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  1. 1. Your Favorite Kara Member

    • Gyuri
    • Seungyeon
    • Sunghee
    • Nicole
    • Ji Young
    • Hara
    • All

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I really, really, want to click ALL but it just seems to easy :unsure: . If you were to force me to pick just one member, I would say Seungyeon. While I think Gyuri has been a fine leader, Seungyeon deserves a lot of credit as the unofficial co-leader of KARA. She seems to have maturity beyond her years and her hard work, during the early days of KARA, helped keep them on the map of kpop idols.

For a lot of the newer girl groups, it's easy to take success for granted as it seems like every debut has some moderate popularity. But it wasn't so easy back in '07. At the time, it was all Wonder Girls and SNSD, while KARA was fighting to stay alive (anyone remember Baby Vox Rev, Black Pearl, or C.A.T.S). Seungyeon's solo activities kept them popular enough to win over a larger fan base and, as a Kamilia, I really appreciate her perseverance.

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seungyeon does deserve a special mention for keeping kara name alive during the hiatus. thereafter each takes turn to promote in each different way but i sincerely hope each individual of the 5 will continue together as a group for years to come.

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nicole.. i really don't know why it is but i'll come up with a few reasons..

1) she was the first kara member i knew - from watching HEROES (SBS)

2) she loves food, but also works hard on diet and exercise to show a good image

3) she's born overseas, speaks english well and struggles with korean. i feel some sort of affinity with her because of this

4) she's totally crazy and wacky. love her train of thought!

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hara + seung unnie

well hara becuz of her amazing variety skills

whenever i watch IY my eyes would follow her immediatly

she makes me feel happy :lol2:

and i cried with her when she got best female mc award :o:lol:

while for seungyeon , i remember watching SH

and i really respected her for her efforts to mack kara's name recognizable

during their rookie days :crying:

i love the other members too ^^ :thumbup:

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I would have to say Hara. Without her, I wouldn't love KARA. She is a rare celebrity who has beauty + brain + personality. Even though she's busy with acting, variety shows, promotions, MV filming, CF filming and a ton other things, she still attends school. She also donates 1 million won/yen? for tsunami victims in Japan. This girl has the heart of gold! No wonder many male celebrities fall for her :thumbup:

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i love all of them equally, but Gyuri has a special place in my heart... :blush:

-cool personality

-goddess features

-overflowing charisma

-hyper confidence

-the best leader!

i just love the way she is.... :wub:

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