Your Favorite Kara Member (Describe)



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  1. 1. Your Favorite Kara Member

    • Gyuri
    • Seungyeon
    • Sunghee
    • Nicole
    • Ji Young
    • Hara
    • All

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when i first saw KARA,there was in an interview with ss501 and then my first favorite member was nicole

but after watching their shows i noticed that kang jiyoung is nicer and cuter than nicole

so my favorite member now is KANG JIYOUNG

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I love them all...but the poll says ''Your Favorite Kara Member'' so mine will be this duo--> Hara + Jiyoung (individually^^...not JiRa as a couple...I mean, I do love this couple but JiRa is not my Kara #1 couple :eyelove: ...complicated?? haha)

since there is no button for Hara & Jiyoung....ermm....after taking all measurements, I voted for Jing <_< reasons?

Jing made me a Kamilia, Komawo!!!

Jing got the least votes..

Jing needs more loves....

btw, JiRa Jjanng!!!! Kara Jjang!!!! Kamilia Jjang!!!

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all of them (current KARA) just compose a great team :thumbup:

but if i have to list it down, it would be as following:

1. Seung Yeon (such a cute girl) & Nicole (sexy sporty lady)

2. Hara

3. Gyuri & Jiyoung

without due respect to Sung Hee... because i'm a new KARA fan, so i didn't know that much about her. still i appreciate her as a senior member of KARA B)

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