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  1. If you watch suzy from 0:22 her smile really looks like sungja here ! omg i'm really falling for herr xD
  2. I went on surfing internet as usual and i found this new girl group from JYP named "Miss A". They debuted in July 2010 but I have just recently watched their Music Video for the song "Bad Girl Good Girl" and the thing that really caught my eye is this girl Suzy, one of the members, because in this music video she looks like sunghee so much! However she's very young, same age as our puppy jiyoung! (hehe our puppy has a new 94'er friend ) Here's some pictures of her I'm quite into Miss A right now because i really see sungja in her and maybe because i miss sungja so much that i like someone that resembles her :S I think Suzy has a more innocent image when our sungja is very playful, however about the singing for me sunghee is still much better though. But she's still young and there's still alot of time for improvement So what do you think? Do you see the resemblance between Suzy and sunghee?
  3. Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. seeing this just make me miss her more :'( our handsome sungja, vitamin of kara, she's always pretty and handsome. and for sure .. Gyul miss you!! ( ;P ) thnx for sharing this fan must love her so so muchh!! and do this .. a very loyal fan sung hee! u should c this and come back! T T we all do miss u!!
  5. this proves she always looks like a hamster!! LOL cute little hammiee~~ XD agree agree!! SY please do drama!!
  6. everyone miss our sungja!! I always love to listen to kara old songs, also 'Then its done' sometimes they just give me a strange feeling, i just want her to sing more.. the best thing would be her to re-enter kara, but maybe it's gonna b too hard to happen so i just want her to at least comeback on her own, and sing again.
  7. Sunghee-ah~ *faints*
  8. In the prank one I really felt bad for her while watching.. I was like : SY be strong~~ / *sob* TT TT but i agree with some comments above tht actually when she cries she cries more of happiness and relieve but she just cried too hard like in the honey one, she looked like she was sad but everyone knows she's too happy i actually kinda like her crying face she is still cute
  9. yeah they still look good with no make-ups but i think gyul will like this video, like wht she said in come to play, tht she thinks her most beautiful moment of her is no make-ups moment LOL i also do love SY's no make-up face like in ZZC when nicole woke her up n complained abt monkey smell LOL her sleepy face just still cute to me XD
  10. sry for low quality, cus i want the gif to be quite long so it fits the part so the frame wasn't accurate. <3 her SY~~
  11. She say what she said to protect kara in her own way, which is great. I just love how she counter the Q abt no one choosing her LOL. She is confident in her words, a perfect leader XD Gyul jjang!!
  12. I love her voice <3 XD I think her power in singing has increased quite a lot e.g. when the key of the song changes in Mister, she sang that well in every performance but I always love her cute voice like in If u wanna too! In conclusion, I always love her! LOL
  13. where is the last picture from? i wanna watch it it looks interesting XD Jing so cute~