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  1. WOo!!!! OMG! CONGRATS KARA!!! We knew they would snatch number 1 soon. Gee had already been out for a while and was starting to lose steam. YOU GUYS TOTALLY DESERVE IT!
  2. She always made me laugh and smile with her antics. I think that's what I miss the most about her. She has this ability to lighten up the mood. I hope she's doing well.
  3. Yeah...it definitely looks weird. But in my opinion, I feel that she totally pulls it off. I mean, it looks odd, but if I imagine it on someone else the reaction would be more, "Oh my god...that's gross." But on her, it kind of looks adorable. lOlz I could never pull that off...that's for sure.
  4. I'm sure she's thought about this quite thoroughly. She knows her capabilities better than anybody else, so she probably felt that she couldn't handle doing both at the same time. College will always be there...so she can go back when things die down. But she also needs to keep in mind to not take too long of a break. The older you are, the harder it is.
  5. I wonder if Honey can knock out Gee from number one? Gee has been out for a while now and Honey is new...I think their chances look pretty good. Good luck Kara! Fighting!
  6. I like how they're taking on SM's flag ship girl group head on. I like Kara, SNSD and Wonder Girls equally. I'm glad to see the friendly rivalry between the groups. But let's give Kara some major kudos for taking on the tough competition.
  7. Yeah...it doesn't help that these poor girls have fan bases of much older ages. Sometimes it feels pedophilic. ::shiver::
  8. Here they come! WoOHoO! GO KARA! Make way everybody, they're climbing the charts quickly!
  9. HAHAHAHA Thanks for the translation. Earlier today I was watching the clip on youtube and wondered what they were saying. Especially Gyuri's comment on Seung yeon. haha I knew it had to be something HILARIOUS! And it was! Totally lived up to my expectations.
  10. Yeah, their new look is definitely a nice upgrade. It totally fits them nicely- especially for Gyuri. Gotta love the English rapping by Nicole and a nice spin move from all five girls.
  11. Every time I see the dorms of idol groups I just keep thinking to myself, "It's like college dorming." haha Kara's dorm isn't too bad. Everyone seems to notice the TV though, which I also agree with; they need to get a better one. lOlz I think they deserve it right? Kara's is better than SNSD, but as stated before, it could be cause they have 9 members. But for the most part SNSD's rooms look fairly plain (just look at the room Tiffany and Seohyun use). And as for Big Bang...yeah, their dorm is pretty nice. I wouldn't even use the word dorm...apartment. haha
  12. Nice article. Hyori has always openly showed her love for the young boy bands. haha When it came to the girl idol groups, she always jokingly teased them. haha Like on shows such as Family Outing and such. But I think we all knew that she was a silent supporter. I presume especially in that industry, the females tend to give out good advice to the younger ones. When you're a girl in that type of career, I feel it's a little more difficult with the pressure of maintaining an image (especially with weight and such).
  13. So I just got done watching their recent performance on Music Bank and Gyuri did not look well. Looking at the comments below the video, it seems like I'm not the only one that noticed it as well. She looked like she was about to collapse or something. I'm thinking she's sick because at times she was a little wobbly (is that how you spell it?). Awww...I hope she's okay. FIGHTING! Here's the video from CodeAnalysis. P.S. This is my first time starting a topic and I'm a little nervous that I didn't properly do something. I apologize in advance.
  14. I like this new concept on Gyuri more than the whole cutesy look. I feel like it fits her quite well- especially amongst the rest, I feel she looks the best. Totally loving the hair by the way. lOlz
  15. I think as time has gone on since all the groups' debuts, it's been slowly revealed that they have that friendship with one another. It's really nice to know that they're all on good terms. Although, I never really thought they weren't to begin with. I know a lot people bashed the groups because they were fans of another. But I think with the girls coming forward with their friendships, that has slowly diminished. Geez, just because they're girls doesn't mean they necessarily always have to hate each other. Gosh, give us females some credit. lOlz