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  1. I consider myself a hardcore Kamilia. Every night I scour the net looking for the latest KARA news. I read them all, positive and negative, but I tend to pay more attention to the negative, especially if it's not written by some emotional fan or troll but some proper news reporter. For one thing, I like to know why anyone has anything negative to say about KARA. I can read and then disagree, or agree. But I read. I translated this not to give credit to this C-Kamilia. I don't know him, nor do I know his trait. Obviously you know him better. My purpose was to show that there is a different view out there about KARA, to this community. I find many of the reports here overwhelmingly positive or supportive about the KARA project. I think it does not reflect all the sentiments out there in the world. Is this community aware there are other views, especially views from Korea? Do we want to hear other views, to get a sense what KARA is really facing out there, or do we just want to hear positive news? Like it or not, Korea is KARA's base. There's where they live. That's where their friends and families live. I care enough about KARA to care about whether they are getting enough love back home. Us international fans, we can only do so much from a distance. If this is not reflective of the views in Korea and there are other positive articles from Korea, please share them. I have my own views about the KARA project, but I get the sense anything less than cheering is not welcome here.
  2. Another view from within Korea. Rough translation from mnews: Titled "Recruitment of new KARA member raises concerns" Subtitled: "Domestic fans alienated... selection process lax" The report starts by recapping the formation of KARA and the departure of Nicole and Jiyoung... Towards the end, it says: "Throughout the entire process, the domestic fans were marginalised. The KARA project was first announced in Japan. The recruitment of the new member Youngji was also announced through the official home page of the Japanese company Universal Music Japan, which also unveiled the upcoming activities and schedules of KARA. Only press releases were issued in Korea with no details found on the company website. The selection process was also lax. The KARA project went through 6 rounds. From the beginning till the selection of the new member, it took only one month. And the amount of exposure and awareness of the program was poor. The recruitment of a new member for a top girl group such as KARA was lacking in many parts. On this, a source in the music industry commented: in their hurry to fill the void left by the departed members, the company shows a lack of strategy and planning." Original article: mnews Translated with help from C-Kamilias and google translate. I'm not familiar with the credibility or readership of this online news site. So read it with a pinch of salt.
  3. Viperion translated another similar article with parts of the interview earlier. This is a translation of the 140626 Naver news article, based on C-Kamilia translation. [interview] Park Gyuri: "Do you still see me as a goddess?" Q: Since debut in 2007, in the blink of an eye you've been an idol for 8 years? A: The fans' reactions are cute. They said "Park Gyuri has been an artiste for 20 years, not 8 years!" If you include my time as a child actor, it's been 20 years. When I heard that I got a shock. I couldn't believe that KARA has been around for 8 years. I told myself I have to work even harder. Q: When they mention Park Gyuri they think of the term "Goddess". Do you think of yourself as a goddess? A: (Laugh) To be honest, when people still refer to me as the goddess, or when people still have that image of me, I feel flustered. That was an image we created 5-6 years ago for variety shows, just for humour effect. Now when the fans call me "goddess", "goddess", I feel really embarrassed. My real-life character and what I portray in variety shows are direct opposites. If only everyone could understand that image was created just for variety shows. Sometimes when an image is too entrenched it becomes a headache. Even so, there are also times when I thought, "oh, I'm also good at brainwashing people", and I find it quite funny. (Laugh) Q: When you debut you had the image of a lively and energetic young girl. Now you've become a mature woman. When you look back now at your younger image, how do you feel? A: To be honest, I don't like to look back at my younger image. I don't really like (my image at that time). When I see all the flaws I feel embarrassed. I can't go back to correct them so it'll become a stress point. (laugh) If only I could go back in time, I'll make everything more perfect. Q: Looking back, are there regrets, or things you feel were unfortunate? A: During those days, I did not give it much thought, but last year I suddenly had this thought: Was I too conservative? Apart from KARA, where I had this big sister image, and I said to myself "I must protect this, I should protect this", this sense of value was very strong. And I consciously lived this way. Now I'm beginning to think, I can afford to be more relaxed, like being out in the wide open plains? I seem to be realizing this a little bit at a time. I mentioned earlier that I'm an artiste who has been around for 20 years? Because I started very young, and I had the time to adjust slowly to the life of an entertainer, so since young, "living my life properly" has