long way to go.. This year, the 5 members, by supporting each other, I feel like we have become a lot closer.. Everyone (Nicole cries ㅠㅠ).. is tired but still smiling with each other, so that was so good to see.. And I also see that everyone is making an effort to stay happy and energized for each other, and that was so touching. Ever since coming back to Korea, everyone has been smiling and getting along and staying strong.. Im just so thankful. We have a long way ahead of us, so I hope everyone would stay strong until the end.

Seungyeons msg - Is there a need to say more.. Everyone in their places inside KARA, are doing so well. Without saying much, right now, this way, I am so thankful.. For the members being who they are now, I am really so thankful. With our busy and tiring promotions.. Well, there has been happy and grateful moments, but there were also disappointing and irritating moments as well. But the members have gotten through it, and stayed strong, so I am very thankful. If there was one thing that I could ask.. A little.. Till the end, everyone is accident free and healthy. Now, when I think of KARA, instead of tears, I am filled with happiness. And the time has come that a smile comes to my face first. I hope everyone looks after us till the end.

Gyuris msg - Since we are very busy with promotions, everyone is tired, both mentally and physically. But never has anyone fainted.. Even though the members are tired, they are always smiling and showing their best during promotions.. So I am thankful.. I am so proud of our members.. I feel like.. With these members, we can do anything. We can do anything, and we have done everything well up to this point. I think that we are an admirable group because we have admirable members. I hope everyone takes care of their health, both mental and emotional. And I hope we remain that kind of healthy KARA. I love you.

credit to @_coffeebeanie on twitter for the translations

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