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  1. Picked BoA hairstyle 'cause it gives her a completely new image. But overall, she still looks like a goddess with ANY hairstyle!
  2. Cute!!! The camera's so big!
  3. She must be so embarrassed these were released but hey, her fail moments are adorkable! XDDD
  4. Oh Seung Yeon.... She's so mature. Coming from an 'unknown group' she took it upon herself the responsibility of making KARA known. What she did even gave her a sort of a bad image as an 'attention grabber' but finally knowing what she went through for KARA, and what Nicori and Goddess had to go through, KARA would gain more respect. Ham could've just left, they all could've just quit if they want to but they stayed strong. Through this, we could see Ham's dedication. She worked so hard for KARA and as we can see now, it was worth it. If not for the efforts she had given, if not for the hurt KARA had to go through, they would'nt have been as strong as they are not. Their first album was a flop but who cares? Look at KARA now. That first album would just signify KARA's humility. And, Goddess wasn't reacting but I think it was for the best. If she did, she, too, could've teared up... We all know she was hurt too...
  5. 1. I wish they stay strong and healthy. 2. I wish they get sufficient rest and not tire themselves too much. 3. I wish SeungYeon would get more second voice parts. 4. I wish Hara would surprise us with a new look or a new side or just anything new. XD 5. I wish Nicole would get more dance solos and English raps. 6. I wish GyuRi will have more raps and have a reality show. 7. I wish JiYong would stay cute and immature in reality shows. 8. I wish KARA would release a new album. 9. I wish they would finally reveal SY's real age. SHE SRSLY CAN'T BE OLDER THAN JIYOUNG!!! 10. I wish KARA will go on tour/fanmeet/mall show/concert or whatever abroad (specifically here in the Philippines XDDD) 11. I wish KARA would stay happy with what they're doing as they put smiles on Kamilias' faces. 12. I wish KARA would stay together and love one another like a family till the end of time. So many wishes. XDDD KARA JJANG!!!
  6. Thanks for the translations!!! I've been so happy that KARA, well, at least three of them (?for now?) are on twitter even though I don't understand their tweets. LOL. Nicole's tweets are so adorable~!!!
  7. What happened?? The video was removed. I couldn't see it...
  8. SeungYeon, are you sure what's written on your birth certificate's correct?? You look so young!!! XDDD
  9. Tbh, she looks a bit...pale? Idk. But she looks a bit younger without make-up. She's still pretty with and without makeup. Make-up just makes her more striking.
  10. This is why I love GyuRi-sama. ♥
  11. Oh SeungYeon!!! D8 But I love her for standing up again and acting like absolutely nothing happened. She's so professional! It might've looked as if the others didn't care, but that's only because they too are professional. I love the cameramen for switching the views to distract the audience/viewers. Overall, I just hope SeungYeon's okay!!!
  12. "...dot. dot, dot..." means?? Nasty. XD SeungYeon, what's on your mind? Cutesy!!! XD
  13. No surprise here since KARA's Lupin is just so addictive! KARA jjang! ♥
  14. Come back, Sung Hee... I miss your vocals~
  15. At least the netizens didn't flame her for that"fat" since it REALLY CAN'T BE CALLED FAT. IT'S SKIN for crying out loud. I love Hara's belly fat because it's not fat at all. XDDD