been a very strong driver in my life. When I was in school, I hated hearing comments like "oh because she's an entertainer that's why she's getting all these privileges". When I look back now however, I think maybe I could afford to make some mistakes, do something rebellious occasionally. Stop trying to be a model student. What I really wanted to try was a gathering (with classmates/friends?). I regret that I never got to enjoy a happy college/university campus life. Q: Coming to the subject of K-Pop in Japan, KARA is of course the undisputed pioneer and leader. Did you know your debut in Japan would be a success? Q: To be honest no. It was only later, when we saw the media coverage that we had some idea. I think at that time, when we were going on stage during our debut, we only had one thought: "Let's do our best.". So for every performance we gave our all. After the performance, when we saw the reports, we would then think to ourselves, "Ok, we did well". Q: For this photoshoot, the staff can't stop exclaiming how pretty you are. What are your beauty secrets? A: Recently I've been attending workouts at Micro Studio. As for beauty secrets, rather than follow what other people do, I tend to choose the method suits me. Q: What is your ideal type? What kind of men do you like? A: (Laugh) My ideal type is the same as when I was younger. It's actor Jung Jae Young. He has a manly charm, and also a sense of humour. An image of someone whom you can depend on when you're having a difficult time. Actually, my ideal type is my father, so someone like my father. Q: How do you de-stress? A: I meet up with my close friends and drink a beer by the river. We play music, drink some beer, and chat. If I don't have a chance to meet friends, I'd watch a movie at home or even go to a movie theater. Q: With so many junior girl groups, what are your thoughts when you see them? A: When I see them I go into a sort of "unnie mode". They are all so cute and loveable. And the girl groups recently are very good, they give you that "Oh they can even do that?" kind of reaction, and sometimes "Why didn't we think of that before?" kind of regret. Seeing all these hoobaes gives us motivation once again. Q: You are the big sister in KARA. What does KARA mean to Gyuri? A: Sometimes I have this thought. If I could put every moment in my life into a book, KARA will be the book cover. Maybe one can see that as a constraint, but in my life, KARA is that kind of existence. Q: You've been with KARA members for so long, we're curious about your relationship with the members. A: We've been together for a really long time. Even if we don't say a word, we can understand each other's thoughts. No matter whether we are on which stage, what to say, what to sing, only we know the mutual feelings that exist between us. I can't describe that feeling. Even without saying it out loud, the members understand each other. That's the KARA members. Q: There are group and individual activities, what are your future plans? A: There are still many challenges I want to take on. Recently I've been taking a break, and I've been attending classes to improve on areas where I'm lacking. I'm still in my 20s after all, so the desire to try new things is still very strong, no matter whether it is singing, acting or other activities. Personally, when I'm working I feel happiest. When my breaks are too long, I will feel a bit depressed. I still have a strong desire to work. Q: Anything you wish to say to the fans? A: I want to thank all of you for always staying by our side through thick and thin. To all the fans who have always protected us, I'm sorry... I want to say I love you all. It is because of you fans that Park Gyuri exists, that KARA exists. Source: Naver news Based on translations by Baidu Gyuri bar. (Just wanting to note it's interesting how C-Kam often refers to KH for translations and we refer back to them for translations. It's a virtuous cycle. )
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  5. I've seen KARA autographed CDs being sold in Myeongdong with a price tag of 100,000 won, and they looked authentic. There are some fans who would queue to get the CDs autographed, only to sell them to make a quick profit. So it's possible for authentic autographed CDs to be sold online. I didn't buy them (though I was tempted). Like Palaverist said, it didn't feel right. I'd prefer the CDs to be signed by KARA, in my presence, for me.
  6. Thanks ELJunRa for these. I couldn't stream the broadcast and I was really looking forward to this. I want to relive KARASIA,
  7. Very nice! Well done!
  8. ok...thanks beb....

  9. He's still around. I think he put all his work into media fire. You can follow him on twitter. He publishes a KARA TODAY tweet everyday.

  10. talk about superkarafan.....he delete all his work before right.....cant find any video from him anymore.....

  11. Thanks. Glad you like it. There were others who did solo too, superkarafan did it for a while. Just doing our part where we can.

  12. wow, you done it solo....thank beb for sub it...really enjoying it....wait for ur future work....salute :)

  13. Yup, that's me. I'm not the "main person" because I did it solo. ^^

    I'm also staff here at KH because I help them translate some of the videos. But I'm not active here, I usually just lurk here only. I post more at allkpop kara thread.

    Hope you like the subs. I subbed them because I know KH was not doing them, or not likely to do them soon.