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  1. I understand that the younger members can't receive bank loans. :/ But, great to Gyuri&Seungyeon, I think the girls will do great. . Yeah, are they actually gonna own it after the show? Can't wait to watch this & Nicole's college show. I need to find hers. >___<"
  2. Disappointing, but patiently watiting for the release next year. 2NE1 is already in the Big 4? Wow. & yeah Revolution was great, but I wished for the other songs to be promoted as well. I think Wonders, is supposed to be Wonder Girls.
  3. I find it weird how I am watching Sang Sang Plus right now with him as a guest. I swear Kim Tae Woo , who is your actual ideal girl, it's like Yuri one day, next it's Nicole, now Seungyeon?
  4. I wish people understood this side of KARA, the struggles they went through. & some people think she's was just a face of KARA, she was helping KARA not to be forgotten after Sunghee left. & I'm glad their name is getting known now.
  5. Even thought the ordinary clothes looked pretty. I prefer the wedding dress photos, they look so elegant, especially Hara&Jiyoung, but I wouldn't expect Jiyoung to get married quickly, she'll so young. I really want to go to Guam now, they scenery is amazing.
  6. Sometimes I wish KARA puts out a little bit more ballads so they could showcase their vocals more. & I really like their voices.<3
  7. Jinwoon<3 & I don't really think it's him. Even though a few interactions, ie. Idol Army, but I don't see it, but I think Jinwoon & Nicole is pretty cute.
  8. My reaction was so blank, but yeah a kiss is a kiss, & Kang Ho Dong not remembering. (x But, Gyuri's memory of when she was a child actress surprised me, I don't really remember what happened to me at when I was younger, & that's pretty recent? ): Probably, just for the acting scene on the show. I wonder if a subteam will sub the full Strong Heart episodes. (:
  9. It's true though Nicole can be used in a sexy concept or cute concept. & for dentists, it's good for others wanting to fix their teeth to look like Nicole's? The double girl nickname makes me think of a split personality girl for some reason. & excited for KAIST show with Nicole.
  10. I like the Gain drama version. & the project 4Tomorrow, & Seungyeon looks so cute in the pictures.
  11. Lol, Jiyoung's agee. Well, I'm younger by 2, but calling her umma~ , would be interesting. Can't wait to watch .
  12. Lol Nicole, it's weird that she's doesn't have her Korean down, but it's adorable still, waiting for some random English moments. Her school outfit is cuteee. (:
  13. Yay, I loved Love Class, the lyrics are so cute. (: Can't wait for the MV.
  14. Yay! Sad that Nodaji was sort of a fail, I wish there was subs for the episodes so I could watch, but thankful for Nicole on another show.
  15. My reaction after reading no Nicole on Star Golden Bell's Level With Me was so much this: T_T After reading the article it changed to : YAY! Gyuri solo activites. ;D For Gyuri's new segment, I hope it will be as funny as Nicole's. I love Gyuri's princess/goddess syndrome, I never got tired of it. Can't wait. But, I'm sad there will be no Jaedong either. He's hillarious, but what can I do. T_T
  16. As a Kamilia, I don't take his words so harshly. I believe that if they didn't know Gyuri well, they would percieve her as that way, maybe, he worded the phrases wrong. Well, he apologized, that's what matters but also, he thought over the situation, like ex. was it too harsh?, which means he didn't word the words correct. & it's kinda of hard for someone to explain (in the right words) about the "goddess/princess" concept that Gyuri has in like a joking way. Anyways I don't think he meant it in an offense way, you know? Plus, Gyuri wasn't that offended, she is strong and her confidence is there. Don't be so harsh on him.<3
  17. The fans who get to go are so lucky. only Chunju? though, but have fun to lucky 500 fans. (: I don't really understand the plot for it, but & Kara in a drama, yay! (:
  18. Aww, Seungyeon.I'm glad she was honest about it.<3 & Gyuri's toe? Lol, but I'm glad she's happy with herself, & I like her confidence.
  19. I miss Jay. T_T But, yay for KARA on Infinity Challenge.
  20. i just read this in allkpop. Taewoo sure love his idol groups. He has pictures with f(x) , SNSD, KARA, 2AM, etc. Aww, at the loving Nicole, then again ,she has that lovable quality.
  21. Lol, Nicole is so cute. Hara vs. Nicole for a boy, he maybe not worth it if he was talking to both of them. But, must feel weird when you find your friend meeting the person you were meeting. But, seriously, who is the male celebrity. Jiyoung won you toothpaste cheer yourself up !
  22. I will miss them, but hopefully they will rest fully from their tiring schedules, especially Seungyeon & Nicole, they do a lot extra activities like Seungyeon in the new Samsung CF & Nicole on Nodaji, right? <3 & wait for their next promotion soon.
  23. I saw a picture and she looked cute. [: Thanks for the translations.
  24. KARA's fresh faces are pretty to me. To be honest, I think KARA's personality are so natural and like happy to show who they are. & sometimes it's perfectly fine with or without makeup, for example Gyuri. With Nicole's "I'm going back to sleep now~" ,too. Thanks for the translations.
  25. Aww, Sunghee, I miss her even if i wasn't like a fan when she was in KARA before, but I know she has MAJOR talent, but I hope where ever she goes now, she has success, but happiness, that's important. She is still so pretty.