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  1. Difficult question. Both Korean and Japanese's Songs are great, but I will prefer Japanese KARA (although Step is my favorite music, the korean Step). The K-KARA is sexier and gives a strong image, while the J-KARA is cute and innocent. I prefer cute songs rather than strong songs, that's why I prefer J-KARA. But, more than cute songs, I like songs like STEP, with upbeat, a little of eletro and fast speed lyrics. Wish that they create more songs like that
  2. Honestly I want KARA World Tour (even though my country will never hold KARA's show)!!! I would love a world tour, but I wouldn't want to see KARA adapting to western music too much. Western music tends to be sexier and needs some strong and, sometimes, indecent lyrics. I love KARA the way they are right now, wouldn't want to see a huge transformation to enter European Market
  3. Aaa... so sad that I live in Brazil >.< It's too far away from Japan and just the air ticket costs tons of money! Anyways, so proud that KARA managed to do it! It was always their dream, so getting to hold a solo concert in Tokyo Dome is just too big! Even for a JPOP group it's hard, imagine how it is for a KPOP girl group! KARA Daebak Really, KARA showed everyone that dreams can become true if you try hard
  4. How sad that I don't speak Korean... If some fansubber take the show to sub I will thank it. Anyways, even though we know that it won't be a normal day life for KARA (because there are cameras, they can't do some type of things in front of cameras) it will be really interesting to see it. Hope that they will show another side of them, more charismatic and not worried with their images.
  5. I love her long hair and pony tail hair. She looks cute and totally pure! Jiyoung Daebak
  6. Album

    OMG, counting the days!!!!! It's definitely gonna be interesting!!! GO KARA
  7. Her hair is very very beautiful and silky!!!!!! I like her hair like on the GIFs, long and silk. I didn't like her hair in japanese KARASIA nor in Speed Up mv. But, as it's just a question of style, her hair is beautiful!!!
  8. Honestly, I don't think that being too skinny is bad... Unfortunatly, this doesn't occur with me T.T Well, it's because of Hara that I liked KARA. I first saw her in IY and liked her image and charisma. With this, I don't think that she's bad or desnecessary for the group, because she gives the group a cool image. I think that other thing very common to hear is that she doesn't sing. Well, it's true that her strong point is not singing, but say that she can't sing is a completely lie!!! I saw her part in I am and I think that her high note is very beautiful!
  9. Good to know that Gyuri and Eunjung are friends, like both KARA and T-ARA (really similar their names, yep?!) Sad that I cannot see the videos T.T
  10. Well, almost all of her jokes are from similar korean words so I dunno anything of them. With the help of the sub I understand, but then the jokes lose most of the funny xDD Anyway, Hara's soo funny by doing that, miss her on Invincible Youth 2
  11. WOw, I have just watched one episode with Hara (the bodyguard episode). Didn't know that she appeared soo many times in RM, thank really much. And didn't know too that other fansub existed translating Running Man, I have always watched through kshownow.
  12. Can't predict, but I guess that it would change a little KARA concepts. KARA would use more the strong concept and maybe, more fast songs and less cute songs. Think that it would be hard because first she has married and after, because Hara and Jiyoung are members that were recruited because she exited. If she returns it would be a little too strange and too sudden.
  13. I saw her first on IY. It was thanks to her that I got to know KARA. First I saw her and thought, OMG what gorgeous and cute woman. Than, I though "Wow, she's very skinny and thin xD"
  14. OMG, she's gorgeous and pretty. I liked that she uploaded her selcas without make up too. I think that she's being true with the fans, not trying to ilude them with.
  15. I always expected her to appear in my dreams, so that I could be close to her even if it was all a fake. I tried hard to make this real, like seeing her pictures moments before go sleeping. Still trying, but if I do it someday, it would probably be KARA doing a show in my country and I seeing her from the audience.