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  1. 1. Your Favorite Kara Member

    • Gyuri
    • Seungyeon
    • Sunghee
    • Nicole
    • Ji Young
    • Hara
    • All

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My fav from when i first knew about KARA was

always Seungyeon.

Cause she's like a dork, cutie, and adorable.

And i just love it when she smiles.

But these days i'm starting to switch to Nicole

cause of her way of explaining those phrases on SGB.

Still i voted for hamster.

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It's kinda hard to pick a favorite among them, they are all just so loveable. Especially when you watch their selcas. My first favorite was Seungyeon, she is just so cute when I watched their If You Wanna MV, she's just naturally cute. But the more I got into them and watch their shows and stuff, Nicole will just catch my attention, it's like my eyes will automatically go to her.. this is embarrassing hehehe well anyways I like all of them.

I hope they comeback with a new album soon, and while waiting for that may they have many solo activities to tide us over. :eyelove:

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