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*IF* the three girls' contracts are shorten, I don't see DSP doing the same thing for Gyuri and Hara since they aren't part of the lawsuit. I bet DSP is going to play it smart and leave Gyuri's and Hara's contract as it is. They don't know for sure Nicole/Seungyeon/Jiyoung are going to extend their contracts after 2012 so at least DSP can keep 2/5 members for a couple more years.

And about the resignation of the CEO's wife. I don't know what to say since I do believe after she took over, Kara's popularity has increase significantly.

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from the moment i saw their parents' demands, i knew this is going to happen.

i'm not being pessimistic people, nor attracting nega vibes


but with those impossible demands, everything started to get fvcked up again.

my heart's frantically beating right now. i'm about to sleep but my worries won't let me to.

i'm worried about the girls' current emotional conditions, their careers, their future.

Just hope the girls will stand up and make the most precise decision possible, for their own sake!


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Oh gosh! If DSP decides to push through with legal actions, do you think the 3 girls would win???

Not really.

1. KARA's issue with DSP are said to be MANAGEMENT problems, they/their parents think that they are not being treated well. However, Hara & Gyuri are saying otherwise (ex. sauna issue). You cant really do legal action by just saying "we've lost our trust" with the management...issues like that are settled personally, not on court.

2. DSP is also able to prove that KARA is earning a lot more compared to other rookies in Japan.

3. DSP has KEPA behind them.

4. KARA is always on the losing side - their image is seriously not looking good by now

5. If the 3 members lose, they would have to pay DSP the amount of damages - which I think would cost millions.


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^ I don't want to quote a person's comment without his/her permission, but if you guys go to the latest allkpop article, check out Flibbertigibbet's comment's regarding a 3rd party. I've seen this person posting around allkpop before and he/she seems to know what's going on in the Korean music industry.


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some random person on akp has been saying that kara is lying and that they planned this out to switch agencies or something. his proof is that there's news that hara's text messages were leaked talking with some dude about it. i'm not to sure what's going on or what not, but if this is true, im expecting to see news about it up soon. so much controversy... i hate it :(

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I've seen pictures of the texts... makes me so disappointed and angry. It's not even the Kara members fault but the 3 parents and their "industry connections" and lawyers. The girls are pros, working hard, always smiling, but everyone else including DSP are such amateurs with their deception, scheming and stupidity... What a miserable situation.

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The conflict is starting to get really messy...... :(

Apparently DSP has indeed made some really dumb mistakes in management (not sharing monetary info with the girls' parents is a bit of a facepalm moment...). But at the same time, even if some of Landmark's claims are legit, Landmark keeps addressing DSP in inflammatory ways that only help to feed the fire (calling DSP "insincere" and "untrustworthy" instead of actually elaborating on the specific things DSP has done wrong). And on the other hand, the asking of an early contract termination can definitely be viewed as suspicious. It could be that the the girls and their parents genuinely want to end the contracts so that the girls don't have to deal with DSP anymore, but it could also be that the parents have already found another company to take the girls in...

If indeed another company has poached Kara, and things continue to deteriorate then a 3:2 split is very likely...............:( :( :( Gyuri and Hara are not involved in the conflict, so DSP has no need of shortening their contracts, and Landmark has no right to claim such terminations.

I'm not trying to be pessimistic, just trying to contemplate the realistic consequences of how the conflict seems to be developing. We have to hope for the best (the preservation of Kara5, despite which company they may work for) but we also have to be prepared for whatever is not the best outcome...

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If you think that DSP is all innocent, why do you think the parents are doing this? You make it as if the parents of Jiyoung, Seungyeon, and Nicole are all so bad, lying about everything.

Why? I think it's mainly because of the money. They want more. The reason I think this is unreasonable is because DSP is already paying them more than most other companies do. If DSP is to pay them more for their Japanese activities, then the Japanese company needs to pay DSP more as well. To ask DSP to give up on their profits just because the amount they receive isn't so big (as a result of the amount DSP receiving from the Japanese company not being large), is, to me, unreasonable. I think the way they went about this is unacceptable. It's clear to me now, by looking at their latest statement (which is in line with what I already believed), that money and shortening the contract were their main objectives, and that everything else that was mentioned was just there to give the public the desired impression, and to slander DSP. Their actions show dishonesty, and are unacceptable. I make it sound as though they are lying? Well, in my own opinion, as well as that of many others (the public is almost entirely against them), but more importantly, from the evidence present, it is clear that they DID lie in their statements, and lied about their reasons for all this. The fact that they have moved from a 'no compromise with DSP' position, to a 'we'll come back if you meat these revised demands' position, also speaks volumes.

I don't say that DSP is entirely faultless. The latest demands for them to make their accounting and finances more transparent is reasonable. HOWEVER, asking for a change on the board of directors, a shorter contract and and a new CEO, is ridiculous. How dare you ask for that, and on what grounds? Since when do either the artists or. worse, their parents and their lawyers, have the right to dictate how a company operates? And shorter contracts? They only have 3-4 years left! their contracts are perfectly in line with the length advised by the court/industry regulators. These are not the 13 year contracts that some SM artists complain about, because they last until they usually last until they are 30, and thus, near the end of their Idol career, these are much shorter contracts. So, to demand a shortening of a contract, without having a reason, is unacceptable, and groundless. Why would anyone make contracts if they can be violated and altered any way you like (they can be altered when the involved parties consent to it, but one party forcing another to consent does not constitute mutual agreement). I'd love to have my mortgage contract shortened, and the money payed off by others. If THEY can demand this of DSP, perhaps I can ask my bank do do this for ME?

