[Jingly] Jiyoung loves cereals?


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Jiyoung holding a box of Kellogg's™ cereal. Is she trying to it alone? :gemhoho:


Jiyoung with her favorite cereals. That's a lot, Jiyoung! :sweatdrop:


Nothing tastes better when you partner milk with cereal! Right, Jiyoung? :hungry:




That's right! Cereals makes your body stronger! :accomplished:

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Adorable, yes cereals!!! Cereals can be eaten at any place at anytime even one time I was know as "the guy of the cereal" when I was the new guy at some place...

Maybe I get some cereal...

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lol looks like she's more into the sweeter Kellogg's stuff! I remember seeing Nicole and (I think?) Hara eating Special K!

Yes Special K has it's cult... and I remember that It was when a member went to school.

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