[Photo] 2008.12.21 Sunghee at Shin Hyun Ho's concert


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ahhh SunGJAA miss her !!

finally an update again..

the pic is nice.. sunghee's smile havent seen that one for a long time :D


Sungja Jjang !!

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i know! im hoping for a good fancam too. i wonder which song she chose to sing.




credit: dckara & : p @ soompi

omo sunghee. so smexy and pretty. :wub:

sunghee is beautiful! no she really is gorgeous!

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dont quote img :)
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Wow yeah I think I remember seeing this somewhere on YouTube, she looks absolutely beautiful here. Definitely a lot more mature/sexy look than when she was with Kara. I'm really hoping that she begins a solo career soon~ ♥ And UGH! The pics in the second post are not working! TinyPic deleted them or something, huhu... ;--; Does anyone else have them? I would really appreciate it if someone could re-upload them or something.

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