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  1. hello =) I just checked kara-t and i just want to ask, is this about kara's album sales?


    I'm just really curious cause I don't really know how well KARA is doing with their albums :) thanks!

  2. Kara will leave for Japan on February 5th. They will open their showcase in Tokyo on February 7th. Their showcase will be held at the Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo. Because Akasaka Blitz can only contain 1400 people, they will have a second showcase since the reception of the first showcase exceeded expectations. Nearly 3000 fans will be able to meet Kara. Kara's rep says, "They leave for Tokyo on February 5th", and "It seems they will have to stay for 3Nights/4Days or maybe even 4Nights/5Days". Currently, Kara is busy tending to the press and press conferences. They are currently discussing their castings in programs. source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100119n07124 translated by thebuddybud @ karaholic.com
  3. The Japanese comedian who became famous for revealing his fandom towards Kara has once again revealed his fandom and is gaining interest from the nations netizens. Recently, Gekidan Hitori and ex-Morning musume member Yaguchi Mari has appeared in an opening for a Tv program and has showed his love for Kara for over 10 minutes. He said, "After I revealed that I was a Kara fan on a program, I received a fan letter saying 'I am cheering for Kara' delivered to my office", "I receive such a huge amount of letters that I somtimes wonder "Am I Kara?"" He continued to say "After that, my love for Kara hasn't gotten stale, but instead grew so much that I decided to study Korean" and "I understand old women who are obsessed with Yon-Sama (What Japanese fans call Bae YongJoon) that they go take Korean lessons" The reason he decided to study Korean is "I want to understand what they are saying" He was very enthusiastic in promoting Kara as well. For Kara, who will be having a live performance and hand shakes (An event where fans pay to shake hands with artists) in Japan next month, he bought their CD and is passing them out to Radio Dj's. He said "Some songs have already been introduced on the radio" and "My radio program is promoting the broadcast who plays their songs" Very recently, there was a rumor on the internet which said 'He is being paid to promote Kara', and he replied "If I was the viewer, I would have thought that way too" and "However, that is absolutely false. I bought multiple CD's with my money and giving them out for free..." he said angrily. Even he admitted "I don't know myself why I'm doing this. It suddenly became like this." He said he was ready to become Kara's driver for the sake of their happiness. When asked "Between being a comedian or Kara's driver, which do you prefer?", he replied "I prefer a driver who does funny gags." To the video that contains this story, Korean netizens has commented "Gekidan Hitori, you are appointed as the manager for Kara's Japanese fanclub" "It looks like I'm watching the actions of a true Japanese otaku" source: http://news.kukinews.com/article/view.asp?...40053&cp=nv translated by thebuddybud @ karaholic.com
  4. Kara's fans put a congratulatory advertisement in the newspaper matching Hara and Jiyoungs birthdays. Hara's birthday is on January 13 1991 turning 19, followed by Jiyoungs birthday on January 18 1994 turning 16. Kara's fans congratulated both of them at the same time in the ad. The 3 Kara fanclubs involved were '2030 Kara supporters Mas-Kara.com' 'Jung Nicole QUINCY' and 'Han Seungyeon and Seraphim'. In the ad, Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung had comical appearances, and the fans wrote a special birthday message. The fans said "GgulJyeong! (HaraXJiyoung) Grow healthily!" "Hara Jiyoung happy birthday" "This chaotic world! Thank you for shining with your bright light~ Happy birthday!" The fans have also put a newspaper ad for Nicole's birthday back in October 7 source: http://www.hkn24.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=40128 translated by thebuddybud @ karaholic
  5. Having their Japanese showcase on 2/7, during the same month, Kara will reveal their new mini album. Their management company, DSP media has said "Their new album recording is about 70-80% done." and "Of the 4-5 songs that will be in the album, instead of Kara's ordinary style (cute, liveliness), this time they will show stronger music. Instead of a cute style, they will give a cool impression." source: http://ntimes.co.kr/sub_read.html?uid=26153&section=sc5 translated by thebuddybud @ karaholic WOAH, do you know what this means? Many mixed feelings will occur. Fans of the old Kara (Break it, Secret world) will be delighted, while fans of the newer, cuter Kara will doubt this transformation. What exactly did DSP mean when they said "strong style"?? We'll have to wait.
  6. pic unrelated Japan's reaction towards Kara exceeded expectations. In February, Kara will have their showcase and fanmeeting in Tokyo Akasaka with 1400 seats. Initially, only one performance was scheduled, but with overflowing participants and sales, they have eventually decided to add another performance, so they will open 2 fanmeeting showcases. In this fanmeeting showcase, they have opened ticket sales through a website and have received participants mostly composed of Kara fans. Despite only having 1400 seats, 3000 people have participated, leaving Kara representatives surprised, but NOT ONLY THAT, as soon as the ticket sales opened, the tickets sold out immediately. After much consideration, they have decided to add one more performance. One rep said "The reaction in Japan largely exceeded our expectations that even we're surprised." Kara's popularity in Japan is currently zooming. Famous Japanese comedian Gekidan Hitori has shown his fanboyism towards Kara and that has gained large attention. Kara even got to participate in a video on a show hosted by Japans greatest idol group, "Arashi's Homework". Kara's side said "We will reveal a new album in January and promote in Korea first" and "We will have to consider more before deciding to go into Japanese activities". source http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201001050851011002 translated by thebuddybud @ karaholic
  7. Kara, "Thank you for the female artist award!" Kara Kang Jiyoung "I'm so happy for winning an award" The 16th Korean Entertainment Arts Award opened at the SungNam Art center Opera House on the 3rd. Being judged by the Korea Entertainment Arts Association, it has been the 16th year since this award show has taken place, and this year it has been hosted by Kim ByungChan and Ji SooHee as there were 25 categories with many contenders and fabulous special performances. Comedy award, artist award, Tv host award, radio host award, Impressive performance award, imaginative award, choreography award, adult artist award, and group artist award and other various categories have been given out, and this show will be broadcast via InetTV. source: http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popu...p;mode=sub_view source: http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popu...p;mode=sub_view translations by thebuddybud @ Karaholic.com WHOOO~~
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