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DSP has been able to counter everything the girls have accused them of... The girls are looking greedy, and heartless in the eyes of the public. Many ppl are questioning Kara's motives.

Korean media has printed the numbers of the girls last year salary ($300,000 each...$1.5 mil total) and many are also questioning the girls loyalty. The girls apparently have a problem with the CEO's wife, who has taken charge of the CO. after her husband went into a coma... Also, the fact that a mysterious "Mr.J" and Nicole's mother seems to be behind the rebellion it's not looking very sympathetic towards the girls at this juncture. Even the Kara lawyers have quietly stepped back out of the spotlight... Does this mean that the case does not have much legs?

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I've tried to stay out and watch without commenting on anything but now, with all those articles I am just truly dissapointed at whoever are the one making all the demands whether the girls, their parents, their lawyers or some third party. I've been waiting for the happy result of meeting yesterday and all I've got were these. May I say both sides are at fault at all this happening, and with the demands for the girls side, everything is getting worse than before (transparent accouting : check, CEO & management system & shortening the contract: just too much). All the demands make no sense to me (to anyone who have job seriously). There is no way to ask to change the CEO, I mean your boss and the management way just to satisfy your needs. And shortening their contracts, even the fool will not invest in something that they know will not theirs in a year and a half. This shortening thing makes me angry the most, after all the worries we have for them now, we need to face it again in a year and a half. Why not just end everything now and for all than drag it along for a year and a half. I don't know now. Need something to lighten the mood now, or else I am not sure to look at KARA as before.

(even doubting my Kamilia status now because of all my feelings towards them, I should support right? But just can not force myself. Sorry if I offend anyone for all these above lame things)

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I wish the parents/lawyers would stop pretending like THEY are Kara, and acting in Kara's name. Even if this is coming directly from the three members (which I would have to be naive to believe), they have no right to represent themselves as KARA, because KARA has 5 members, NOT 3!

It's the height of unacceptable! These are not the demands 3 girls, one of them a minor, would make, or even think about. Do you have absolutely no respect for the two members not involved, and absolutely no concern for the ramifications on the 3 members you do represent, if you make them the face of this campaign?

Their demands, again, are unreasonable and in many cases show a total unwillingness to compromise (even though they often have no right to ask for what they are asking).


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All we can do is hope for the best and not be negative, rumors and speculation doesn't help anyone.

(1) The trust between the members and DSP has been seriously damaged.

._(2) We arrange the specific plan for DSP to resolve the problems as follows

_____By January 27, please kindly present to the members. Content include the following terms.

a. The members believe in President Lee Hoyeon rather than DSP.

__.We want to meet President Lee Hoyeon directly to confirm his current condition.

b. Plans to close the gap/void in the business until President Lee Hoyeon returns.

c. Plans to recruit additional professional managers who are qualified and reliable.

d. A care plan to improve the organizational structure of Kara's Management Team

e. Clear plan to achieve a more transparent paperwork system as promised

f. Explaining the relationship between DSP Media and DSP Japan

-_(3) Transfers of all notices and contracts signed before.

_____Present specific working schedule.

-_(4) Provide all financial documents to be verified.

3. Contracts of the members to end in late 08.2012. (along with the end of the contract with

__.Universal Japan)

I think its more than about money.

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Guys, don't be fooled by the way lawyers/parents are using the 3 girls as face of their campaign, and the way they are trying to portray these demands as the demands of the girls THEMSELVES. Do you REALLY think these 3 girls, one of whom is a minor, even think about these things? Do you really think the girls would have the heart to demand that the negotiations be done with a former CEO who is sick in hospital? If the parents are irresponsible enough to make of these girls a target for all criticism that would otherwise be directed at them, let's make sure we don't condemn the girls because of the parents' ignorance and the lawyers' incompetence. Let's support them because these are not the things that would come out of the mouth of three girls, these are the things that come out of the mouths of adults that seem to thing 'they know best', despite all the evidence to the contrary.

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This thing, judging from the info I'm getting from this forum, is starting to stink to the high heavens.

Many of you are bringing many valid points and this is changing by the minute.

Right now,and I emphazise "NOW" I think the parents/Landmark made a huge mistake by going public with this and dragging the girls along into the sh17 pool and now everybody is soiled to their ears. damm it.

There has got to be some serious compromising here for this thing to be resolved, otherwise I can easyly see DSP cutting their losses and pulling the plug and going the legal way and we can kiss KARA goodby.

Yeah it's not a rosy scenario, not the one we want to see, but... it might happen.

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If all of this is true--that the girls knew about the contract termination and their possible motive--I don't know how I will be able to continue to stay in this fandom. I really want to believe the girls. If they come out and clarify their names, I will believe them, but at this point it's so hard to do.

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