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  1. The Accurseds and The Fallen's 6th is out. Please enjoy, thank you :)

  2. The Accurseds and The Fallens Chapter 5 is out. Thank you! :)

  3. I'm hoping they stay together as KARA, but sign with another company because honestly, I don't think DSP is a good company at all. Then again, I think they will sign another 5-year contract as theyre still young & they've just reached the top. I don't think they would want to end the contract when they've just resolved a conflict..
  4. After reading this I will treasure and love KARA even more. T T I actually teared up. I knew there were difficulties when KARA debuted, I just didn't know the details. Now I do, and I know wht the girls hve been through which none of them evem deserved it. For example Hara textmesage ; the guy must be some perverted sick in the mind pedophile, he's crazy to send that and we know it's not true. But they made it seem as if Hara's at fault. Anyway, I'm really glad that Hara shot to fame after Honey & mister, and is one of the Hallyu Queens right now, even on par with SNSD. Just that it took longer for KARA to get the amount of fame as compared to SNSD. (why am I comparing them.. /slapped. Sorry T T) JUST REALLY RELIEVED ALL THESE IS OVER. hammie's done a good job in helping to raise KARA's fame.!
  5. HARA LOOKS GOOD IN EVERYTHING OMG. In these pictures where it's obvious in size & the difference when two different ppl wear the same thing, I realized Hara is REALLY SKINNY O.o
  6. I agree with you, from what I'm watching, maybe it's just me taking notice of Baby Jing, but I realized about 60% of screentime goes to her. Maybe it's because she sticks with Boom, but Boom always calls out 'Jiyoung-ah' do this do that, from what I see, It's as if Boom only has Jiyoung in his world. Not only that, he praises Jiyoung frequently too. O.o but Jiyoung pwned the show. She appeared the most, beating SNSD. I have no grudge against SNSD, I'm just saying as a reason for SONEs to be angry. Of course, fans will be angry when the other party gets more attention & screen time. In EP 3, Jing said she was worried she doesn't hae enough screentime & is worried to live up to Hara's name in this show. I think she's doing a great job so far, and is totally leading the show as a Powerful Maknae~ Even though the chief orders her around, i guess it just shows how Sunny & Hyoyeon truly are. If it was me, even if the chief favored me & gave me lesser things to do, I wouldnt even do it, I would want to hve a fair share. Anyways, FIGHTING BABY JING , GIANT MAKNAE JJANG!
  7. Profile

    The most epic nickname is Goosain Bolt~ haha. But in invincible youth season 2 episode 3, Boom named Bora Bosain Bolt. -.-
  8. You sound like a professional, but I understood every single thing you said. Yeah, it's true KARA has high pitched sounds at some points, and it's good to know Honey plays a big part in helping the chorus. I really hope she can build up on her confidence as a singer, and take in negative comments as ways to help build it. I really really hope to see her play a bigger role in terms of singing in the group! Yeah, I agree how some Kamilias are disliking some other member, as Kamilias, we should learn to appreciate every single member there is in KARA, and also be understandable in different situations.
  9. OMG THAT HARA HIGH NOTE~~~~ Well, I think she's more of a studio singer than a live singer, maybe she just can't sing infront of a huge audience.. Not everyone can right. I think she lacks confidence cos ppl are like 'oh you can't sing' etc. I hope she has much more lines in the future to prove antis wrong! Anyways, I've been seeing many hurtful comments on Hara, and I've been trying to stand up for her.. But these anti fans are sometimes really too much, I've come across one who wished for her to die. It's not really nice.. My point is, whenever there's something RELATED to her, fans are always bashing her & not the other party. For example, the recent rumor where Eli & Hara are the next WGM couple, everyone started insulting Honey and were being all 'first she gets Junhyung, now she gets Eli?' there was one who called her a wh***. ): like why isn't anyone bashing on Eli? I was really sad & angered by these comments, so I hope, people would be more understanding , and less vulgar when it comes to these things.. ._. okay I'm done distressing. Getting too much stress from reading hurtful comments about Hara & defending her by myself. D;
  10. This is creepy. O.o I think it's just the movement of Jing's fingers & the timing at which the camera took the photo, also the angle, which resulted in this........ ._. This is creepy. O.o I think it's just the movement of Jing's fingers & the timing at which the camera took the photo, also the angle, which resulted in this........ ._.
  11. Jiyoung is so cute without makeup, not much of a difference from when she puts make up & without. Natural beauty~~~ ;D
  12. Yeah, many are saying she's not talented. )): but they gotta credit her for her awesome dancing & acting, not everyone can act, let alone dance right? Sigh. These people are just finding childish ways to bash on Hara.
  13. I would say.. Rock You? Gyuri's haircut was.. Weird. Although their concept were really cute, but they song lyrics doesnt really match either. Yup. But the others were fine. )
  14. The first epilogue part of His White Rendezvous & Her Silk Thread's last chapter is updated~

  15. What show is this from? And where can I watch it? Anyone knowsssssss.? And it's so sweet of Hara & Nicole to gie Jiyoung her personal space!