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  1. Yeah, I've seen the download links from the media box, but its like 3GBs per episode and I don't really need a download that big, let alone so many episodes. Sigh I wish the files were smaller!
  2. Its been a while since the korean version has been airing. but I can't seem to find any downloads for the korean audio ): I've seen it already with the Japanese dub but of course I'd love to see it again with Jing's voice! Anyone have any links? On the other hand, I ordered the guide book for myself too! unfortunately it'll come in october along with Kara's other releases
  3. Well, (: Dance Lesson or Sexy Dance Lesson Of course the sexy one lol! We'll buy it! On the other hand, hm will I wonder if it'll just be like a photobook full of photos that was in the step it up DVD
  4. Was going to complain that there were no clips, no gifs no nothing. But then a few images popped up (; cr; giantbabyjing@tumblr
  5. I wasn't an immediate fan The first time I saw Kara was in the Honey MV my friend copied for me along with SNSD's Gee MV I wasn't a fan of either groups at that time because I wasn't even into Kpop but after I got into Kpop, and became a sone, I watched Invincible Youth There I saw Hara, and she really hooked me onto Kara. Of course there was mister which always got stuck in my head, but I couldn't consider myself as a fan at that time.
  6. I picked no because I have serious feelings for my ultimate bias but, I think for any fandom fanatic, they'd have serious feelings for their bias I can totally relate!
  7. I can't pick from any of the options because my favourite hairstyle on Nicole is her short hairstyle from Lupin! I like her wish short hair more I think
  8. I picked Hara because she's my bias but honestly, I think Kara is one of the few groups where all members are really photogenic. I think they all look good in photos
  9. I'm a sub and that's because I'm a Sone After SNSD, I also like Kara, T-ara and f(x)
  10. Thankyou for translating this! I'm pretty glad this information got released, so everyone knows how sweet Hara is. Because I heard, some idols donate under a fake name or something. Hara! <3
  11. Honestly, I was pretty upset about the controversy and I believed everything the articles said because I just wanted to know more about the situation the girls were in. After the rumours about Nicole's mom became a hot topic, it kind of gave me a bad impression of her. and I know it's wrong, I didn't even realise it myself, but I paid less attention to Nicole after that... So I guess, affected me quite a lot aye?
  12. Kara kind of disappointed me at the beginning of the law suit thing. I was feeling sad because at the beginning it was gyuri vs the others D; I was asking myself, why aren't they together. After Hara joined Gyuri, I was still feeling pretty much the same way But I'm glad it's over
  13. I picked comeback special outfit 2! I like pink/red together with white and red/pink is my favourite colour I guess. I was going to pick the mister outfit, because it's so cute. But I decided to stick with the wana outfits, because mister outfit is saved for mister
  14. Do I see some undergarments in the first photo? She hangs up stuff from fans? She's really making use of every space hanging everything up, but it's also very cute I always like to see celebrity's rooms
  15. Woo, Yay, we have another thing in common! I remembered a few times of her eating cereal But there are actually more!
  16. her childhood photos are so adorable! I want to squeeze her cheeks haha Is it just me, or .in some of her predebut photos, she looks very foreign. Is it the contacts?
  17. I like brown more I think, Because I'm the type of person that likes coloured hair just a tiny bit more of course black hair is more natural, and it's nice But I think I'd have to pick brown
  18. I'm a fangirl. I kind of had the feeling that there would be more fangirls for some reason. But it looks like there's more fanboys by just a tiny bit!
  19. I saw her in the Honey MV before But my first real impression was from watching her in Invincible Youth I her big eyes left an impression on me, also how she's hard working and fun loving
  20. I hear more of her talking, so I'll comment on her talking voice. I think her voice is kind of boyish for some reason and refreshing to hear
  21. Hair flip is definitely something I look for. Like, wait wait it's nearly there (hairflip) But I sometimes wonder, during lives when her ponytail hits her face, wouldn't it hurt a lot D;
  22. Ah, her angry expression is like a little kid having a tantrum! It's so adorable! While, her serious side is, pretty hot ;P
  23. Honestly, when I was first introduced to Kara. I admit and is ashamed that the "pitch" word popped into my mind once when my friend told me she called herself godess. But then, she is right? Afterwards, I knew it was confidence and not "pitch" she's one of my favourites now I just agree with her now, Of course
  24. I watched this today. and it got me hooked onto gyuri again! Sometimes her hairstyle looks like a bowl cut, but sometimes she looks pretty cute. I think it's the awkwardness of the wig, but I don't think I'd ever agree to gyuri really cutting her hair that short
  25. The first one was kind of funny because she looks so feminine there! But the seconds photo, Oh my gosh. All I can say is Oppa, marry me!! Haha, She looks like a really pretty boy